Chapter 13


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


After the incident at the hospital, Han Jin’s life-threatening series of calls finally stopped.
He didn’t call again until Zheng Jue was discharged from the hospital.
Although Zheng Jue was relieved, he didn’t know why, but he always felt a little lost.


This is not a good phenomenon, Zheng Jue shook his head vigorously and went back to work.


This day is the day when the crew of “Assassin” visited the class for the first time.
Lu Yunxing’s Huaxing has finally fought a few battles recently.
He thinks that the “Assassin” drama has changed his luck, so he is very concerned about this drama.
Therefore, although it was a small visit, Lu Yunxing attached great importance to it and even brought Zheng Jue as the second investor.


Zheng Jue was naturally embarrassed to refuse, but as soon as he thought about seeing Lin Su again, he felt a stomachache.
However, in the end, he thought that he couldn’t offend Lu Yunxing for this, so he agreed.


The weather was not good that day, and it rained early in the morning.
Susie was worried about whether Zheng Jue’s body could hold up, so she forced Zheng Jue to put on a coat.
Zheng Jue was sweating on his hot forehead while sitting in the car.


When he was driving towards the film and television city on the highway, he encountered the paparazzi chasing his car again.
Zheng Jue was really speechless.


In a certain sense, Zheng Jue is a good boss.
He is serious about his work and has a keen eye.
He treats his subordinates with leniency and strictness.
He never accepts interviews or takes the initiative to expose himself.
Every day in addition to work, he is socializing.


In this way, the media and the public are more and more curious about him.
Gossip about Zheng Jue can always be sold for a good price.


Zheng Jue was so annoyed that he asked Susie to memorize the license plate number, while he just waited a while to find out who was so ignorant.


But fortunately, the driver who drove Zheng Jue was an experienced driver, and he threw off the tail behind them in two or three strokes, which made Zheng Jue feel relieved.


Even so, things didn’t go well after Zheng Jue went to the crew.
Because “Assassin” is a costume drama, there are many big scenes, and today is a group scene, the assassin played by Zhuang Yi is going to assassinate Liu Feng, who is the emperor.
The assassination took place at a banquet.
Zhuang Yi was dressed as a dancer and performed a sword dance.
Halfway through the performance, he suddenly attacked.
The emperor was caught off guard and was slightly injured, but he did not die.
The assassin could only escape with injuries.
Although it sounds simple, if you add a condition for outdoor play, it will be a little more difficult.


That’s right, this scene was shot in the open air, but God didn’t give them a face.
It was raining, but it didn’t clear up.
Zheng Jue and Lu Yunxing walked around the crew and watched Lu Yunxing helplessly.
His face darkened a little until it looked like the black bottom of a pot.


The director immediately sweated.
Because he knew that the investors were coming to visit the class, he originally wanted to shoot the whole play today, but it seemed impossible for now.
Man is not as good as a god.
In the end, god messed up their situation.


Although Lu Yunxing has a bad temper, he knows what to do.
There is a lot of media here today.
Even though he was angry that he had lost face because of the crew, he still maintained a smiling face.
After dealing with the media in a succinct manner, he got into the car.


However, Zheng Jue became surrounded by the media.
These people didn’t dare to bully Lu Yunxing, who had a big family and a big business, so they wanted to use Zheng Jue, who had no background.


Zheng Jue played Tai Chi with this group of people with a smile, but there was nothing in his mouth.
He was asked where he went when he suddenly disappeared a few days ago, and he said that he went abroad to work.
When he was asked if he had confidence in this cooperation with the Lu family, he said that he believed in Mr.
Lu’s vision.
After his answer came around, the reporters were also in a daze.
In the end, Susie was brave enough to stand up to the crowd, letting Zheng Jue get in the car and leave.


Zheng Jue and Lu Yunxing checked into the crew’s hotel.
It was a bit late today, so they had to stay here before they could go back tomorrow.


Zheng Jue took the room card and went upstairs.
As soon as he got out of the elevator, he saw Lin Su standing at the door of his room.


Zheng Jue only felt bored.
He didn’t see Lin Su when he visited the class today.
He thought he was lucky, but he didn’t expect this to happen.


It’s just that he didn’t want to, but at this time he also put on a gentle look and walked over, “Why are you here? I went to the set today and I didn’t see you.”


“Aaron, I really miss you.
Today, in the crew, I was afraid that others would gossip about you, so I didn’t dare to come out, but after I knew that you and Mr.
Lu would stay, I couldn’t help coming here to see you.
Aaron, you won’t blame me, right?” Lin Su was about to cry.
She looked at Zheng Jue, as if she would cry immediately if he uttered a strange word.


