Chapter 16


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


Zheng Jue must have already lost his cool this time.
This is the consensus of all his business colleagues in Hong Kong.
As a scandal insulator, there had been no one else like him who had made such a big noise after being picked up on a scandal.


However, except for being a little angry at the beginning, Zheng Jue eventually calmed down later.
He immediately contacted several newspapers and magazines he had invested in, then asked them to deal with the matter coldly, and contacted Lu Yunxing again.
Lu Yunxing is more familiar with the entertainment industry than he is.


Lu Yunxing is really loyal.
Although he laughs very highly on the phone, he is very reliable in doing things.
That afternoon, the headlines on the internet were transformed into Huaxing’s new movie.
After all, it was the movie starring Lin Su, the protagonist of the scandal.
Lu Yunxing really squeezed out Lin Su’s last value at this moment.


After Zheng Jue dealt with these matters, he also appeased several shareholders of the company one after another.
Although they only have a small share of equity, they were not idle at all.
They still need to have an explanation.


As Zheng Jue had dealt with this series of matters, his originally angry mood also eased a lot, and then he began to ponder about Han Jin as a scumbag again.


He really couldn’t understand Han Jin more and more.
Originally, Han Jin was a young man who he initially thought of as someone high in his heart and as a person who didn’t care about anyone.
He didn’t want to think about it, but Han Jin seemed to have strange feelings for him, so he distanced himself from Han Jin.
Later, he looked at Han Jin as if he had forgotten this idea, then took the Han’s golden thigh hanging in front of him, and also reconciled with him.


It’s just that he didn’t expect to leave for the hospital later…


In fact, he didn’t care about it at first, thinking that even if Han Jin was angry, his nerves wouldn’t thin out.


Then later, there was another scandal between him and Lin Su…


Thinking of this, Zheng Jue couldn’t help but shudder.
He couldn’t think about it anymore.
He couldn’t think deeply about this matter.
It would be too embarrassing to think about it deeply.


Han Jin shouldn’t mean anything else… Zheng Jue was a little uncertain in his heart.


Zheng Jue tapped lightly on the table with his fingertips, but his heart was in a complete mess.
Han Jin is really… indescribable.


Zheng Jue didn’t want to think about these things anymore.
Besides, the current turmoil in the public’s opinion about him is not very favorable, so he has been honestly going to and from work these few days, exerting the qualities of a workaholic to the limit.
Even when Zhou Chengan had asked him to go to a certain party, he refused.
Who knows if he is making a raft for Han Jin?


Others look at Zheng Jue and think that he is working too hard, but in fact, for Zheng Jue, he really enjoys this process very much.
He enjoys the process of developing the company he created little by little, which can expel the panic that remained in his heart in his last life and make him really feel that this life was different.


Although Zheng Jue is very happy to bury his head and work hard, such days will not last long.
He is not an employee but is the leader of an enterprise, and he still has a lot of work to do.
However, Zheng Jue never expected that the person who disrupted his work progress turned out to be Han Jin.
He was so angry that he didn’t know how to start.


Han Jin is not a person who plays cards according to common sense.
Zheng Jue had already closed all means of communicating with the outside world.
Yet in the end, even if he can run away from the monk, he can’t escape from the temple.
Furthermore, while others can’t show their faces to block Zheng Jue, Han Jin can.


Zheng Jue leaned half of his body out of the car, while the other half of his body was still inside the car.
He stared at Han Jin with a dark expression in front of him and was dumbfounded for a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


“Young Master Han, just make a phone call if you need anything.
It’s a little unsightly to be stuck here,” Zheng Jue finally got out of the car under Han Jin’s gloomy gaze, feeling a little unpleasant.


Han Jin just sneered when he heard it, “Calling? Who is Mr.
Zheng answering now?”


Zheng Jue was also angry when he heard that, thinking that he was still trembling in anger.
He had been disgraced by him, but even so, he didn’t say anything about it.


“Young Master Han’s words are wrong.
The way I look now is not due to Young Master Han’s gift,” Zheng Jue’s tone was very cold and hard.


Hearing this, Han Jin couldn’t help his breath stagnate and a trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes, however, his mouth was still unforgiving, “If she dared to do these things, then she shouldn’t be afraid that others will know!”


“I didn’t know that Young Master Han was still such a moral guard,” Zheng Jue’s tone was sarcastic, Han Jin’s own integrity was already lost long ago, and yet he still has the audacity to talk about others.


Han Jin frowned slightly, “You still have to speak for such a woman?”


Zheng Jue was really helpless.
What kind of brain-replenishment ability is this?! How could he hear him and say that he was speaking for Lin Su.


“Young Master Han, I still have something to do.
I’m sorry that I can’t receive you anymore.
Please go back,” Zheng Jue had really lost his mind for him to entangle with him again.
The eldest young master’s brain circuit is obviously not on the same frequency as his.


Seeing that Zheng Jue was about to leave, Han Jin became anxious and grabbed Zheng Jue’s arm, then said, “What do you want?! You don’t come out when Lenny asks you out, and you don’t also answer when I call you.
Is that woman so important?”


Zheng Jue was really about to laugh angrily.
He stretched out his hand to pull Han Jin’s hand away and looked at Han Jin with his eyes lowered, containing a faint ruthlessness in them, “Young Master Han, you must know that not everything in this world comes according to your ideas.
After all, no one in this world is obliged to be accustomed to you! Whether Lin Su and I are good or bad, it is not your turn to point the finger!”


