Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)

Chapter 34: Changing from Arrogance to Humility (2)

Chapter 33 – Changing from Arrogance to Humility (1)

Xiao Yueers appearance shocked everyone present.

Every player present knew who Xiao Yueer was. After all, she was the Goddess party mate. Coupled with Xiao Yueers beauty and purity, she was firmly implanted in everyones memories.

However, why would such a pure maiden invite a noob? Furthermore, what was harder to imagine was…… the person who invited the noob was not Xiao Yueer, but the Goddess, Gentle Snow.

Who was Gentle Snow?

She was the publicly acknowledged Snow Goddess in the virtual gaming world. There were countlessMr. Perfects who wanted to approach her. There was even a trust fund baby who had offered ten million Credits just to have a meal with Gentle Snow; however, that person did not even receive a word from her.

Scram!That trust fund baby was naturally enraged. Thus, he sought to get revenge and turn Gentle Snow into his possession. Yet, a few days later, this trust fund baby was dumbfounded. His father, a self-made wealthy man, suddenly became a poor pauper. All of his fathers properties had, within a night, become someone elses possession. When the trust fund babys father found the cause, he nearly beat his son to death. From then onwards, everyone finally knew the dreadfulness of Gentle Snow. However, Gentle Snows fans had further increased in number after this incident. Gentle Snow was like a true Goddess from the legends, divine and inviolable.

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