Reborn As a Son of Avenue

Chapter 12: Comprehension, The pupil of Taoism

”Son of God, are you planning to go into the ancient city or out of the city? ” a maid asked respectfully.

”Just in the city. ” Gu Changge said calmly, going out of the city is too troublesome, many people will follow, and they may not be able to get out. After all, the ancients valued his safety very much.

”Yes. ”Hearing this, the two maids breathed a sigh of relief.If the emperor wants to leave the city, they must report to the elders and wait for the elders to decide. If it is only in the city, although it is also necessary to report, but only one report is enough.A maid turned to leave.

Not long after, a figure appeared in front of Gu Changge.Its Gu Yan.

”Chaner, are you bored and want to go out for a walk? ” the old woman asked kindly.

”Yeah. ” Gu Changge nodded and stayed in the yard the whole time. Although the scenery was good, it was a bit boring after all.

”Alright, let me take you out for a walk. ” Gu Yan nodded and asked with a smile. ”Chaner want to go shopping in the city, or just walk around to see the scenery? ”

The ancient city is very big, with continuous mountains and rivers, not just a city.Although it is called a city, on the earth, it is the size of a country. It is conceivable how big this ancient city is. Many mountains and rivers in the entire ancient city are even in undeveloped areas. Its just that after the first ancient powerhouses came here, they built four continuous city walls to encircle this area.

Then a city was built within the city walls, and some threatening beasts were destroyed.

For the rest, there is no multi-pipe.

The many unexplored mountains and rivers have now become the training grounds for some young children of the ancient tribe to improve their combat experience.Many ancient clan disciples can even discover the treasures of heaven and earth from these places, and even inherit them, and thus rise up.

Well, don think that every child of the ancient clan can have a lot of resources, this is impossible. The ancients are too big, and there are branches of the ancients on every plane.

Although the ancient clan has a lot of resources, most of the resources are only for their own clan and sub-clan.

In the ancient city, there are many descendants of the ancient clan who belong to different clans. Although the ancient clan will also provide resources, it is only better than the ordinary Xiaoshanmen sect.If you want more resources, you can only use your own strength to fight for it.

”Just walk around. ” Gu Changge thought for a while and said.Living up to now, he has not fully seen the whole picture of the ancient city.

”Do you want Grandma to take you? ” Gu Yan asked with a smile.

”No. ” Gu Feng shook his head. ”Grandma, just follow me. ”Saying that, Gu Feng thought about it.

Roar!!A dragon roar.

The big dragon jumped out of Gu Changge body and landed beside him.The body is still huge, like an airplane, but this is still the size of the dragon after shrinking. If it was the original size, it would be hundreds of feet long, very huge.In recent years, the strength of the dragon has also grown, and correspondingly, the size is also growing.

Dalong rubbed Gu Changge affectionately.Gu Changge jumped on the big dragons head, grabbed the dragons horns, and shouted in one direction. ”Lets go, Dalong, lets go over there. ”

”Roar. ”

Dalong nodded, immediately soared into the sky, and flew into the sky. The dark figure exuded a majestic momentum, and in the sky, he quickly extended his body and continued to expand.

It will not stop until it covers the sky and covers the entire Immortal Island.Then it quickly turned into a streamer and fled towards the distance.

Gu Yan looked at Gu Changges leaving back gently, stepped in one step, disappeared in place, escaped into the void and followed closely behind Gu Changges .She is alone, has a long time, and has no relatives among the ancients, so she has regarded Gu Changge as her grandson, and she loves her very much.

Within the ancients,In a forbidden place.

Eyes swept across the sky and fell on Gu Changges body, suddenly the breath rioted, and the void trembled.

Then he noticed Gu Yan who was following closely behind Gu Feng, and the eyes were withdrawn, the breath disappeared, and he returned to calm.

The Ancient city is vast.Many areas of the ancient city were built aside by the most powerful people in the clan, and they used the power of law to make this place into the ancient clans base camp, showing the power of the ancient clan.

Looking up, you can even see a place in the distance above the ancient city, you can see huge planets suspended in the sky, and you can even see the planetary belt.

These are all real planets, but they were refined by the ancient ancestors from the immortal realm to the lower realm with powerful force, and they were placed here and stabilized with the power of rules. It is worth mentioning here that the ancients are also a big force in the fairyland, and they are closely connected. Gu Changges is a bloodline of the ancient clan in Fairy, who is also a giant in FairyLand.

Originally, the ancients of this plane had emperors.The ancient Clan in the fairyland also have Son of God .But since the birth of Gu Changges, the original Son of God of the ancient clan in the fairyland was directly revoked, and now the position of the Son of God has been vacant, just waiting for Gu Changge to step into the fairyland.

At that time, he will be the Son of God of the ancient clan in the fairyland.I heard that the original Son of God had a lot of resentment, and then was killed by his ancestors at a glance, and the true spirit was completely wiped out, and there was no negotiation at all.

High in the air.Clouds kept passing by.

Gu Changges sat on the big faucet, his eyes curiously watching the mountains and lakes passing by on the ground below.From time to time, you can also see powerful beasts. Many beasts have ancient blood in their bodies. They are ancient relics, natural treasures, and extremely tyrannical.

At this time, a sun and moon peak realm Flood Dragon rushed out from a huge deep lake. It was huge and majestic. The moment it rushed out, it covered the sky, and its green eyes stared at the dragon with greed.The peak of the sun and moon realm is already a powerful existence.At this time, it was obvious that he was staring at the true dragon blood of the dragon, and wanted to swallow the refining blood of the dragon into his own body.

But the next moment.

”A beast, who gave you the guts? ”Cold words sounded.Gu Yans body appeared in front of the jet-black Jiaolong, her eyes were icy and fierce, and the void trembled as her aura exploded.

Dragons pupils tightened, and a look of fear suddenly appeared in his eyes. ”No, let it go, let me go. ”

”Beast. ”

Gu Yans expression was icy cold, and he swung out his palm, flat and indifferent, but the huge body of the Flood Dragon was suddenly shattered, and the golden blood fell on the ground below like a heavy rain.The huge body, in Gu Yans eyes, can only control life and death with a wave of his hand.All the flesh and blood dragon scales were completely smashed by Gu Yan.

Only blood and keel remained.Blood spilled on the ground.

The keel was reached out by Gu Yan to probe into the void, grabbed it in his hand, and said coldly. ”Although this bone is good, I don have the qualifications to forge weapons for Chaner. ”

hum.!!The sound fell.

The hard keel in his hand was also shattered.

In the void.

A Sun Moon Realm Flood Dragon, or even an existence that is about to become a real dragon, died in front of Gu Changgein an instant, which shows the strength of Gu Yan. *

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