Chapter 30


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


At this time, Han Jin was still alive, but Zheng Jue already felt embarrassed to death.
The blood all over his body seemed to rush to his face at once, and his brain seemed to be a little congested.


When Zhou Chengan looked at Zheng Jue’s appearance and did not dare to laugh, for fear that he would really anger the master.
One must know that dogs that bite people don’t bark.
Although Zheng Jue usually looks good-tempered, if he really stepped on his minefield, he’s afraid that he will not be so kind.


Thinking like this, Zhou Chengan suppressed Han Jin, who was eager to speak, and said with a smile, “So that’s the case, Ms.
Lin and Mr.
Zheng had a relationship before.
I originally thought about getting together and leaving, but I didn’t expect Ms.
Lin to fight back.
According to Young Master Wen, this Ms.
Lin is actually your uncle’s person?”


Zhou Chengan pretended to be confused with understanding.
Sometimes, this appearance is more useful than being shrewd.


Wen Yize raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this, and a smile appeared on his face, “I don’t know if she’s my uncle’s person, but I’m sure that this Ms.
Lin is definitely not simple.
Fortunately, you withdrew early, Mr.
Otherwise, this young lady won’t be easy to get rid of.”


Zheng Jue smiled stiffly and didn’t say much.
Meanwhile, Han Jin sneered and just looked at Zhou Chengan’s winking eyes, then finally suppressed what he was about to say.


Seeing that this big uncle stopped being a demon, Zhou Chengan let out a sigh of relief, smiled, and spoke a few words with Wen Yize before taking these people out of his study, then walked towards the hall where the banquet was held today.


Although it is a birthday party for Zhou Chengan in name, except for Zhou Chengan’s few friends, everyone else was invited by the Zhou patriarch.
As for who exactly did the invitation, looking at the nouveau riche style invitation, Zhou Chengan can guess that it must be a good thing done by the brainless Zhou Chengyuan.


It’s just that Zhou Chengan didn’t want to bother him on such trivial matters.
Since he likes to do these little tricks, he will let him jump around and watch the joke.
Anyways, there will always be a time when he will suffer.


Zhou Chengan entered the hall and saw patriarch Zhou standing in a corner from a distance.
When he saw him coming, he waved to him.
Zhou Chengan greeted him with a smile, but before leaving, he whispered a few words to Han Jin.
Despite that, Han Jin said nothing, and his expression was a little unwilling.
It was only after Zhou Chengan said a few more words that Han Jin turned his head and glanced at Zheng Jue again.
His expression softened a lot, and he nodded.


Zheng Jue and Wen Yize were far away and did not hear the conversation between the two of them.
It was only until Han Jin accompanied the audience later that the two of them could guess a little bit.


Zhou Chengan didn’t come back after being called away by the patriarch Zhou.
He’s afraid that he had asked Han Jin to entertain the two of them.
As for Zhou Chengan’s other friends, they were not within Han Jin’s consideration.
After all, there are really few people who can be seen by him.


Despite that, in fact, if he could choose, Wen Yize would rather be with those friends.
Because although Han Jin was entertaining him and Zheng Jue in name, he only talked to Zheng Jue the whole time and ignored him while occasionally sending him a bad look.


Even with Wen Yize’s exquisite eight-faces, he can’t stand it anymore.
Fortunately, Zheng Jue is an understanding person.
From time to time, he also spoke a few words with Wen Yize which let him avoid the appearance of embarrassing scenes.
However, for some reason, Wen Yize faintly discovered that Han Jin looked at him more and more badly.


To be honest, until the end of the final dinner, when Zhou Chengan finally got out and came to see off the guests, Wen Yize felt relieved that he finally didn’t have to face this killing god anymore.


Zhou Chengan was a thoughtful person by nature.
Seeing Wen Yize’s bad expression, he knew it was because of Han Jin, so he softened a bit towards Wen Yize, smiled, and exchanged a few words with him before sending him away.


All the people who came here today are the most famous people in Hong Kong.
Seeing that Zhou Chengan and Wen Yize have such a good relationship, there is a look of inquiry in their expressions.
Zhou Chengan just pretended that he couldn’t see it, and still smiled while sending Wen Yize out.


On the other hand, Wen Yize felt that the trip was worth it at this time.
One must know that in Hong Kong, gossip is always the fastest.
Today, he got Zhou Chengan’s eyes, and tomorrow, his and Zhou Chengan’s ferromagnetic relationship will spread.
As long as this kind of thing is handled properly, there are many places where he can benefit.




Watching Wen Yize leave with satisfaction, Zheng Jue’s face immediately sank.
He didn’t say much in front of Wen Yize before, but now that he is gone, Zheng Jue can no longer maintain his calmness anymore.


“I’m afraid Lin Su found something.
I saw that her expression was not right that day,” Zheng Jue whispered.


Zhou Chengan hesitated to speak after hearing this, but Han Jin just frowned, “What if she found out? Would Wen Huaan still use such a baseless thing to deal with us?”


Zheng Jue’s eyes darkened.
What kind of virtue Wen Huaan has, he knows more deeply than Han Jin, “Even if he can’t directly deal with you, he can cause you some trouble.
Lin Su has nothing now, I’m afraid she will do some extreme things.”


Han Jin raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at Zheng Jue, “Excessive thing? What extreme thing can she do?” The corners of his lips curled up slightly, with a hint of frivolity in his tone.