Zheng Jue was really fed up with this man’s self-righteous and arrogant appearance.
Although he was on good terms with these sons of aristocratic families, it didn’t mean that he was going to be a dog that came and went when they called him.


Han Jin, who was looking at Zheng Jue with a ruthless expression, became stunned for a while, but then his eyes seemed as if they had burst into fiery flames, staring at Zheng Jue with a scorching temperature that almost wanted to burn Zheng Jue through.


Zheng Jue noticed Han Jin’s strangeness and couldn’t help frowning, wondering what tricks he was going to play.


However, even though he didn’t want to be pushed into the car behind him by Han Jin, in the next second, a warm lip pressed him down.
Zheng Jue became startled and raised his hand to push him, but he didn’t know that Han Jin had also expected it.
He blocked Zheng Jue’s arm with his hand, and then the lips of these two people were finally stuck together tightly.


Han Jin pinned Zheng Jue’s hands to his side, staring at Zheng Jue’s eyes with a dark gaze, while under his mouth, he sucked Zheng Jue’s lips and tongue, and even tried to pry open Zheng Jue’s teeth to probe into his mouth.
His body trembled with excitement.


Zheng Jue’s eyes lit up with anger.
He really never thought that Han Jin had such courage.
Exactly at this moment, all of Han Jin’s actions in Zheng Jue’s eyes turned into provocations and offenses to him.
He ignored all of his plans and actions, as well as the wealthy family behind him.
Now, he just wants to completely beat this person who dared to offend himself.


Zheng Jue took a deep breath, and then his hand showed no mercy.
When his hands first broke free from Han Jin’s shackles, he punched Han Jin’s stomach so badly, without leaving him a trace of strength.


Han Jin was still immersed in the shudder of kissing Zheng Jue, when the next moment, a sharp pain invaded his mind.
This made him suddenly release his restraint on Zheng Jue as the whole person knelt down in pain.
It was also at this time that his mind finally woke up.


Han Jin looked up at Zheng Jue but saw that his originally gentle and bright eyes were completely covered by anger at this moment.
Han Jin suddenly felt a little sour in his eyes and slowly lowered his head.


Zheng Jue was very angry, but after the punch, he finally returned to his own senses.
Although he wanted to punch Han Jin again, he also understood that this matter must not be made into a big deal, so he had to grit his teeth and say fiercely, “Han Jin, what the hell are you doing?!”


Han Jin lowered his head and smiled, then raised his head again, but his face was still cold, “I’m crazy? If you let me know that there’s another bad person around you, I can guarantee you that I will be crazier than today!”


Zheng Jue’s hands trembled in anger, “What the hell do you want?”


“Didn’t you already know what I wanted for a long time? Mr.
Zheng, is it interesting for you to deceive yourself like this?” Han Jin stood up while clutching his stomach, his tone sarcastic.
He looked at Zheng Jue with a burning expression.


When Zheng Jue looked at him, his whole body became a little out of strength, as if the person who was beaten was him.
He stared blankly at the person in front of him.
The thread that was originally stretched in his mind suddenly snapped, and the whole person froze.
The person fell softly on the car door behind him.


Seeing Zheng Jue fall backward, Han Jin couldn’t help but want to go to help him, and then remembering his own situation, he stopped his steps abruptly.


Zheng Jue leaned against the car door, his mind was in chaos.
Han Jin’s words pierced into his mind like a needle.
Yes, he was really deceiving himself.
Han Jin’s every move was clear and direct.
He told him personally, but he didn’t believe it, or he just didn’t want to believe his conclusion, so he subconsciously distanced himself from Han Jin, considered marriage, and used Lin Su, as if this would make Han Jin dispel his intention towards.
It was naive and ridiculous.


Zheng Jue moved his stiff neck, stood up slowly, and glanced at Han Jin, who was looking at him with a burning expression.  He finally calmed down, and the businessman’s shrewdness quickly returned to his mind.


The person in front of him is not an ordinary man.
There is a huge Han family behind him.
He can easily make it difficult for him to move to Hong Kong, and he can quickly make him stand firm in Hong Kong by clearing the obstacles in his future path.
The only thing he needed to give is his feelings.


There is a devil arguing in Zheng Jue’s mind.
He was defeated by this person in his last life.
Is he going to use his emotions to deal with him in this life? Zheng Jue felt ridiculous and couldn’t help thinking about it.


For a while, his heart was numb.






The author has something to say: Ah, I finally wrote about a small conflict, I hope it didn’t collapse.







Scandal insulator (绯闻绝缘体) refers to celebrities who actively avoided making actions that may put them into scandals (家庭心理师徐力, 2020).

Equity means the value of the shares issued by a company (Oxford Languages).

Golden thigh (金大腿) means a person who has power and money to cling to (Baidu).

Making a raft (做筏子呢) is a metaphor for finding mistakes and punishing them, in order to warn others (Baidu).

Even if he can run away from the monk, he can’t escape from the temple (竟跑得了和尚跑不了庙) is a Chinese idiom that means even if you dodge for a while, you can’t still escape because of the other entanglements that you can’t get rid of (Baidu).

Moral guard (道德卫士) refers to the people who hate others just because their good moral views didn’t fit theirs (Zhihu).

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