Chapter 17 – Magic Weapon Released, Famed Swordsman Born

“Brother Feng, can we really beat this Kobold Chieftain?” Blackie had not an ounce of confidence in him when he looked at the Kobold Chieftain. Ignoring its horrifying amount of HP, the giant ax on its back was enough to terrify someone. If Blackie were hit with that ax, he would definitely turn into meat paste within an instant.

“I dont know.” Shi Feng shook his head. Plans can never keep up with change. There was not a single terrain within the mine that could be used. They could only fight the Kobold Chieftain head on if they wanted to kill it.

The Kobold Chieftain was the most powerful monster Shi Feng had met up with to this point.

If he had enough time, Shi Feng would come here when he was Level 5, with a full body of Bronze Equipment. He would have an eighty percent chance by then. However, there was little left of the time that Forging Master Jack gave him. If he wanted to finish the battle within the twenty minutes remaining, then he would need to send out a small party of Level 5 Elites to do so.

However, there were only two of them. Their equipment was also poor. Trying to kill the Kobold Chieftain within twenty minutes was utterly impossible.

However, there would be dire consequences if the Quest was not finished. There was only one chance to do this Hidden Quest. If it failed, Shi Feng would not be able to receive it ever again.

Thus, Shi Feng was even more unwilling to give up this Quest.

“I can only try it.” Shi Feng unwillingly took out the Magic Weapon, Abyssal Blade.

In his previous life, the number of Magic Weapons Shi Feng had personally witnessed could be counted on his fingers. Anybody who had seen a Magic Weapons power would be brought to submission by it. Whereas, those who could properly wield a Magic Weapon was as rare as a phoenixs feather.

Crimson War God was one such person. He had grown to fame within a Guild War that had involved over 100,000 people. During that war, Crimson War God held a bloodied Magic Weapon, the Crimson Ghost Ax. He rushed into groups of thousands of warriors with the ax and slaughtered. There was no one who could block his giant ax. In the end, the enemy Guild was forced to retreat in embarrassment. Crimson War God had created the scene of one man defending against 10,000. After that war, he built up the glorious War God Empire.

There was also theMadman, Windchaser. He held the Magic Weapon, Evil Spirits Roar. With only the bow in hand, Windchaser had single-handedly defended a city. Of the thousands of enemy players, not one of them could enter within 100 yards of the city. Using a single arrow, Windchaser had even sniped Outstandingly Extraordinary, the Guild Leader of [Imposing Expert]. Outstandingly Extraordinary had been standing further than 100 yards from the city at that time.

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