Chapter 38

Birthday Celebration (Catching Bugs)

Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


When Zheng Jue said these words, he only felt relieved, as if the matter that had troubled him for a long time had finally been resolved.
He looked at Lin Su’s face which was a little distorted with fear and suddenly felt very happy.
This person… This person is finally going to vanish from his life, and the burden he brought from his previous life has lightened again.


Zheng Jue just stood there, watching Lin Su run away without turning her head, and then looked at Susie who was hesitantly looking at him.
He curled up his lips a little and regained his former gentle look again, then slightly lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Let’s go.”




Zheng Jue went to the place where he made an appointment with Han Jin.
At this moment, Han Jin had already arrived and was standing at the door of the store while looking down at his phone.


It was very rare for him to wear casual sportswear.
The hair that had been originally combed up was now softly hanging on his forehead, and under the sun, gave him a touch of warmth and ease.


Zheng Jue squinted his eyes, only to feel that he almost didn’t know the person in front of him.
He used to be arrogant and cold in suits and leather shoes, but now, he was wearing sportswear and stood at the entrance of the café waiting for him.
In fact, since he and Han Jin got together, no matter where this person made an appointment with him, he didn’t want to sit in the store honestly and would always stand at the door waiting for him.
Zheng Jue couldn’t guess what he meant by this, but he just felt that his heart could not help throbbing a little bit.


Zheng Jue clenched his fist slightly, and his face, which was filled with both joy and anger, finally had been put on a smile as he walked off the car.


Han Jin just raised his head and looked around when he saw Zheng Jue who got out of the car.
In an instant, his originally indifferent face softened, and then walked towards Zheng Jue with a smile.




The next day was Han Zizhang’s birthday, and the entire Hong Kong is almost ready to move.
The small people want to see the luxurious life of the wealthy family, the media wants to make big news headlines, and everyone in the business world wants to be close to the Han family.
In this way, this matter has really become the world’s attention.


Under Han Jin’s guidance, Zheng Jue arrived at the Han’s house at around three to four o’clock in the afternoon.
The Han’s dinner party is supposed to start at seven o’clock, however, people close to Han’s family can attend earlier around this time.
According to time, these are all people with great faces.


Zheng Jue came with Zhou Chengan and came to the dinner party as a friend of Han Jin, so the Han family respected him and called him Mr.
Zheng one by one before welcoming him into the Han family mansion.


Different from the grandeur of the Wen family’s mansion, the Han family’s mansion is quaint and atmospheric.
Although it looks very low-key at first glance, it shows its preciousness in its details.
For example, he originally thought that the sets of the former Qing Dynasty style Huanghuali wood furniture were just imitations, but when Zheng Jue took a closer look, he found out that they were really antiquity from the previous dynasty, a real antique.


Taking out the antiques and treating them as furniture shows the extravagance of the Han family.
If this is placed on Zheng Jue, let alone this set of furniture, even if he can get one, it will definitely be treasured and will not be easily shown to others.


Even though Zheng Jue was shocked and was having turbulent waves in his heart, his eyebrows remained calm.
If the Wen’s luxury gave him the motivation to move up, then Han’s low-key luxury made him clearly understand the distance between himself and Han Jin.
For a while, he can’t even muster the courage to surpass him.


Zheng Jue and Zhou Chengan followed the servants of the Han family upstairs and directly entered Han Jin’s study.


As soon as Zheng Jue went in, he saw Han Jin sitting in front of the desk, leaning against the back of the chair, where his black suit was draped on its back.
Two or three buttons on the collar of his shirt were unbuttoned, and his tie was also pulled off and looked crooked.
There was a little carelessness in his appearance.


It’s just that when he saw Zheng Jue coming in, his eyes instantly lit up, then took a few steps to greet him, and said with a smile, “Aaron, you’re finally here.
I’m so bored waiting for you.”


Zheng Jue smiled, “The road is a bit jammed.
I’m sorry.”


When the waiter who led the way finally withdrew, Han Jin pulled Zheng Jue into the chair, ignoring Zhou Chengan who was standing beside him.


Despite that, Zhou Chengan didn’t mind him at all.
He smiled and sat opposite Han Jin, then warmly said, “Don’t worry about getting tired of Aaron.
When does Uncle Han want to see Aaron?”


