Chapter 18 – Nine Dragons Slash

The Kobold Chieftain became enraged when he was dealt the heavy damage by Shi Fengs surprise attack. The blood that leaked from its wound became its stimulant.

The Kobold Chieftain raised its giant ax, bombarding Shi Feng with one attack after another.

The Kobold Chieftain could not react appropriately towards Shi Fengs previous surprise attack. It could only instinctively attack, so its attacks were aggressive.

Against the wild attacks of the Kobold Chieftain, even a Level 5 Shield Warrior or Guardian Knight would die within an instant.

Shi Feng could only retreat under such intense attacks. He did not have any chance to retaliate. He also needed to dodge the incoming rubble the size of fists. If they hit him, it would cause quite an amount of damage.

A man and a beast exchanged moves at high speeds. If it were an average man, he most likely would not be able to make a single move. He would be halved by the giant ax, becoming very much dead.

“Blackie, hurry and attack it. I cant hold on for much longer.”

Shi Feng had been dodging for a whole seven or eight seconds now. When he saw Blackie, having yet to attack, he shouted loudly.

They were currently facing a Chieftain Boss, not a little Elite. The attack patterns of a Chieftain Boss were not as monotonous as an Elites; it had a variety of attacks. The Chieftain Boss was a monster that possessed intelligence. It would even change its attack pattern for specific players. Couple that with a strength that was two to three times that of a normal Elite, the Chieftain Boss was stronger than an Elite by at least four times.

Although Shi Feng had only exchanged blows with the Kobold Chieftain for seven or eight seconds, it felt like several minutes had gone by. Just from blocking attacks and the occasional counter attack had already taken over 100 HP from Shi Feng. If this situation continued, it wouldnt be long before his HP reached 0.

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