Chapter 21


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


No matter how worried he was for Zheng Jue, after just two days of waiting, Han Jin’s mood became depressed while he kept himself five miles away from him.
On the one hand, he was worried that Zheng Jue became really angry and would not cooperate with him.
Furthermore, he was also afraid that Zheng Jue will really be bewitched by Wen Huaan and will turn against the Han family.
However, in the end, he stopped worrying.
He always remembered what Zhou Chengan told him that day, so he did not dare to disturb Zheng Jue easily, for fear that the cooked duck would just fly like this.


It’s just that when he didn’t dare to disturb Zheng Jue, the others around him didn’t have such good luck.
Countless people were scared off by his black face, and the first to bear the brunt was Zhou Chengan.


Who would have imagined that Young Master Han, who looks glamorous and noble to the outside world, would become a Tang Seng in the matter of love? Like Xianglin’s wife, he would talk to him about Zheng Jue’s problems several times a day.
Zhou Chengan was still in the mood to comfort him at first but then later became too lazy to comfort him.
This person is really annoying.


However, Han Jin is the only person who has always looked at him.
He has never looked for others, so he has not understood Zhou Chengan’s resentment at all.
Hence, he still bombards Zhou Chengan’s hearing and vision every day.


Finally, when Zheng Jue called Zhou Chengan, Zhou Chengan felt lucky enough to keep his small life.


Zheng,” Zhou Chengan felt that he had never called Zheng Jue so devoutly before.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly, feeling a little weird, “Young Master Zhou, what’s the matter with you?” The person sounded like a reincarnation of an evil spirit.


“It’s all right,” Zhou Chengan’s face bloomed into a flower with a smile, “Have you thought about it clearly these days?”


“Mhm,” Zheng Jue’s voice was a little low, “It’s not easy for me to solve this matter personally.
It is indeed the best way to cooperate with Young Master Zhou and Young Master Han.
I hope Young Master Zhou and Young Master Han can help me a lot.”


Zheng Jue is not a pedantic person, so he will not fiddle with things that have already been decided.
If he needed to lower his stance, then he must lower himself.


Zhou Chengan smiled, “Mr.
Zheng, what are you talking about? Since it is cooperation, let’s work together.
Wen Huaan is not an easy person to deal with.
If you want to be apart from him, there is still a long way to go.”


Zheng Jue replied in a low voice but did not say more.


He sensed that Zheng Jue might be in a low mood, so Zhou Chengan turned to say, “Since Mr.
Zheng has made up his mind, then let’s find a time to get together.
Young Master Han and I are sincere.”


Zheng Jue frowned slightly.
When his mind suddenly remembered Han Jin’s unruly and handsome face, his mouth felt bitter for a while.
However, he still agreed in the end.




Zhou Chengan just hung up the phone here, and when he looked up, he saw Han Jin staring at him with a serious face.
There was a hint of urgency in his deep gaze, and Zhou Chengan became a little startled for a while.


“How’s it going?” Seeing that Zhou Chengan didn’t answer for a long time, Han Jin hurriedly asked with a flash of panic in his eyes.


“What else can I do?” Zhou Chengan finally reacted and smiled slightly, “Zheng Jue is a smart person, so he naturally knows the best way to do it.
We have an appointment to meet him tomorrow.
Do you want to go together?”


Han Jin breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this, then a smile appeared on his face before he looked at Zhou Chengan with contempt, and said proudly, “Of course, I will go.
What can you do for such a big thing?”


Zhou Chengan’s blood rushed to his face.
He really wanted to kill him on the spot.
Why didn’t he find out before that this person was so irritating?


“Okay, I have to leave early.
You can take care of the things in your house first,” After Han Jin finished speaking, he turned around and left, regardless of Zhou Chengan’s delicate expression.


Looking at Han Jin’s back, Zhou Chengan finally experienced the feeling of a bridge torn down by someone who just crossed the river.




Zheng Jue leaned back on the chair tiredly, staring at the ceiling with his eyes open.
Now that he has finally made a decision, his originally heavy heart had somehow loosened up.
Perhaps, the knife that had been hanging above his head finally fell down, though he didn’t panic as much as he initially imagined.


How would he evaluate Han Jin?


