When they woke up the next morning, Zheng Jue and Han Jin both wore panda eyes, so Zhou Chengan sat between them with a strange expression.


Zheng Jue didn’t even bother to look at Zhou Chengan, as he could figure out what Zhou Chengan was thinking without guessing.
On the contrary, Han Jin gave Zhou Chengan a fierce look and then pretended to accidentally look at Zheng Jue.
But seeing that Zheng Jue didn’t respond to him, he finally bowed his head to eat breakfast dejectedly.


When Zheng Jue and Han Jin both walked gracefully, Zhou Chengan felt suffocated.
He sighed for a long time after eating breakfast but didn’t dare to ask any more questions.
After eating, Zheng Jue felt a stomachache.


In fact, the two of them really had nothing to do with each other.
Zheng Jue spoke ruthlessly last night.
He himself thought that it was difficult to be kind.
In the end, he didn’t expect Han Jin would leave as if he was shocked.
Meanwhile, he, who became alone, stood in the living room for a long time before leaving.


When the three of them finished their meal, because Zhou Chengan was going to work, Zheng Jue sent Zhou Chengan and Han Jin out.
This time, Han Jin was no longer a demon and followed Zhou Chengan out honestly.
When Zhou Chengan went to drive, he asked him, “You… on Zhou Chengan’s birthday, will you come?” There was some uneasiness and hesitation in his words.


Zheng Jue raised his eyes slightly and some strange emotions arose in his heart, “I will go naturally.
Wen Yize’s matter has not been settled yet, so I won’t feel relieved if I don’t go.”


This is not like what Zheng Jue originally wanted to say.
He told them too many explanations but didn’t know to whom this was explained.


Han Jin slightly smiled, “That’s true.
Wen Yize has been left hanging for so many days.
It’s about time to give him some sweetness.”


Zheng Jue listened and said nothing, thinking that the so-called sweetness of yours is also covered with □□ sugar.


When Zhou Chengan drove with Han Jin away, Zheng Jue stood there watching his car go away until he could not see its rear, before returning to the villa.


As soon as he entered the door, he happened to see the red wine that Han Jin brought him last night on the table.
Young Master Han’s EQ was extremely low, but he still understands the basic etiquette of a human being.
This time he decided to stay at Zheng Jue’s house and not leave, so it was very polite of him to bring a bottle of red wine as a gift.


Zheng Jue went to the table to pick it up and take a look.
Despite Young Master Han looking casual and easygoing, the price of the bottle was similar to the few bottles he had in his collection.
Letting him stay for one night would give him this treatment.
What an easy deal.


Zheng Jue smiled somewhat self-deprecatingly, opened the red wine bottle, and poured it directly into his mouth without taking the wine glass.


In fact, Zheng Jue has never been good at drinking even in the past.
Whenever he encounters an occasion where he needs to drink, he relies heavily on boiled water.
He usually doesn’t drink, but because he really likes the smell of red wine, he collects a lot, though he has never drunk it himself.


It’s just that looking at this bottle of red wine now, Zheng Jue didn’t know why, but he suddenly wanted to drink it.
It was a kind of thirst that spread from his mouth down to his heart, almost setting him on fire.
He needed something urgently to suppress this evil fire.


Zheng Jue drank half the bottle of wine before the itching in his throat was finally suppressed.
He looked down at the red wine bottle in his hand.
For some reason, a memory of Han Jin’s soft laugh suddenly came to his ear.
It was the chuckle that Zheng Jue’s ear heard last night.
Although it was somewhat frivolous with a hint of ambiguity, it sank into Zheng Jue’s heart.


In an instant, a huge panic filled Zheng Jue’s heart.
He almost hurriedly threw the wine bottle into the trash can, but the strangeness in his heart still did not dissipate.
He stared at the trash can for a long time, clenching his fists tightly.
He was a little overwhelmed for a while.


Han Jin is such a scourge! Zheng Jue gritted his teeth, his face was horribly pale.




A month later will be Zhou Chengan’s 29th birthday.
Although Zhou Chengan is not favored by the Zhou patriarch, he is still a member of the Zhou family.
In the end, of all the current children in the Zhou family, he is the most promising, so no matter how dissatisfied he is with him, he still gave him a birthday dinner party at the Zhou family mansion.
Since it was an important birthday, the invited people were all relatively close friends of his.


Zheng Jue also received the invitation letter, but when he saw the invitation letter for the first time, he pinched the corner of the golden invitation letter and couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.
When did the Zhou family produce such a peculiar flower with a strange taste? This kind of invitation letter that wanted to let the whole world know that he is rich, based on his understanding of Zhou Chengan, Zhou Chengan absolutely wouldn’t do this.


Hence, since it wasn’t done by Zhou Chengan, it was definitely not a simple person who did this under Zhou Chengan’s eyes.
Zheng Jue raised his eyebrows slightly.
It seems that the Zhou family is not very peaceful either.
Such a vulgar letter was taken out and hit Zhou Chengan in the face!


The invitation letter was written at seven o’clock in the evening.
Even so, Zheng Jue went out at four o’clock as he didn’t dare to compliment the traffic in Hong Kong.
Besides, his relationship with Zhou Chengan was also good and since he could go early, it would not be too good to be late.


Zheng Jue’s luck was not bad today.
This time, it wasn’t rush hour when he got off work.
Except for a few intersections blocked along the way, he had a smooth journey.
He arrived at the Zhou family’s mansion just after six o’clock o’clock.