Upon hearing this, Han Jin’s expression straightened, and let go of his arm around Zheng Jue’s shoulder, then said in a low voice, “He will come over in a while.
Listen to me, he wants to talk to Aaron before the dinner party starts.”


Zhou Chengan raised his eyebrows slightly, “Uncle Han meant that? If you really say so, then it will give Aaron a good face.”


Han Jin still frowned, “That’s what he said, but I always feel a little bit uneasy.
Aaron, are you okay with it?” He turned to ask Zheng Jue.


Zheng Jue’s expression remained the same, however, he stepped back silently, avoiding Han Jin’s intimacy, then slightly curled up the corners of his mouth and said, “I was originally a younger generation, and it is my honor that Sir Han can look up to me.”


Seeing Zheng Jue’s posture, Han Jin couldn’t help frowning, but he didn’t say much since he didn’t want to scare Zheng Jue away.


Zheng Jue sat in Han Jin’s study for more than an hour.
The three of them were chatting happily when they heard a knock on the door.
Han Jin slightly frowned but still went to open the door in person.
Zheng Jue’s heart sank when he saw it.
It seemed that Han Zizhang was finally here.


Sure enough, when the door was opened, the person who came in was Han Zizhang.


Zheng Jue had also seen Han Zizhang on various occasions before.
At that time, Han Zizhang gave Zheng Jue the impression of a stereotypical stern image.
Facing this kind of person, Zheng Jue also had a lot of ways to deal with it.
But when he saw Han Zizhang this time, Zheng Jue’s heart became a little uncertain.


Han Zizhang smiled very kindly, looking at Zheng Jue with an almost kind expression, and he didn’t even look like his previously stereotypical stern image at all.


Zhou Chengan spoke first, stepped forward, and called him Uncle Han.
Zheng Jue also followed Zhou Chengan and nodded slightly, then respectfully called him Sir Han.


Han Zizhang smiled slightly, “Mr.
Zheng doesn’t need to be so formal.
You and Han Jin are good friends.
Just call me uncle just like Chengan.”


Zheng Jue smiled politely and kindly said, “Uncle Han.”


Han Zizhang patted Zheng Jue’s arm with a smile and warmly said, “Well, I have also heard what Mr.
Zheng has done in Hong Kong these days.
I see that you are a formidable junior generation.
Zheng, can you have the time to chat with me, an old man?”


Zheng Jue nodded slightly and respectfully said, “Uncle Han is very polite.
It is my honor to have Uncle Han’s advice.” Then he added, “I’m friends with Vi, who is Uncle Han’s junior, so Uncle Han can also just call me Aaron.”


Han Zizhang nodded with satisfaction, then glanced at Han Jin and Zhou Chengan again.


Zhou Chengan was a refined individual, so he immediately said, “I still have some things to do, so I won’t disturb Uncle Han talking to Aaron.” Then, he left after speaking.


Han Jin’s expression seemed a little reluctant, but he didn’t refuse in the end.
He just gave Han Zizhang a warning look and left with Zhou Chengan.


When everyone in the room left except them, Han Zizhang invited Zheng Jue to sit down with a gentle expression.


Zheng Jue was also unrestrained and sat down opposite Han Zizhang with a magnanimous expression.


As Han Zizhang looked at Zheng Jue like this, he raised his eyebrows slightly and solemnly said, “Aaron, you and Han Jin have known each other for a year, right?”


Zheng Jue nodded, “It’s been more than a year.”


“It’s been so long?” Han Zizhang softly smiled, “Since it’s been so long and Han Jin also regards you as a friend, then Mr.
Zheng, why are you making small moves behind his back?”


Zheng Jue’s heart shook suddenly, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face at all.
He raised his head and looked at Han Zizhang, who was still smiling softly, only to feel the cold sweat in his vest.
What did Han Zizhang know? Could it be that his intentions were exposed? Zheng Jue almost jumped out in a panic.


However, he didn’t dare to have any hesitation at all, and even if his palms were sweating coldly at this time, he could only bite the bullet and say with a smile: “Uncle Han, what does this mean?”