From Zheng Jue’s point of view, this person is an existence that is difficult to ignore.
Whether it is his eyes or his behavior, they all give Zheng Jue a strong sense of oppression, as if he is about to invade his life immediately.


Moreover, this kind of attitude is extremely unbearable for someone like Zheng Jue, who is extremely restrained and cautious.
Just like in his previous life, only a gentle, sensible, and obedient person like Lin Su can get Zheng Jue’s eyes.
In contrast, Han Jin was the exact opposite of what Zheng Jue expected for his other half.


He was like a lion, eager to invade Zheng Jue’s territory.


Zheng Jue looked at the chandelier on the roof and slightly squinted his eyes.
He didn’t know if it was a blessing or a curse to start like this.




At noon the next day, Zheng Jue and Zhou Chengan made an appointment to have a meal together.


The meeting place was the Zhou family’s property, the Wuyang Hotel.


As soon as Zheng Jue entered the private room reserved by Zhou Chengan, as expected, he saw Han Jin with a lazy expression.


Han Jin was originally leaning on the European-style sofa on the left side of the private room, holding a glass of water in his hand, sipping it gently.
Since his hospitalization, the doctor has strictly prohibited alcohol for him.


When he saw Zheng Jue coming in, he immediately sat up and looked at Zheng Jue with bright eyes, like a husky who saw his master, who had a hint of expectation and joy.


Zheng Jue seemed possessed by a ghost.
He actually thought he was a little cute.


Zheng, you are finally here,” Zhou Chengan greeted him with a smile.


“I’m really sorry for the traffic jam on the road,” Zheng Jue suddenly threw away his ridiculous imagination, but for some reason, looking at Zhou Chengan’s smiling face, he felt a little guilty for no reason.


“You and I don’t need to be so polite.
I called Vi to come over today, do you mind?” Zhou Chengan glanced at Han Jin with an ambiguous expression.


The corners of Zheng Jue’s mouth froze, thinking whether he would mind when he let him come.
Besides, when did Zhou Chengan care about his thoughts?


“What are you talking about? It’s my honor to be able to cooperate with Young Master Zhou and Young Master Han.”


The completely formulaic and official answer made Han Jin, who was full of expectations, a little disappointed.


Zheng, I was reckless last time.
Do you care?” Although Han Jin was disappointed for a while, facing Zheng Jue, he was an unbeatable powerhouse.
The sincerity in his tone made Zheng Jue get goosebumps.


Zheng Jue looked at Han Jin’s handsome and cautious face, which he had been completely unable to connect to his madness and stubbornness that afternoon.
For some reason, Zheng Jue felt a little lost in his heart.


“Since Young Master Han is here, let us just move on from the events of that afternoon.
We still have to look to the future when we sit together,” Zheng Jue replied with a stiff smile.


Han Jin looked straight at Zheng Jue, and suddenly smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, “Mr.
Zheng, you may have misunderstood.
I apologized to you not because I confessed to you, but because I was rough on you.
What I said will never be retracted.
I won’t take it back.
Every sentence that day came from the bottom of my heart, and Mr.
Zheng should know it.”


When Han Jin said the word “confession”, Zhou Chengan remained dignified although he was surprised.
But when Han Jin said that he did something rough, he almost spat out a mouthful of tea.
He only heard this kid say that he offended Zheng Jue, but he didn’t know there was such a powerful □□ inside story.


Zheng Jue’s head was almost fuming out of Han Jin’s shameless words, and the original feeling of guilt had already been fed to the dog. This Han Jin is really not a thing!


“Young Master Han, it’s better to be more cautious about some words.
I don’t have any feelings for you beyond friendship.
Please respect yourself,” Zheng Jue’s words were extremely cold and hard.


However, Han Jin just smiled, like a cold pool suddenly breaking into a river of spring water flowing eastward, with a slight warmth, “If emotional matters could be controlled, I would not be sitting here anymore.
Zheng Jue, one day, you’ll change your mind.”


Zheng Jue became choked and speechless.
He didn’t know who was able to give birth to such a shameless person.
Even if he really has a lot of ingenuity, there’s no room for him to use it.


Seeing the embarrassing situation, Zhou Chengan hurriedly came out to smooth things out, “Hey, hey, we’re only going to talk about official business today.
I should ask you two to talk about these private matters in private.
Wen Huaan’s affairs are the most important.”


