”Oops, this Doctor Qin is afraid that he won be able to help Sister Yanran cure the snake venom. His Cultivation Base is too bad. ”

Looking into the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Doctor Qin began to help Xiao Yanran treat snake venom.

Just watched for a moment.

Everyone outside the treasure mirror couldn help shaking their heads.

Their weakest is also the cultivator Power of the Great Saint, and to cure this snake venom, it only takes a thought.

But for the ordinary people of Lingxuan Continent.

Even the underlying cultivator.

Such snake venom is still enough to kill.

The cultivator Realm of Lingxuan Continent.

It is divided into seven Realms: Qi Refining, Innate, Entry, Daocheng, Sacred Realm, Immortal, and Eternal Life.

Only step into Innate.

is the real cultivator.

And this Doctor Qin is only a Qi Refining cultivator, and his strength is weak.

With Spirit Stones, he was barely able to help Xiao Yanran suppress snake venom.

There is absolutely no way to cure it.

Xiao Yanrans arm was still blue and black, looking very scary.

”Lin Yan, although I can temporarily suppress the snake venom from your Little Sister, I don have the ability to completely cure it. ”

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, Doctor Qin helped Xiao Yanran treat snake venom.

He said to Lin Yan next to him.

Lin Yans face became solemn, nodded slightly, and listened very seriously.

Doctor Qin glanced at Lin Yan and continued: ”There are only two ways to cure your Little Sisters snake venom. ”

”The first method is to find a cultivator with a high level of Cultivation Base, at least a cultivator who has entered the Taoist realm, in order to cure your Little Sister. ”

”The second method, you can get a snake gall of an Innate snake, and use the snake gall as medicine, which may cure your Little Sister. ”

Two methods.

Either way, its very difficult.

cultivator is high.

Not to mention the cultivator in the entry stage.

Even a cultivator in the Innate period doesn bother to pay attention to ordinary mortals.

So even if Lin Yan finds a real cultivator, there is no way to invite him.

As for getting the guts of a demon snake in the Innate period.

Although the difficulty is slightly less.

But for a child like Lin Yan who has not been cultivated, it is tantamount to ascending to the sky.

The demon snake in the Innate period, although it has not yet cultivated into a demon, does not have any real magic.

But this is the life of Innate period after all.

Not to mention a child like Lin Yan, even a Qi Refining cultivator like Doctor Qin would give it for nothing if he encounters such a demonic snake.

With a look of regret, Doctor Qin told Lin Yan the difficulties of the two methods one by one.

In the end, he sighed: ”Lin Yan, more importantly, I can only suppress the snake venom on your Little Sister for three days at most. If there is no cure after three days, I can only cut her off. arm. ”

”No. ” Lin Yan shook his head almost subconsciously: ”Three days, I will cure Little Sister within three days. ”

Looking into the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Lin Yans determined look.

The people outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror couldn help but be suspicious.

”Yanran Little Sister, what method did he use to cure you? ” Xiao Mei couldn help but ask Xiao Yanran.

Xiao Yanrans arm was not cut off.

This is apparently where Lin Yan found a cure for her snake venom.

But if you go elsewhere.

Everyone present had no idea what method would be possible.

Whether it is a cultivator in the entry stage or a demon snake in the innate stage, it is too far away for ordinary people.

Lin Feng interjected at this moment: ”It must have been an adventure. A certain big man happened to pass by and helped Yanran to detoxify. ”

Such a thing.

Lin Feng is often encountered.

Thats why he said that now.

Xiao Yanran shook her head and said coldly, ”I don know, I just remember that I was in a drowsy state at the time, and suddenly woke up after a few days, and then… ”

words behind.

Xiao Yanran lowered her voice, as if she didn want to mention it.

Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Dr. Qin looked at Lin Yans determined appearance and shook his head.

He turned around and took out a book, and Doctor Qin handed it over to Lin Yan and said, ”Lin Yan, this is a cultivation technique called Qi Refining, no matter if you want to find an expert in the Taoist period. , or looking for a demon snake in the Innate period, you have to become stronger first, you can try it, can you get started with Qi Refining. ”

”Doctor Qin, great kindness, I will definitely repay you in the future. ”

Lin Yan reached out and grabbed the Qi Refining book.

Then he walked outside without looking back.

As he walked, he said, ”Doctor Qin, please take care of Little Sister for me. If I don come back in three days, you will chop off my Little Sisters arm. ”

Watching Lin Yan leave so decisively.

Doctor Qin wanted to stop Lin Yan.

But after a while, he stopped with a sigh.

he knows.

Even if Lin Yan is called back, Lin Yan will quietly leave.

Hes going to find a way to save Little Sister.

”Excuse me, do you know any place where there are cultivator seniors who are entering the Daoist stage? ”

”Excuse me, do you know where there are cultivator seniors in the Innate period? ”

After leaving Doctor Qins pharmacy.

Lin Yan didn care about tidying up the tattered clothes on his body, and immediately searched around frantically, asking people whenever he saw them.

But as Doctor Qin said.

How can cultivators appear in such a backcountry?

two days.

In a blink of an eye.

Lin Yan searched all the surrounding villages and towns, but there was no clue.

Instead, it was him.

He didn rest for two days and two nights, his clothes were tattered, and he looked very embarrassed.

On the third day.

Lin Yan suddenly stopped, no longer looking for people like crazy like before, but found a small stream and washed himself.

After cleaning.

His Lotus Position sat on the rocks by the stream.

He took out the Qi Refining decision that Doctor Qin gave him.

Seeing Lin Yan sitting on the ground solemnly, he opened the Qi Refining book.

Everyone outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

He was curious, but couldn help shaking his head.

What they were curious about was what Lin Yan, the Heavenly Emperor, looked like when he started to practice for the first time.

Shaking his head because.

Qi Refining, who was treated so solemnly by Lin Yan as a baby.

In fact, it is only a practice level, the most basic kind of practice Cultivation Technique.

Only those cultivators who have no inheritance and no Sect will choose such a Cultivation Technique cultivation.

And once the cultivation is slightly successful.

The Cultivation Technique will be changed immediately.

”Its already the third day. Does he want to practice on his own, break through into the Dao stage, and treat sister Yanran? ”

”I think he gave up completely. Sister Yanran should have been cured by Doctor Qin. ”

”He is in his teens, and his body is weak. He is still practicing Qi Refining. Even if he is given three or thirty years, I am afraid that he will not be able to practice anything. ”

The people outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror were talking a lot.

The male protagonist, Lin Feng, now has a little bit of anticipation in his eyes.

”Thats it, as long as he cultivates, he will know the pain of thousands of cuts. ”

-To Be Continued

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