At this time, Han Zizhang’s face really sank, and it no longer had the gentle appearance before, “Mr.
Zheng, let’s not talk secretly.
What are your intentions behind the two moves you arranged in the Wenli Fund and Zhaoyang Real Estate?”


Hearing him talk about this, Zheng Jue breathed a sigh of relief and warmly said, “Uncle Han’s question is really interesting.
A gentleman loves fortune as long as he has a proper way of getting it.
On the issue of dealing with the Wen family, everyone has to rely on their own abilities.
What’s the point of Uncle Han asking me about this?”


Zheng Jue’s remarks were extremely rude, but Han Zizhang’s expression softened for some reason, and softly said, “It’s good that you have to rely on your ability, Aaron, you are indeed a character.
Even Chengan was deceived by you.
if it wasn’t for me, an old man who was curious to check it out, I’m afraid that the two of them will be deceived by you and would have helped you count the money.”


Zheng Jue looked at Han Zizhang.
Although the words he used were also rude, his expression already eased a lot, so his heart was finally relieved, “Uncle Han is too serious.
Young Master Zhou and Young Master Han are both people who want to do big things.
I just took a sip of this soup.
Where can I talk about this deceit?”


Han Zizhang slightly smiled, “Drink soup? Aaron, I’m afraid you have torn out the meat this time.
Chengan is a good well-rounded child.
This time, I’m afraid you’ll suffer a big loss, don’t you think? Aren’t you afraid of his revenge?”


Zheng Jue picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip of it, only then did he feel that his originally flustered heart had completely calmed down, though his whole body was still in a cold sweat, and his shirt was soaked and stuck to her back.


“I know Young Master Zhou’s character naturally as this company was only noticed by Young Master Zhou after I mentioned it.
Although he may not know the specific number of shares in Wenli Fund and Zhaoyang Real Estate, I’m afraid that he has long expected it.
Everyone is a businessman, and some things are well-known, but there is no need to know everything.
Young Master Zhou has also a lot of things hidden from me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to count them,” Zheng Jue said with a serious expression.


Han Zizhang nodded slightly with a smile on his face, but he was a little wary of the person in front of him in his heart.
Such people are definitely not things in the pool, and he must pay more attention to him in the future.


“Good, Aaron, you are truly indeed a formidable young generation.
You have such a vision and courage.
It is indeed different.
It’s just that the Wen family is a behemoth after all.
Do you have any feasible ideas?” Han Zizhang stopped asking too much in this matter and finally turned to talk about the Wen’s affairs.


Seeing that Han Zizhang finally asked about business, Zheng Jue couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
He was already prepared in this regard.





The author has something to say: I have watched a lot of British dramas in the past few days, and I can’t extricate myself from the British gentleman.
I can’t stop thinking about it, but I haven’t finished this story yet.







Catching Bugs (捉虫) means to find mistakes (Baidu).

Qing Dynasty style Huanghuali wood furniture (清样式的黄花梨木家具) refers to the antique Hainan rosewood furniture made during the Qing Dynasty (Baidu1; Baidu2).

3. Sir Han (韩先生) is directly translated to Han xiansheng.
“Xiansheng” is a respectful and formal honorific to address someone older or has a higher position than you (though you might not necessarily be his subordinate), while there is also a “sheng” which was used by the young master to call Zheng Jue as Zheng sheng, which also shows a respectful yet less formal way of calling someone (Dizon, 2022).
I thought I needed to explain in case you’re wondering why Han Zizhang wasn’t called “master” Han here when Han Jin is called by Zheng Jue a “young master”.
I guess that should be the norm in the business circle.
Feel free to correct me if I misunderstood something here~

Things in the pool (池中之物) is a Chinese idiom that means people without lofty aspirations (Baidu).



Seafall (Cf411)'s notes:

I feel such a slapsoil after reading the description of the Han family’s mansion.
QAQQQ Plus, the tension between Han Zizhang and Zheng Jue is also too great! Even if ZJ was given two lifetimes, it still doesn’t change their status quo actually (HZH with generational wealth and power compared to the nouveau riche ZJ), so it’s amazing that ZJ can still keep calm and answer this great individual without visibly showing any bootlicking reverence nor fear.
Also, after reading the author’s note, you finally know now why there’s the Guidebook for the Dark Duke! lmao

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