Zheng Jue held himself back like this from cursing.
Today, these two people came and slapped his face till he was about to suffocate to death by these two □□ face people as they spoke along.


Han Jin smiled and nodded, looking very ambiguous.


Zhou Chengan was relieved to see that the two people finally stopped causing trouble.
Fortunately, Zheng Jue was relatively stable, otherwise, relying on Han Jin’s troublesome mouth, sooner or later, their alliance would collapse.


“Aaron, I know the hatred between you and Wen Huaan, but I don’t know why Wen Huaan brought down your father in the first place, and now he’s staring at you again.
Why is that?” While Zhou Chengan tried to communicate with Zheng Jue in an intimate way, Han Jin’s eyebrows wrinkled.


Zheng Jue didn’t look at Han Jin’s face at all, and only said to himself, “My father was too radical back then.
He made money out and crossed a line.
At that time, the Wen’s was on the verge of reform and development, so he took a fancy to the funds in my father’s hands.
However, my father was a stubborn person and refused to invest the funds in the industry, which caused the later disputes.
As to why he was targeting me…”


Zheng Jue tickled the corners of his mouth sarcastically, ” To be honest, I don’t know.
Maybe he did something wrong, and he’s afraid that I’ll find out.”


Zhou Chengan nodded slightly, “It coincides with what I guessed.
The Wen Clan was in crisis, but it eased later in a blink of an eye, at almost the same time as your father’s downfall.
It is indeed possible.”


Hearing this, Han Jin clenched his fists, “Wen Huaan, an old man, has been in Hong Kong for so many years, and the Han family has not been less involved.
However, he had done these dirty things,” After speaking, he looked at Zheng Jue casually, with a hint of eagerness in the corner of his eyes.


When Zheng Jue heard this, he secretly laughed in his heart.
Han Jin said it lightly.
Since the Han family can develop so much, naturally, there would be a lot of history of blood and tears under his hands.


Zhou Chengan gave Han Jin a meaningful look.
No one in Hong Kong knew about Han Jin’s character and methods.
At this time, he was so indignant that it would be counterproductive.


Even though the three of them had ghosts in their hearts, the scene was unusually harmonious.
Zheng Jue talked about his inferences between Lin Ai and Lin Su, and Zhou Chengan also talked about the Zhou family’s internal disputes.
It wasn’t until the end that Han Jin gritted his posterior molar and said, “I really didn’t know that Wen Huaan has such a big appetite.”






The author has something to say: This chapter is very complicated, and I felt that some places have not been handled well, but I can’t find it myself.
If you have any comments or suggestions, you can say them.


By the way, I’ve been watching hp doujin these past few days.
As a fan of the big lion house party, my face is really full of tears.
The articles about my big lion house are really pitiful.
I don’t know if you have any recommendations.


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For fear that the cooked duck would just fly like this (生怕煮熟的鸭子就这么飞了) is a proverb that refers to the accidental loss of something that was in hand (Baidu).

Tang Seng (唐僧) is one of the protagonists in the four major Chinese classics “Journey to the West”, who is an eminent monk in the Tang Dynasty (Baidu). A metaphor for a remarkably dignified appearance.
Remember, before meeting ZJ, HJ is a hedonist and has actually a pretty active sex life.

Xianglin’s wife (祥林嫂似的) is a character in Lu Xun’s short story “Blessing”, a typical example of rural hard-working women in old China (1840-1949) with a tragic ending because of the feudal system (Baidu). 

A bridge torn down by someone who just crossed the river (一把过河拆桥的感觉) is a Chinese idiom for being ungrateful to someone who had once helped them before and even severing one’s ties from that person in their life.

This Han Jin, is really not a thing! (韩瑾这个人,真不是东西啊!) is an expression of dissatisfaction with people.
It’s like saying stupid to someone else (匿名用户, 2017).

A river of spring water flowing eastward (春水东流) is a line from a poem written by Li Yu, the empress of the Southern Tang Dynasty during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period, “Yu Meiren: When is the spring flower and Autumn Moon” (Ancient Poetry Network and Baidu). 

Hp doujin (hp同人) refers to Harry Potter fanfics.

Big lion house party (大狮院党) is the mascot of Gryffindor House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter Wiki)

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