Zheng Jue smiled and stroked the top of Lin Su’s hair, “How could I blame you? You are so obedient, how could I be willing?” There was a hint of meaning in Zheng Jue’s soft eyes, and it was no wonder that he would have fallen in his last life.
This kind of knowledge generally knows how to advance and retreat, and it will pretend to be pitiful.
As long as it is a man, I am afraid that she will be moved by her.


“You don’t blame me.
I’ve been thinking about you every day on the crew this month, but I was filming in the mountains before, so I couldn’t get in touch with you.
When I got out of the mountains, it was Susie who answered the phone and said you were going abroad.
That’s it.” Lin Su leaned against Zheng Jue’s arms and said cautiously.


When Zheng Jue heard her say this, he thought about it carefully and remembered that it was during the period when he was sick and hospitalized.
In order to make him feel at ease, Susie put away his mobile phone for official business.


“Oh, I went abroad.
Susie told me later that she wanted to call you back, but she forgot about it,” Zheng Jue looked calm.


Hearing what Zheng Jue said, Lin Su’s heart really went up and down like a litter of hopping rabbits.
She could guess that Zheng Jue was lying to her.
Hand it over to Susie, I’m afraid there is something else.
Thinking of this, she suddenly recalled that person, and a dark look flashes in her eyes.


“Ah, that’s right, I’m worried to death,” This is not a good time to explore.
Zheng Jue obviously didn’t trust her very much.
If she wants to know, then she has to make another plan.


After hearing this, Zheng Jue just smiled, then opened the door with the key card and walked in with Lin Su in his arms.


After entering the room, Lin Su made another confession and expressed concern.
Zheng Jue listened to her insipidly but still persisted in listening to her with energy.
It was only until Susie called and came in to talk about a business that Lin Su hurriedly said goodbye and hugged him at the door before leaving.
It made Zheng Jue only feel goosebumps in response.


After Lin Su left, Zheng Jue got up and talked to Susie.
Susie has always been able to do things well, and she didn’t delay at this time.
Zheng Jue just said ‘hello’ before she immediately said, “Mr.
Zheng, Mr.
Wen wants to see you.”


When Zheng Jue heard this, his pupils could not help shrinking for a while, “Who?” His voice was a little hoarse.


“It’s Mr.
Wen, Wen Huaan.
What’s wrong with you, Zheng Sheng?” Susie’s tone was a little puzzled by Zheng Jue’s reaction.


Zheng Jue closed his eyes and let out a sigh of relief.
He finally calmed down and said softly, “When? Where?”


Although Susie still had doubts in her heart, she didn’t ask anymore, “He hasn’t explained the details yet.
Wen is waiting for you to talk to him before deciding.”


Ah, to give him a face like this.
Zheng Jue sneered in his heart, watching himself grow bigger step by step, Wen Huaan finally couldn’t sit still?


“Understood, I’ll talk about it when I go back.” Zheng Jue’s tone was light.


Susie dutifully answered.


When Susie hung up the phone, Zheng Jue became completely free from the emotions just now, and his mind was agitated for a while.
Since he escaped the stock market crash at the beginning, Wen Huaan has been dormant and calm.
His eyes watched him grow bigger step by step as if he really didn’t care.
It’s just that Zheng Jue didn’t dare to take chances.
He knew that Wen Huaan would move sooner or later.
He could only develop the company step by step carefully, while patiently and steadily dealing with Lin Su.
Now, there is finally a result.
Wen Huaan made a move at last.


It’s just that he didn’t know what Wen Huaan was going to say to him.
Zheng Jue’s mind began to spin rapidly, but there were too many facts today, and his own mood had experienced huge ups and downs, so he became a little sleepy after a while.
He simply didn’t think about it anymore.
The big deal is that the soldiers will come to block the water and cover the soil.
Wen Hua’an’s calculations, he has experienced it in his last life, but the situation in this life is much better than before.


Thinking of this, Zheng Jue slowed down, turned around, and fell asleep.


It’s just that Zheng Jue never thought that when he fell asleep and woke up, he was faced with overwhelming rumors.




Zheng Jue calmly tied his tie and opened the webpage under Susie’s guidance, only to see a huge photo of two people embracing on the main page taking up 80% of the page, and the people in it are him and Lin Su.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly, looking at the blood-red headline of “Zheng’s CEO Night Party 18th-tier Little Star” on the top, and only felt that the meal he ate last night seemed to be still in his stomach.
He felt a little bloated and painful.
He really didn’t expect that these paparazzi also have such ability.






The author has something to say: Update! Ask for collections and comments!!!! It’s somewhat cold today that I burst into tears…

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