”hehehe, today I will not let you rest ” a young woman that has a smooth skin and big breast said while sitting on a mans lap.

as she is about to put it inside of her a big wind starts to gust making the cover of their window bang loudly. Being interrupted by the loud noise of the cover. The manhood shrinks and he is unable to make it stand up again.

”FUCKING WIND! ” the woman said then squeeze the mans rod. The man couldn blurt anything out from the pain of his rod being squeezed.


on the other hand a young man is celebrating with three wooden stick on his mouth and one on each of his hands.

”oh my god! I can believe its this powerful! ” he said after testing out zoros move tatsumaki.

He look towards the tree in front of him and want to try shishi sonson.

”shi shi sonson ” He yells out and starts running towards the tree, but to his surprise he couldn execute it properly.

”what is happening? ” he mutters then suddenly a panel appear in front of him.


maybe start losing those fat and starts to out some muscle on


He felt a little offended, but he already know that he is really fat right now. After testing every ingredients that will be a subtitute for the candies that he makes, he has been trying out a lot of sweet food resulting in him putting some fat on. But telling it himself and someone pointing the obvious out is irritating.

”SHUT UP! he said a little angry.


new mission: start losing some weight

time limit: none

reward: paper and pen


”paper and pen? what kind of shitty reward is that? ” he mutters while looking at the panel in front of him.

”since there is no time limit, with my discipline I can train every day and lose my weight in a short time ” He said while grinning behind his hand.

After being happy all alone in the forest, he decided to go back home and sleep. He ate the gomu gomu fruit already since he knows how powerful the fruit really is. After eating it though he couldn stretch himself nor use the defensive capability of it.




the next day, he went out and started to write his work out routine. The first in his schedule is to chop some wood, since it is better to exercise while doing something productive for himself.

After hours of chopping wood to use for his house. He went out and bought some food with the remaining money he has. He decided to go on a meat diet, since he have done that in his previous life.

while walking back to his house, A newspaper came flying on his face. He grabs it and decided to read the content.

Sword wind sect is recruiting talented disciples with good sword skills. The test will occur next year He read out in his mind.

After reading the content of the newspaper. Suddenly a voice calls out inside of his head and a panel appears before him.



Become a disciple of the sword wind sect

reward: cooking skill from sanji (before time skip)

punishment: thousand years of death from a masked ninja


what the **?

He suddenly felt like this system is a comedian, but if the punishment is real its gonna hurt.

As he us walking and thinking of ways to be able to get in the sword wind sect a yell came from behind him.

”mister! Are you gonna tell us the continuation today? I already invited a lot of my friends! ” The kid came up to him holding a stick. It looks like he played around a little too much, since he looks so dirty right now. He remember this kid to be the first to came up to him when he was telling the story.

”yeah wait for me at the playground before the sunsets. What was your name again? ” He said while patting the kids head.

”its kouta! Im looking forward to what happens next ”

”un ”




After cooking his protein packed meal. He starts eating it up quickly.

after that he went to tell his stories at the park.

In the park around 30 kids is there and some seems to doubt that his story is worth their time and that they should leave already, but after being convinced by kouta to stay by him telling them the story himself.

The kids took interest and starts to look forward to what happens next.

After waiting for what seems a long time for them. The story teller arrives with a lamp in his hand looking like he is ready to tell a long story.

He sat down at the tree that people uses to sit down on and breathe in and out.

”haaa! fuuuu!! In the previous episode of one piece! The future pirate king monkey d. luffy arrives at syrup village then suddenly a long nosed person carrying a slingshot shoots at them…. ”




In a far away place, a beauty is looking at the dark sky. She starts to think about a story he heard from a strange young man that gives candy to kids.

hat story is so interesting, I wish we could have stayed longer in the sword wind sect so I can hear his story more

The sword wind sect is placed in a town called windy town. The town is called windy since the wind is strong there and the fact that there was a popular rumor that a fairy king who eventually became a god of wind used to live in this town.

The beauty inside of her house couldn sleep, since her mind keeps on coming up with things that will happen next in the young mans story.

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