to an endless conflict over a piece of common equipment as if he was an unsheathed blade. However, the current Shi Feng was hugely different than before; it was as if he became a different person. The present Shi Feng was extremely calm and did things without hesitation. He gave off a certain serenity that resembled that of a dormant dragon; he did not do anything outstanding normally; yet when he did, it would shock the world.

“Blackie, wasnt your idol Gentle Snow?” Shi Feng slightly smiled as he said so.

“Of course Gentle Snow is my idol. However, youre awesome as well, Brother Feng! Usually, you keep quiet without revealing anything, but now that youve shown it, even such a powerful Kobold Chieftain was done in by you. Not even a true professional gamer could compare to you, so how could I not admire you? As they said, the shade is better under a large tree. Brother Feng, you should teach me how to play a Cursemancer! Even in my dreams, Ive dreamt of becoming a professional gamer.” In Blackies eyes, Shi Feng was just like a mountain of gold. He was glad for the choice he had previously made. If he had gone to Shadow Workshop, he would probably still be a nameless gold-farming member. He wouldnt even have the chance to meet an expert; forget about becoming a real expert.

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