Chapter 25


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


Han Jin didn’t get a good night’s sleep this time.
He was like a stupefied young man in a romantic scene.
He was thinking about Zheng Jue all night long, wondering if his expression earlier meant that he was interested in him too, and also wondering whether his attitude after that was still a rejection of such unworldly feelings.
For a while, he became a little worried about gains and losses.


When he got up the next morning, he was asked by Zhou Chengan who had a pair of panda eyes, so he told him everything that happened that night.


As soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Chengan couldn’t stop laughing as if he was about to die.
While laughing, he pointed his finger at Han Jin tremblingly, “Young Master Han, ah, Young Master Han, I didn’t expect that you, who have been in relationships for so many years, are still such an innocent person, holding hands? How did you come up with this trick? To tell you the truth, your trick is enough to make me laugh for a year.”


Han Jin angrily wanted to go up and choke Zhou Chengan’s throat, but because Zhou Chengan was afraid that he would really piss him off, he finally stopped laughing.
Despite that, he couldn’t help but show a hint of helplessness on his face, “Vi, I’m telling you, you can’t do this.
Zheng Jue is a person with very strong self-esteem.
Even if you say some ambiguous words and take advantage of him verbally, he won’t say much for the sake of face.
However, if this made him reluctant in his heart, then what’s the use of you doing this? You see, you just tried to pull his hand but failed to succeed.
This represents his attitude.
Your methods are still too tender.”


While Han Jin gritted his teeth and said nothing, Zhou Chengan couldn’t help sighing because of that stubbornness.
Although he seemed to be helping Han Jin to pull the red line before, deep down in his heart, he was extremely disapproving of Han Jin’s appearance.
After all, love between men is not such a mainstream relationship.
Besides that, Han Jin is the heir of the Han family, and the pressure behind him is great, but looking at him like this now, for some reason, Zhou Chengan’s heart suddenly softened.
Since the death of Han Jin’s mother, he hasn’t seen him like this for a long time.


In front of outsiders, he will always be the arrogant and indifferent Han family’s eldest son.
However, Zhou Chengan always remembered the crying and laughing Han Jin who grew up with him.
He originally thought that he might live like this for the rest of his life, but when he met Zheng Jue, Han Jin seemed to have returned to his popular personality.


A soft smile appeared on the corner of Zhou Chengan’s mouth, who then raised his hand and rubbed Han Jin’s hair.
While smiling, he said, “Don’t be discouraged.
We will have more time in the future.
As the saying goes, strong women are afraid of entanglement.
Meanwhile, you have already been entangled with him for a long time.
You can do it.”


Hearing this, Han Jin suddenly raised his head as his eyes widened, looking at Zhou Chengan with hope.


Zhou Chengan felt a little guilty when he was looked at by him like this.
To be honest, he had never experienced these things before, so how would he know? But looking at Han Jin like this, he could only bite the bullet and continue to fool him, “Hearing Zheng Jue’s reactions last night, I don’t think he is as firm as you thought, so if you hold on, maybe, there is still hope.”


Han Jin’s eyes lit up after hearing this, “Do you think so too?” There was a little anxiety in his tone.


Where has Zhou Chengan ever seen such a western scene? As usual, he couldn’t wait to have his eyes grow on his forehead just to see through Young Master Han.
Zhou Chengan feels that there will still be such a day when his inner evil taste is completely satisfied.


“En, en, it must be like this.
You must not give up!” Zhou Chengan said with an upright face.




Different from Han Jin’s entanglement and distress, Zheng Jue really wanted to destroy his memory of that night directly.
Zheng Jue was very keenly aware that some things had developed in an unpredictable direction, so his heart unexpectedly gave birth to a little panic.


He had to stop this emotion.
It cannot be allowed to develop any longer.


In the period after that, Zheng Jue still went to and off from work, and occasionally followed Han Jin and Zhou Chengan to spend time and drink or discuss things together.
Although their relationship seemed to be a lot closer, he has always been careful to maintain a degree of affection, being more cordial rather than intimate.
He tried his best to put himself in the position of a friend, courteous yet distant.


However, whenever he accidentally caught a glimpse of Han Jin looking at him, he couldn’t help but his heart beat out of order.


What kind of gaze was that burning, firm, and penetrating intense gaze? Zheng Jue only felt his scalp go numb when he saw it, and his whole body seemed to tremble a little as if it had been electrocuted.


Han Jin is too dangerous, Zheng Jue thought to himself.


Likewise, Zheng Jue’s hunch finally became a reality one day.
This day was originally Zheng Jue’s rest day.
He bought a villa before in Yushawan which has the best scenery in Hong Kong.
After finally having a vacation, the whole person packed up and went to Yushawan to rest.
Since the company’s affairs have been on the right track, he no longer needs to move his hands to control it and just needs to take care of himself well now.


However, he didn’t expect that after he just lay on the beach for two minutes this day, his mobile phone rang as if it was on fire.


This phone was a private phone, and there were not many people who knew the number.
Zheng Jue glanced down at the number and frowned slightly.
He had never seen this number.


Zheng Jue pondered for a moment and finally answered the phone, “Hello?”


“Zheng Jue, where are you?” There was a slight hoarseness in his cold voice.
Zheng Jue clenched his fist suddenly.
It turned out to be Han Jin.


“Young Master Han?” How could Han Jin know his private number? He remembered that he never told him.


“I’ve been looking for you for a day and haven’t seen you.
Where have you been?” Han Jin’s voice was full of anger.


Zheng Jue suppressed the discomfort in his heart and said in a low voice, “I’m on vacation today, at a villa in Yushawan.”


“What are you doing there? I asked your assistant, but she didn’t even tell me!”


He spoke, seemingly full of righteousness, yet also with a trace of imperceptible grievances.


