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Bai Lu knew that Wu Hanwen had the habit of coming to the school’s library at night to study, but she didn’t know why it would be so late.

After entering the school gate, Bai Lu headed for the dormitory building.

“Hey!” Wu Hanwen called out to her and finally managed to catch her attention.
Bai Lu stopped, she knew there was no escaping since he found out.

She turned around and asked in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

“You ……”

The lights on the campus looked even darker, so Bai Lu couldn’t see his face.
Before he could speak, she asked, “Why are you here so late at night?”

“Ah, I was at school during the day to help Mr.
Bao correcting the test papers, but I left something and came back to get it.”

Bai Lu nodded understandingly and advised,”It’s too late, be careful on your way back.”

“…… It’s okay, my family lives close.”

Bai Lu nodded and turned to leave.

Wu Hanwen for some reason didn’t call her back.

The autumn rain was a cold, the next day in the early morning when the rain stopped, the campus was full of flowers and fallen leaves, and finally had the atmosphere of autumn.

The class was extraordinarily quiet.

Bai Lu didn’t like to talk much, and Wu Hanwen, who used to like to chat with his classmates, also buried his head in books from morning to night.
Even Li Siyi only came to ask him about some question and went back once the answer was given.

Li Siyi tried to joke a few words and lighten the mood.
But when he found that the atmosphere was not right, he made his mouth shut.

When it was lunch break, students went to the cafeteria one after another.
Bai Lu turned a corner on the way to the cafeteria but stopped when she heard her name being called.

Turning around, and unsurprisingly seeing Wu Hanwen, Bai Lu smiled.

“You want me to treat again?”

The expression on Wu Hanwen’s face looked serious.
He frowned, like their class teacher, Bao Jianxun.

“What’s going on?” Wu Hanwen asked.

Bai Lu asked back in puzzlement “What’s going on?”

Wu Hanwen: “You know what I’m talking about.”

Bai Lu quietly lowered her head.
Wu Hanwen got a little anxious, “What’s going on? Why did you get out of there?”

Bai Lu raised her eyes, “Why? Why can’t I be there?”

“There –” Wu Hanwen hesitated before saying, “It’s, it’s his house.”

“Whose house?”

Wu Hanwen took a deep breath and replied, “Xu Hui’s house.”

Bai Lu said, “How do you know he lives there?”

“My house is near there, I’ve seen him staying there since junior high school-” Wu Hanwen explained and suddenly felt something was wrong.
He quickly led the topic back.

“I’m asking you! How did you get out of his place? You know Xu Hui?”

Bai Lu pursed her lips and gave a soft hmm.

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“I know him, as a friend.”

Wu Hanwen was shocked by her light-hearted attitude, “No, you, you …… him ……”

Bai Lu said, “We knew each other by chance.” She took a step towards the cafeteria while saying, “Why don’t you pretend you didn’t see anything?”

“No way.”

Bai Lu stood still.

His IQ was not used only for study.
He knew something was wrong.
After going back home yesterday night, he thought about it for a long time.
And the cool autumn breeze woke up his rationality more.

“You’re not friends.” Wu Hanwen said this with certainty.

His brain was nimble, and his thoughts flew apart quickly in this short period of time.

Bai Lu realized he found out everything and so tried to interrupt him.

“Don’t think about it.
Forget it”

“No, no ……” Wu Hanwen raised his hand as he remembered more and more things, he joined all the hints and couldn’t help but sweat in the cool weather.

“You also asked me about him when we were having dinner that night, you asked me on purpose, right?”

When the pieces of puzzle came in his hand, it gave his eighteen-year-old mind a smothering blow.

“You were going to ask him out, weren’t you?”

Bai Lu pursed her lips.

Wu Hanwen walked in front of her and again asked: “It’s true, right? You didn’t participate in the sports because….you went to meet him.”

Bai Lu did not speak, but her clear and calm gaze has given the answer.

Wu Hanwen hand pinched his nose, his anxious face wrinkled together as he said in disbelief.

“How can you get together with him!? You still don’t know what kind of person he is? and you forgot what he did to Jiang Ru? Thanks to me, I even helped you hide it from Mr.

Bai Lu shook his head, “You are thinking too much.”

“What do I think about too much? Yesterday at night, you came out of his house.
Tell me then, what would I think if not this?”

Bai Lu looked at him wordlessly as Wu Hanwen’s gaze gradually grew stern.

“You have to explain?”

Bai Lu: “It’s better for you to explain first.”

Wu Hanwen was stunned, “I explain? What would explain?”

Bai Lu: “Why do you care about me so much?”

Wu Hanwen seemed to suddenly choke on a steamed bun, his eyes darting around and he stammered while answering.

“I, I just, just casually asking.”

“Is this kind of thing to casually ask?”

“…… You are my deskmate after all.”


Wu Hanwen looked at her and saw Bai Lu’s gaze, “Thank you for caring about me.”

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Her tone wasn’t mocking, and Wu Hanwen gradually settled down.

“You ……”

“It’s not what you think.”

Wu Hanwen met Bai Lu’s gaze and was finally able to find his voice.

“What did I think?”

Bai Lu raised her eyes, “Those kind of thing.”

“But you wouldn’t go for nothing-” Halfway through the sentence, Wu Hanwen suddenly stopped, his eyes brightened for a moment as if he found his answers.

Bai Lu had seen such an expression on his face many times before, a look that would only appear when he solved a math problem.

“Because of Jiang Ru.”

Wu Hanwen was hesitant when he guessed, but the moment the words were finished, he was suddenly convinced.

“Because of Jiang Ru, right?”

After a long time, Bai Lu said in a soft tone, “You are really awesome, President.”

Wu Hanwen, who had just been praised by her felt like he was floating in the sky, but suddenly remembered that he wasn’t doing the test paper and she had no reason to praise him.
Except what he guessed was true.

Pinching his nose again, Wu Hanwen paced back and forth, feeling that there were so many things he wanted to say, but he didn’t know where to start from for a while.

Bai Lu couldn’t help but asked, “Don’t you feel dizzy?”

“No!” Wu Hanwen glared at her before continued pacing.

Seeing him pacing back and forth, Bai Lu sighed and said, “Then I’ll go first.”


Bai Lu turned back, “Lunch time is going to be over soon.”

Wu Hanwen glared as he exclaimed, “You still have the heart to eat!”

“Aren’t you hungry?”


Bai Lu waved her head, “Come, I’ll treat you.”

Wu Hanwen stood on the spot.
Bai Lu urged him again.
Standing there for a while and scratching his head, he speechlessly followed her to the cafeteria.

When the two walked together towards the canteen, Bai Lu opened her mouth “Ah ……”

“Don’t ask me about Xu Hui anymore! I won’t say anything!” Wu Hanwen snorted as he looked away and sulked.

Bai Lu’s mouth was only half open and she looked at Wu Hanwen in surprise, “What?”

Bai Lu’s expression made Wu Hanwen feel like a stupid person, he looked at her in embarrassment, “No, no, what’s wrong? What did you want to ask?”

Bai Lu: “Oh, what do you want to eat?” After asking it, she smiled and said, “Don’t choose something too expensive, I can’t afford.”

“Don’t worry!” Wu Hanwen said righteously, “I won’t.”

Wu Hanwen began to talk about the next exam.

Lowering her head and stepping on the white tiles of the cafeteria, Bai Lu listened to Wu Hanwen’s words with her lips pursed.

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