Ai clenched her grip on his shoulders for support.
Every thrust made her tremble harder than before so much that she forgot to breathe.
The small gap between their chests filled with their warm, entangled breaths which made them sweat even more.

She shuddered, fireworks lighting within her like a Christmas tree.
It was not only Juns thrusts that short-circuited her brain, but she was already close to her climax when he was fingering her.
Now as he pounded inside her, the stimulation and intensity was beyond her capacity to handle.
The more he hit her pleasure spot, the more her insides coiled around him.


She heard a groan from his throat and felt him hardening and bulging even more.

Aahhhh her eyes shot wide open in shock.
She thought there was no space left anymore to fill her, but she was wrong.

Her lips quivered, and she panted heavily as she felt herself growing feverish, especially her core where the grinding of their nether regions increased the heat exponentially.
At one such point, she couldnt hold onto her climax anymore, and she released with a sharp tremble.

Jun halted his thrusts for sometime as he let the sensation of her orgasm sink in.
At the same time, he felt her juices coat his length.
His gaze darkened seeing her expression as if she was floating in the clouds.
He held her chin, parted her lips and pushed his tongue in her mouth.


As their tongues made wet noises, Jun resumed moving and pushing himself into his source of bliss.
He himself was close to his climax too..


His husky voice repeated her name as he savored every moment of their union.
As he felt the moment of his ejaculation drawing near, he immediately pulled out of her and released himself.

Ai slowly opened her eyes, who was lost in the world of pleasure and ecstasy.
Her gaze expressed a question to which Jun chuckled breathlessly.
He tucked the messy lock of her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead.
We are not using protection.

She blinked once, and her face flushed scarlet.

She seemed to think something and then said, Its alright if you, she cleared her throat, come insideI will take contraceptive-

No, Jun darkly cut her off with a solemn countenance.
You dont have to take any meds.
Either I will come outside, or I will use a condom.
I missed it this time.
It wont happen next time.

It didnt seem to her that Jun would budge upon this.
Ai was surprised to know that Jun even remembered this fact especially with how they were lost in their passion.
She had completely forgotten about using protection.
She felt the traces of his semen on her thighs, making her blush.

Her trance broke as Jun peppered soft kisses on her neck.
She thought that they would be going for a second round.
Instead, after having his fill of kisses, Jun shifted from above her and laid beside her, pulling her into his arms.

She stared at him in silence with another question bewildering her.

Jun caught her confused gaze and asked, What?

She choked.
You are asking me?

Who else should I ask if not you? Do you see anybody else here?

Her mouth twitched.
She was at a loss of how to put forth the question.
Wewe are *cough* do-do

In the end, she couldnt complete it.

Jun blinked.
Are we done? Yes.

She hadnt expected the night to be over so soon, especially after Juns declaration of settling scores with her.


He cocked his brow in amusement.
Do you want to die?

Ai frowned.
I dont.

He sneered.
Thats what I want too.
If you dont want to die, its better I stop at just one round.
This is your first time.
I want you alive tomorrow morning.

Ai coughed hard in disbelief.

If we do it more times, it will be only more painful for you.

She looked at him, stunned.
Warmth filled her heart with his concern.
Youyou are so cute.

His expression turned ugly.
Hey! Dont call me cute! I detest that word!

But you are cute.

He gritted his teeth and turned to the other side, clearly furious at her.
Dont talk to me!

Ai was taken aback.
He was pouting like a child, which she felt was even cuter.
She smiled and hugged him from his back.

Thank you so much for your concern.
But, I can continue she buried her embarrassed face in his back.

Jun felt his anger evaporate, feeling her breasts pressed against his back.
He cleared his throat.
You cannot.
You think like that now.
But tomorrow, its gonna hurt like hell.
I dont want to see you collapse the way you did during your periods.

She widened her eyes.
She noticed his voice had turned softer when he said the last line.

That really scared shit out of me.
You looked like a train ran over you or something he trembled.
He couldnt say that watching her in that state reminded him of her death in her past life.
It felt like she would never wake up again.

Tears pooled in her eyes that ached upon hearing his caring words.

Jun heard the sniffles, and he turned.
He froze seeing her cry.
Why are you crying? Is it hurting already?

Shit! Maybe I did it too hard! He cursed himself.

Ai hugged him hard and shook her head.
Its not hurting.

That brought him immediate relief.
Then why are you crying?

Becausebecause you care so much for me.
Also, I am really sorry for making you worry that day.

She didnt realize her fainting would have made such a deep impact on Jun.
Her heart broke to sense the fear in his voice.

Jun flicked her forehead.
Why are you crying over that now? And who would I care for if not you? You are my girlfriend.
I love you.
To love and protect you is what I have promised myself, and I will fulfill it even if I have to die for it.

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