Back at his condo, Jun collapsed on the couch after getting things sorted out on the apps end.

He realized that this wasnt over.
Yating was playing with him.
He gave a teaser by inserting a bug in their apps software.
But if he didnt back down, then Sky might face another graver attack on its systems.

Jun had already taken measures to up the security.
If Yating could hire a hacker to do his job, then so could he.

He called a number, and it rang.

The voice from the other end beamed.

I am gonna need your hacking skills now, he sneered.

Whaaaat? Why do you always call me when you need my help? First, you needed my acting skills to deal with those C grade actresses Su Lingxin and Xiong Hui.

Su Lingxin and Xiong Hui were the ones who had bullied Ai in their middle school trip when she was sick during her periods.

Ah, but I have to thank you for that~ That was fun seeing them running around like clowns.
I was gonna deal with them anyway because they were bullying the staff on the movie set.
They always pollute the air.
Ah, the set is so peaceful now, she chuckled..

Zhu Chyou was the daughter of Zhu Xiaosi and Zhu Caihong, friends of Siying and Shuis parents, Xinyi and Zhiyuan.

She was the most popular A listed actress in the entertainment industry but as a side job, she was fairly capable in hacking too.
Her father was the CEO of S3 company, a technology company that provided security services to their customers.
Working with him for a spell made her proficient in this area too.

Jun narrowed his eyes.
Somebody attacked Skys app with a bug causing it to delete all the backups and making me use my different server.

Ohhh~ Wow, that hacker must be quite skillful.

Why arent you so surprised by this? By any chance, are you the hacker behind this mess?

Her sweet laughter rang from the other side.
Of course not.
I wont bully my friend.
But I must say that guy has the guts to attack Sky.

He sneered.
Those guts wont remain for long.
If he can play this game, then so can I.
Prepare to attack Dream High.
He was kind enough to give me a warning, but Liu Jun doesnt show kindness.

Chyou sighed.
I will do it.
You do realize that I am older than you, right?

Oh really? I never noticed.
Anyway, message me when you will be ready.

This is not how you talk to your elders, her voice sounded displeased.

Then how do you talk?

You talk with money.
Thats showing respect, she teased him.

The daughter of Zhu Xiaosi needs money?

Shopping is a wonderful activity, you know~

Jun rolled his eyes.
You should be ashamed of yourself, looting from a younger man.

And you should be ashamed of yourself too for calling me only when you need me.
Otherwise, I dont even see you, she sharply complained.

His brow twitched.
I hope you dont get the lead part in the next movie!

So petty!

Jun hung up and threw his phone aside.
He got up and passed through the crescent swing when he stopped.
He slowly walked towards it, recalling the time when

The back of his throat suddenly felt uncomfortable and itchy.
He slightly scratched the skin with his nails, trying to soothe the uneasiness gripping him.

What must she be doing right now?

He lowered his head and and stared at his palm.
With these same fingers he had held onto Ais delicate skin and traversed them along her slender body.
He remembered the lingering sensation of her breasts pressing on his chest, making a sharp gulp pass down his throat.


Annoyance, irritation and anger surfaced within him for himself as the familiar sexual heat tingled his body like crazy.
The touch of her soft lips and the entwining of their fingers brought forth the same reaction that tortured him that night.

Juns expression was indescribable.
He stared at the bulging member visible from his jeans, and he had an urge to strangle himself.

What am I!? A sexually depraved ape!? The fuck I am getting excited like a pervert! He punched his fist on the wall, but it failed to soothe him.

He stomped his way towards the bathroom for a cold shower, but he abruptly put a brake on his steps.


He sat on the couch, breathing hard.
Pressing the space between his brows, he looked beside him.
It was the place where Ai usually would work on her story in the evenings with him.

There was the dining table where they ate their meals.

The bedroom behind him was where Ai used to live.

The whole space around him reminded him of Ai incessantly.
Wherever he glanced at, he felt as if Ai was still there.
Or at least, he wanted her to be.

He didnt know if she was still coming to the library.
He himself skipped a few days because of his problems.


Tomorrow, there was a possibility that he would meet Ai again at the library.

But Jun could have never imagined that the time to meet her again was coming even sooner than tomorrow.

Wanting to divert his mind away from Ai, he checked his phone and randomly scrolled down the news feed.

CherryBlossoms statement was still on fire and second top trending in news.

The topmost trending news post was from MissImperfectlyFine.

Jun jolted up and narrowed his eyes.
Ever since the plagiarism charge against her, this was the first time that she was making a public statement.

He swiftly opened it and read her post.

I understand that there has been a plagiarism charged against me.
I take this chance to clarify all the misunderstandings for which I am the sole reason.

Everything started when I visited Sky to pitch in my story draft.

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