Zheng Jue didn’t notice the uneasiness in Han Jin’s tone.
He just felt that this person’s strength was engraved in his bones.
Even when chasing people, he also carried a lofty attitude.
Zheng Jue didn’t like it very much.
No, It should be said that he hated this attitude very much.


“Susie doesn’t know where I am, so you asked her for nothing.
If Young Master Han has anything to do with me, just say it directly,” Zheng Jue’s tone was very cold.


At this time, Han Jin hesitated a little.
Is there something wrong with him? He only did this because when he went to search for him by chance and couldn’t find him, he became anxious, so he had to find out his contact information.


“I…” Han Jin’s tone was slightly paused, but then a flash of an idea came into his mind, “I happened to meet Wen Yize that day, and saw him with Lin Su together.
He has been asking me out these days.
Would you like to go see them together?”


Han Jin could vaguely sense Zheng Jue’s fear of Lin Su and still freshly remembered the vigilance in Zheng Jue’s tone when he was talking about Lin Su with him and Zhou Chengan in the past.


“Lin Su?”


Sure enough.
As long as Lin Su was mentioned, Zheng Jue’s tone also became solemn, Han Jin thought with some pantothenic acid.


“It’s her.
I wanted to tell you before, but you were so busy lately, so I didn’t say anything.
It just happened that Wen Yize asked me out today, and I just remembered it,” In fact, if it wasn’t necessary, Han Jin didn’t want to let Zheng Jue know any news about Lin Su.
After all, he and Lin Su have had a relationship.
Who knows if he has already forgotten his feelings for her at this moment?


Zheng Jue frowned slightly.
He subconsciously understood that Han Jin was not telling him the truth.
However, even though he didn’t want to delve into it anymore, Lin Su’s affairs had already completely occupied his mind at this moment.
For other things, he didn’t have the time or mood to think about them.


“You can bring Wen Yize here,” Zheng Jue pondered for a long time and finally decided.


He could guess a little bit that Wen Huaan sent Lin Su to get close to Wen Yize’s mind, but whether Wen Yize found it out or not was still a question.
For that, he must go and see Wen Yize.
However, Yushawan is too far from the downtown area of Hong Kong, if he wanted to go back here, then he would definitely not have enough time.
Hence, it is better to let them come over.
There are also many interesting places in Yushawan.


Han Jin was stunned for a moment and felt a bit of joy in his heart.
As long as he was able to get close to Zheng Jue, he would not let go.


“Okay, tell me the location,” Han Jin hardly thought of negotiating with him, so he decided immediately.


Zheng Jue knew that this was how the man normally spoke, so he didn’t care about the tone of his voice.
Anyway, Wen Yize had to hold his share when he faced Han Jin.


Zheng Jue told Han Jin about a bar near Yushawan, just a 20-minute drive away from Zheng Jue’s villa.


Zheng Jue was no longer in the mood to sunbathe anymore at this time, so he turned around and went back to his villa.
The originally relaxed mood he had at first was now gone.




When Han Jin and his party arrived at Yushawan, it was already two hours late.
As soon as Zheng Jue arrived at the door, he saw Han Jin’s car approaching.
Zheng Jue greeted him with a smile but saw that the car hadn’t stopped yet.
However, Han Jin stepped out of the co-pilot and quickly blocked Zheng Jue’s gaze with a smile.


It’s just that Zheng Jue still saw that the people who got off the back seat were Wen Yize and Lin Su.


The smile on Zheng Jue’s face stiffened in an instant.


What does Wen Yize exactly mean?


Wen Yize didn’t seem to notice Zheng Jue’s discomfort but still smiled and greeted Zheng Jue, “Mr.
Zheng, I’ve come to disturb you today.
I hope you won’t mind.”


Zheng Jue’s stiffness was fleeting, and his expression had already long returned to normal.
He put on a gentle smile, “What are you saying? It is my honor for Young Master Wen to come.”


From beginning to end, he didn’t even give Lin Su a glance, as if he just thought that she wasn’t there.


However, even if Wen Yize’s face didn’t change color, Lin Su’s face was already a little embarrassed.


Zheng, we meet again,” Lin Su smiled reluctantly at Zheng Jue.


Zheng Jue frowned and nodded lightly.
He didn’t reply much as he didn’t embarrass Lin Su in person.
After all, he still had this kind of good manners.


It’s just that Han Jin, who was standing beside them, became very dissatisfied, looking at Lin Su with full of malice in his eyes.





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Western scene (西洋景) also known as “peep show” (Baidu).
It is a folk entertainment device that shows a number of pictures which can be pushed left and right while the audience watches the enlarged pictures through the lens.
Most of the pictures are Western paintings. 

Yushawan (余沙湾) is probably the Sandy Bay which is part of Pok Fu Lam, located at the south of Mount Davis, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong (Wikipedia).
Honestly, I couldn’t exactly find this place in Hong Kong online.
The only result I saw was the Yushawan in China. 

Pantothenic acid (泛酸的想), also known as vitamin B5, is probably a metaphor for jealousy (Nancy 營養師, 2022).



Seafall (Cf411)'s notes:

Young Master Han, oh, Young Master Han.
*sigh*   Normally, if a normal citizen with normal specs does what Han Jin was doing, the person on the other side would probably have already been creeped out a long time ago (but since they’re not, let’s just forget about it).
Besides waiting at Zheng Jue’s house till night, he also investigated his private number—though the reason he gave out might have been a bit valid.
Maybe he had experienced something bad in the past and he couldn’t contact anyone for help? Dunno.
However, this sounds cliche, but I knew an acquaintance who was kidnapped when she was a kid because her family was rich.   Anyways, Han Jin had too much paranoia when it’s about Zheng Jue.
It’s really a mystery why that is. 

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