Chapter 47 – I Think Highly of You

Zhou Yuhu walked towards Shi Feng in an imposing manner. He wanted to personally teach Shi Feng a good, hard lesson this time.

On previous occasions, he always sent others to handle it for him. However, Shi Feng still did not learn to be good. Today, he wanted Shi Feng to imprint this lesson onto his bones.

The people present could all see the conclusion that was coming for Shi Feng.

In a society where the entire population underwent body training, fights between students were all too common. Even minor injuries were very common. As long as it didnt go overboard, it would not cause an incident.

However, looking at Zhou Yuhus current attitude, Shi Feng would be staying in the hospital for at least a month. At that time, Shi Feng would be wearing a cast while receiving his graduation certificate on the stage.

“Hold it, Zhou Yuhu. This is our class. On what basis does an outsider like you have to come and bully someone from our class?” Zhao Ruoxis delicate body suddenly blocked Shi Feng. She was not the slightest bit threatened by Zhou Yuhus imposing aura as she berated him.

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