Until Ai and Guiying talked in Jun’s office, he along with Jin and Zixin went back to Chyou’s side where she was working with Yating to find the perpetrator.

Sun Bai’s phone was indeed tampered.
She had deleted those drafts from what I can see but somebody planted them back.”

Jin frowned.
“Maybe Sun Bai had her phone left unattended for sometime and somebody took advantage and transferred the files again without her knowledge?”

Chyou shook her head.
“It’s a bug and it’s something I have never seen before.
So it means that the person is quite a skilled hacker like myself.
He created his own untraceable bug to remotely plant it in Sun Bai’s phone.”

“Then what about that newbie author Cui Fen’s phone?”

At that time, I did a cursory check but now that I have my tools, I can drill into anything I want.
The files were modified to look like they were created before Shi Huan got to start her novel.”

Yunru found hope and his eyes gleamed.
“Doesn’t that prove that Huan is innocent!?”

“Not quite.
We will have to prove the presence of the bug in those phones.
The bug was like an application that was installed just for a few minutes to do the task.
Then that culprit completely removed its traces.
Even I had to do a lot of digging,” she sneered.
“That bastard thinks he is so smart?”

Chyou cracked her knuckles and evilly chuckled.
“I feel personally challenged.
I won’t sit still until I drag him out his hole.
This is a battle that I cannot lose.”

Yating loosened his collar and gulped.
“Thank God I am not your enemy.”

“Aishhh, you will never be my enemy, Yating.
I am very good to my friends!” She chirped.

Yating felt relieved.
But then a thought came across his mind.
“If Cui Fen’s phone was tampered too, then why did she say that it’s her story? Both things cannot be true at the same time.”

Just then, Cui Fen was forcibly brought in and she looked at everyone, confused and panicked.
“W-What is happening?”

But all her further questions went down her throat as Jun’s tall body oozing with a menacing aura loomed over her.
Cui Fen wasn’t sure what was happening but Jun’s dark brown eyes looked anything but forgiving now.

“Why did you lie?”

“S-sorry…?” Her voice quivered.

The air turned colder, and her body stiffened.

Jun changed his question.
“Let’s forget about the why.
Tell me who told you to lie?”

“I-I…I don’t understand…” she felt her throat going dry.

Her face paled when Jun uttered her full name with a taste of bloodthirst in it.

“I advise you not to test my patience…” he quietly said.
“Either you are speaking the truth or Shi Huan.
And I believe in my brother.
The story must belong to her.
Then in that case, it doesn’t belong to you.
So start talking.
Who told you to lie?”

Cui Fen was now visibly shaken.

It was only Chyou who felt a little sympathy.
“Hey, hey, Jun it’s alright.
She will tell us.”

“I don’t have that patience anymore,” Jun’s countenance grew darker and darker.
“Once I get the name from her, I will end this shit going on to defame Sky.
And…I have a lot of scores to settle.”

Chyou slightly gulped.
She leaned towards Yating and whispered, “Is it only me or Jun feels a little different? I mean he was angry before too but now he outrightly looks like having murderous intent.”

“That’s true…I saw Guiying heading over to his office with them.
I don’t know what happened over there for him to change like this.”

Cui Fen trembled under Jun’s pressure.
“I-I d-didn’t lie S-Sir…” her moistened eyes let out the tears she was holding back.
“It-It is indeed my story-“

“Is that so?” Jun’s gaze turned grimmer.
“Then tell me what happens from chapter 21 to chapter 30 of your novel?”

She froze and fell silent.

“You are the author.
I know that even writers cannot remember what happens in any exact chapter number, but you should be able to tell what happens in that range of ten chapters, right? Plus your novel is only in the beginning stages so you should clearly remember the content of your earlier chapters at the very least.”

Cui Fen felt her voice stuck.
“T-that…of course I know…”

“So don’t waste my time and go ahead.”

Yunru flared his nostrils.
“Yes, tell us! I have worked with Huan so I know what goes in those chapters.
I can validate if you are telling the truth or not!”

Cui Fen parted her lips to speak but her shaking wasn’t stopping even for a moment.
She could feel her neck at the guillotine.

“You can remain silent only when I give you permission.
Otherwise, you talk.
I can be a generous CEO but a cruel one too if needed.”

She said breathlessly, “I-I am sorry…My mind is blank be-because of today’s incident.
I c-cannot remember…”

“Hah! Isn’t that a convenient excuse?” Yunru glared at her.
“Fine then! If you cannot remember what happens in chapter 21 to 30, then at least tell what happens in the first chapter.
No matter what, a writer doesn’t tend to forget their very first chapter of their novel because it’s the hardest to write!”

Yating nodded.
“I agree to this.”

But Cui Fen had no response to Yunru’s demand either.

“I d-don’t…I feel dizzy…”

Jun tilted his head and narrowed his sharp eyes at her.
“Already? I can be more vicious than just a simple interrogation.
This is your chance to come clean or I can go to much farther limits.
I hated what happened today, and I won’t spare anybody who was a part of this mess.”

Frightened, she took several steps back.
Her cries grew fiercer but Jun was relentless.

“Now open your damn mouth before I nip out your whole career from its root,” he then took an alarming step ahead and questioned in a bleak voice, “Tell me the name.
Was it Zhan Yahui?”

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