Zheng Jue had never been to the Zhou family before, so no one in the Zhou family knew him very well.
Fortunately, Zhou Chengan’s assistant was at the door to help welcome the guests.
When he saw him coming, he greeted him with a smile, “It turned out that it was Mr.
Come in, come in, Young Master Zhou has just come over.”


Zheng Jue raised his eyebrows slightly after hearing this.
Zhou Chengan didn’t come back until this time for his own birthday.
Is the relationship between Zhou Chengan and patriarch Zhou already so bad?


Zhou Chengan’s assistant led Zheng Jue inside.
Just after passing through the entrance, he saw a man who was three points similar to Zhou Chengan walking towards him, with a woman in his arms.
Zheng Jue took a closer look and saw it was Lin Ai.
He finally came to the conclusion as to who was the frivolous person in front of him, which must be Zhou Chengyuan.


“Who is this supposed to be? It turns out to be Mr.
Zheng, and Mr.
Zheng’s arrival in Hong Kong has caused quite a bit of turmoil these days!” Zhou Chengyuan stopped three steps away from Zheng Jue, looking up and down with a smile that was not a smile.
Meanwhile, Lin Ai leaned in Zhou Chengyuan’s arms obediently, and when she saw Zheng Jue, she pursed her lips and smiled with a very gentle look.


Zheng Jue felt a little disgusted in his heart.
He always felt that Zhou Chengyuan looked at him with calculation in his eyes.
Whether it was in his previous life or this life, this made Zheng Jue feel goosebumps in his heart.


“I see young master,” Zheng Jue nodded coldly, not even in the mood to perfunctorily answer him.


Zhou Chengyuan’s expression remained unchanged as if he didn’t notice Zheng Jue’s indifference at all, “Mr.
Zheng is going to find Chengan? It just so happens that I’m going too, why don’t we go together?”


Zheng Jue frowned indiscernibly without a change in his expression.
However, Zhou Chengan’s assistant didn’t have this strength, so he broke his glasses in an instant.
He looked at Zhou Chengyuan with some surprise and said in his heart that he didn’t need to cause trouble and just had to find the second young master.


It’s just that this sentence went back and forth to the assistant’s mouth a few times before he finally swallowed it and lowered his head in silence, just pretending as if he didn’t exist.


Zheng Jue showed a smile that wasn’t actually a smile, then said a good word, turned around and left.
Zhou Chengyuan didn’t mind it either.
He just stood there and watched for a while before he followed him.


Zheng Jue entered Zhou Chengan’s study with his assistant and saw Zhou Chengan staring at the computer with a burning expression.
He raised his head when he heard someone coming in.
At a first glance, he just showed a half-smile and then he looked at the person behind Zheng Jue.
His smiling face was also pressed into surprise.


“Brother, why are you here?” Zhou Chengan quickly glanced at Zheng Jue and found that his face was cold, so he breathed a sigh of relief.


Zhou Chengyuan didn’t have so much nonsense, as he hugged Lin Ai and sat on the sofa, raised his chin and looked at Zhou Chengan and said, “I came to see you.
Why? I can’t come over?”


Zhou Chengan’s smile looked a little alienated and said in a low voice, “Of course you can, but I have something to discuss with Mr.
Zheng today.
Big brother, please be quick.”


Zhou Chengyuan was probably angry.
Since he was squeezed out of the Zhou family by Zhou Chengan, he has not been able to get started with the Zhou family’s big and small things.
Now, seeing Zhou Chengan’s desperate appearance, the fire in his heart went up straight to his forehead.


But just as he was about to speak to Zhou Chengan, a clingy white hand suddenly stretch out from his arms and put it lightly on the back of Zhou Chengyuan’s hand, and the person spoke in a whisper, “Young Master, didn’t you say that you would take me to see the glass flower house?”


As soon as these words were said, Zhou Chengyuan’s anger was instantly extinguished.
He squeezed Lin Ai’s palm with a smile and said softly, “Yes, indeed, it’s my fault that I forgot about it.
Come, let’s go and see it now.”


After speaking, he ignored Zheng Jue and Zhou Chengan, then turned around, and left with Lin Ai.


Looking at Zhou Chengyuan’s back, even Zheng Jue, who was as deep as the sea, was a little surprised by this time.
He tilted his head and glanced at Zhou Chengan, who looked indifferent, and said in a low voice, “Did she already get to this point? What kind of ecstasy soup did this Lin Ai have given to Zhou Chengyuan?”


Zhou Chengan just sneered and said solemnly, “If a woman in this world wants to grasp a man, what else can she do? Zhou Chengyuan is confused and wants to use the Zhou family to fill a woman’s pit.”


Zheng Jue raised his eyebrows slightly.
No wonder the Zhou family was in chaos in his previous life.
Although with Zhou Chengyuan today, the chaos is still light.
If there is no Han Jin to make up for it later, then the Zhou family would be seriously damaged.
One must know that Zhou Chengyuan holds 15% of Zhou family’s shares, and even Zhou Chengan can only get 18%.


After Zhou Chengyuan was sent away, Zheng Jue sat for a while, and then Han Jin came along with Wen Yize.
Seeing Han Jin, Zheng Jue was still in a little panic but seeing that Wen Yize also came, Zheng Jue’s heart was settled.
After all, business was the most important thing today.

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