Zheng Jue was a little baffled, glanced at Zhou Chengan who has an innocent face, and couldn’t help scolding his mother in his heart.
How could these two people be so unreliable?


“Young Master Han, you must be clear about some things.
You don’t need to pretend to be confused with me.
You can probably guess what Lin Su can do.
If you look at this matter like a joke, then I have nothing to say,” Zheng Jue said these words with a cold face, ignoring Han Jin’s anxious eyes, then turned around, and left.


Just a few steps away, he was grabbed by the sleeves of Han Jin who was chasing after him.
Zheng Jue frowned, but before he could say anything, Han Jin spoke first.


“Aaron, I was just joking with you.
Don’t be angry,” Although his tone was a little stiff, it was a rare soft talk coming from Han Jin.


Zheng Jue was annoyed that Han Jin was not in the right shape.
But when he thought about it, he felt a little weird, and he didn’t know when it started.
To be able to say that he was angry so easily, this state is so wrong that Zheng Jue was at a loss for a while.


It’s just that Han Jin didn’t notice the difference in Zheng Jue at all at this time.
He was now afraid that Zheng Jue would throw his hand away and leave, letting the results of his hard work go to waste.


“Zheng Jue, I know you hate Lin Su.
Don’t worry, I won’t let her talk nonsense.
You…” Han Jin’s face showed rare frailty, “Don’t go,” but because he spoke in a low voice, Zheng Jue could only hardly hear him.


Zhou Chengan couldn’t stand seeing the two of them, so he hurried up to comfort Zheng Jue, “Mr.
Zheng, don’t be in a hurry.” Zhou Chengan pulled Zheng Jue over with a smile, but when he saw Zheng Jue’s strange expression, he couldn’t help but pause.
He wondered about it for a moment and then smiled, “Aaron, if you have anything to say, don’t go.”


Zheng Jue was a little angry in his heart, but the object of his anger was himself.
Why did he suddenly become hypocritical like this? Looking at Zhou Chengan’s smiling face, he only felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his life.


“Let’s talk about it first,” Zheng Jue threw off the hands of Zhou Chengan and Han Jin with his backhand and walked aside a little irritably.


Seeing that Zheng Jue, whose face was not good, finally stabilized his emotions, Han Jin couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief and said in a low voice, “Lin Su is easy to deal with, but now, Wen Huaan is probably already prepared for you.
If it is indeed true that he is manipulating behind your back, I’m afraid he will be difficult to handle.”


Zheng Jue didn’t speak after listening, but just lowered his head and pondered.


Zhou Chengan saw him being like that and just smiled, “Don’t think about it.
Whether it’s big or small, even if Lin Su said any gossip about the two of you, it depends on whether Wen Huaan believes it or not.
Don’t worry.
Wen Huaan wouldn’t be able to do some dirty tricks for a while.
You must know that the Han family is not a vegetarian in Hong Kong.
For Vi’s face, Wen Huaan won’t dare do anything lightly.”


Zheng Jue was angry before and didn’t think of it.
Now that he calmed down, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.
If Wen Huaan really used some dirty tricks, I’m afraid it would also make him kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred soldiers.
For this, such a cautious person like Wen Huaan will definitely not act easily.


“I will find someone to keep an eye on Lin Su.
The situation is unknown at this time, so it’s not easy to move lightly.
See you later,” Zheng Jue said coldly.


After he finished speaking, he didn’t care about the expressions of Zhou Chengan and Han Jin, then turned around and left.


This time, Han Jin didn’t stop him anymore.
Zheng Jue had just obviously calmed down, and he didn’t have the courage to stop him a second time.




After this incident, it was calm for a few days.
However, Wen Huaan looked for Zheng Jue a few times with the meaning of the inside and outside of his words was that he hoped that Zheng Jue could cooperate with him.
It seems that Zhou Chengan’s showing goodwill to Wen Yize did indeed poke at Wen Huaan’s sore spot.


Zheng Jue just pretended that he didn’t understand them and played Tai Chi with Wen Huaan back and forth.
After that, Zheng Jue suddenly found that he had become a piece of fragrant pastry which Wen Huaan wanted to take a bite of because Zhou Chengan and Han Jin were also watching him.
For a while, his status in the Hong Kong city has improved a lot.
A person who can win the favor of several major families will never be mediocre.


Zheng Jue just felt a little bit dumbfounded.
In this place in Hong Kong, identity is always more important than money.
As a nouveau riche from the outside, he was able to gain a place in Hong Kong so quickly, not because of his excellent management methods, but because of his good relationship with the children of these aristocratic families.
He really didn’t know whether it was good or bad.





The author has something to say: Hey, Jinjiang is smoking so much today, which caused a lot of inconvenience for everyone reading books.
Now, it’s basically back to normal, so you read it well, okay? (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ







Big uncle (大爷) is an honorary title for an elderly male, generally referring to those over 60 years old, especially for those of the same generation as their fathers (Baidu).

Exquisite eight-faces (八面玲珑) is an idiom used to describe people who treat people and things comprehensively (Baidu).

Ferromagnetic (铁磁) is the direct translated word for this.

Kill a thousand enemies and lose eight hundred soldiers (伤敌一千自损八百) is an idiom that means if one fight head-to-head with others, it is not only the enemy who suffers heavy losses, but also him (Baidu).
Both sides actually lose.

Jinjiang (晋江) is also the jjwxc, Jinjiang Literature City.

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