By the time the evening study session was over, it was fully dark.

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When Bai Lu came back from the bathroom, Jiang Ru was still lying on the table, surrounded by a circle of girls.

Her own seat was taken, so Bai Lu sat at the back and waited.

A bunch of people’s conversations came to her ears.

“Don’t cry Ruru, it’s all over school.”

“Okay, don’t be sad.”

“There are still a few days before the exam, you can’t affect the results.”

“Yes, the exams are the important thing.”


Bai Lu took the time to take down the school bag she hung on the table and closeed the zipper.
She carried the bag on her shoulder, her shoulder shook slightly, but she adapted to the weight of the school bag and moved forward.

She came to stand at the edge of the group of girls.

In this group, she is the most inconspicuous and average looking, not tall, has small features, with a pair of large glasses.

Bai Lu’s hair was light in color, especially noticeable in the sunlight, a light blonde, and many times she was called out of line by the head teacher in gym class and asked if she had dyed her hair.

In fact, she was just mildly malnourished.

The group of girls had not yet dispersed, and were still chattering.

Unfortunately, these science and technology female high school students are not very good at comforting people.
They just whispered not to affect the result half of the day.
Their cheering up effort only went to vain.

Back to the present, the time has passed almost half an hour.

“Hey? What’s going on?” Liu, the class teacher of the next class, came in and started probing, “It’s so late, why are you still dilly-dallying?” He waved his hand, “Hurry up and go.
Whatever you want to say, say it tomorrow.”

The teacher came to drive the students away, so the girls carried their bags and left.

“Then we’re leaving.” A girl turned her head, and only then did she find Bai Lu standing next to her, still waiting.

“Oh, Bai Lu.” Several other girls also turned around and looked at Bai Lu, and instructed in a word.

“Please persue Ru Ru more later on.”

“Yeah, you guys are in the same dorm.”

A girl leaned down and whispered in Bai Lu’s ear, “Tell her not to be sad, that boy is so bad, he is not worth it.”

Bai Lu: “……”

This is a big deal, if you want to break the pot, don’t break it in front of her.

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Sure enough, the girl started to cry even more miserably.

The girls want to persuade again, but the bell rang.
This is the last bell of the day.
Bai Lu glanced at the wall clock, it has been nine forty.

Bai Lu: “Go home, it’s too late.” After a pause and she added a sentence, “I will persuade her.”

The girl all left, only Bai Lu and Jiang Ru were left behind.

Bai Lu touched Jiang Ru’s arm and whispered, “Let’s go too.”

The girl was still sobbing, not knowing if it was because the classroom was empty, but her sobs became more pronounced.

Bai Lu sat for a while, at to ten o’clock, she said: “If you do not go to the dorm.”

Jiang Ru did not move, Bai Lu said again: “I will tell auntie to open the door, so that you can enter if -“

“Then you go!” Jiang Ru suddenly pranced up and tilted her head from the desk to look at Bai Lu.

Bai Lu thought, in fact, she should be glaring at herself, but because she had cried too many times recently, her eyes were swollen into a peach-like shape, and the glaring was looking like a pitiful stare.

There’s a lot of people could be found in the world who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.
Jiang Ru was one of them, specially if she was angry.

“Bai Lu, I’m sorry ……” she slurped word by word, “I’m sorry ……I shouldn’t be mean to you… …”

Bai Lu sighed, “What are you apologizing to me for.”

Jiang Ru who look like lost her soul was sitting like a dummy, her hair was messy.
Bai Lu took her hand, “Come on, get up.”

Jiang Ru did not move from her seat.
Bai Lu said, “Let’s go back to the dormitory and talk slowly.”

Bai Lu is small, her voice is also small, and her delicate tone has a calming effect, Jiang Ru was pulled up by her.

“Let’s Go.” Bai Lu said.

Sixth High School is the provincial key high school, gathered nearly two thousand outstanding high school students of the province.

Because not all students are local, Sixth High School has a student dormitory building.
The rent was pretty cheap, only eight hundred yuan a semester, four students in a room.
A expensive rooms are twelve hundred yuan, two students can live there.

Bai Lu and Jiang Ru are roommates in a double room.

When walking towards the dormitory building, Jiang Ru kept her head down.
Bai Lu held her and walked in front of her so that she wouldn’t hit the street light directly.

After a few steps, Jiang Ru stood still.

Bai Lu turned back.

Jiang Ru is a little taller than her, but also very thin.
She had a long and thin neck, that looks like a little duck.

Bai Lu still remembers the first time she saw Jiang Ru.
She looked the least conspicuous among the seven or eight students, with a ponytail tied behind her head, with big eyes and a wide smile, and a smooth forehead.

The teacher introduced her and said, “Look at her, she must be a smart kid”.

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Jiang Ru smiled shyly, and for some reason, sat down beside Bai Lu and got along with her.

Jiang Ru looked at the ground, the dim streetlights in the campus shone on her, making her shadow longer.

“I want to go out ……,” she whispered.

Bai Lu: “Go where.”

Jiang Ru: “I want to go out ……”

It’s late at night and only the cafeteria is still lit in the distance.
It’s actually summer vacation time, and the city’s high schools are catching up on progress with the examination.
High school students would start classes in August.

Because school ends too late, the school has to supply night snacks to the residential students, and the cafeteria is usually open until 10:30.

Bai Lu said, “How about going to eat something first, I’ll treat you.”

Jiang Ru let go of her hand and shook her head, “No, I’m going out, go back by yourself.”

“It’s so late, you can’t come back if you go out, what about the night bed check.”

Jiang Ru is determined, said what she wanted to say and refused to go back to the dormitory.

She turned her back and headed to go outside.
Bai Lu looked at her leaving back, dumbfounded.

Jiang Ru walked, feeling an extra presence of a person behind her.
She looked behind and saw tiny Bai Lu holding the strap of her school bag with both hands, walking behind her.

Jiang Ru said, “A

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