Chapter 40


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


Zheng Jue and Han Jin got into the car silently.
They were in Zheng Jue’s car.
Han Jin looked out the window uncomfortably without saying a word, and Zheng Jue didn’t know what to say.
For a while, there was an embarrassing silence in the car.


Until they arrived at Zhou’s gate and the driver parked the car in front of the building, none of the people in the car moved.
The driver cautiously glanced at the back seat from the rearview mirror and whispered, “Mr.
Zheng, we’re already here.”


Zheng Jue nodded, turned his head to look at Han Jin, and said, “Let’s get out of the car, Vi.”


Han Jin nodded with a hint of coldness on his face, then turned around, and got out of the car.


The driver breathed a sigh of relief, and Zheng Jue felt relieved as well.
He turned his head to look at the driver and softly said, “Come pick me up in an hour.”


The driver hurriedly responded.




By the time Zheng Jue went out, Han Jin had already entered the building.
Zheng Jue hurried up and entered the elevator with him.
With Han Jin there, they were not hindered by anything, so they were able to directly enter Zhou Chengan’s office.


When they first entered, they saw Zhou Chengan sitting behind his desk reading a document, with a look of concentration that was something Zheng Jue had never seen before.


Hearing someone coming in, Zhou Chengan raised his head.
When he saw the two of them, a smile appeared on his face, and he hurriedly stepped forward to greet them, “Finally, Vi, I called you countless times, but you didn’t answer.
I thought something happened to you, but I didn’t expect you to be with Aaron.
No wonder.”


Zhou Chengan teased him, but Han Jin’s face remained not very good-looking.
With a dark expression, he sat directly on the sofa without a word.
Zhou Chengan couldn’t help but be a little surprised when he looked at him, then glanced at Zheng Jue inquiringly.
However, Zheng Jue only gently shook his head as he was even more puzzled by his reaction earlier.
For that reason, he didn’t talk anymore about this and instead opened up about their business today.


“The time has come.
Lin Su is now devastated by the blow, and Wen Huaan has basically abandoned her.
She is desperate now and will be easily deceived when you think about it.
The Wen brothers are also already caged birds and have no room for retreat.
Now, our plan can officially start.” Zhou Chengan smiled, but there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.


Zheng Jue frowned slightly, thinking of Wen Huaan’s performance at Han Zizhang’s birthday banquet a few days ago, “I don’t think Wen Huaan is the type of person who easily gives in.
At Uncle Han’s birthday dinner party a few days ago, his performance was a little weird.”


Zhou Chengan sneered, “He is an old fox, and he likes to appear calm in the most critical times.
Otherwise, everyone will know that the Wen’s is going to be finished, then who can help him anymore?”


Zheng Jue nodded slightly and didn’t say more, but there was still a trace of worry in his heart.


The plan they discussed before took advantage of Wen Huaan’s paranoia and arrogance.
Previously, the Zhou and the Han families suppressed him in many ways.
Although the Wen family was disgraced by them, they did not gain any benefit.
Instead, it was Zheng Jue, who followed the two of them and made a fortune, including the piece of land in the north of Hong Kong.


The land in the north of Hong Kong was sold by the government.
The government intends to develop the north of Hong Kong, but the north of Hong Kong is located in the countryside without any important infrastructure construction, so it has never been developed.
Now, the government wants to sell this land, hoping to develop this place through the real estate which will be followed by future constructions made by the government.


Zheng Jue was very enthusiastic about this land before, and even Wen Huaan saw it.
In order to win him over, he had to help him match up.
It’s just that based on Zheng Jue’s rebirth experience, he knew very well that in the end, the government’s plan to develop the north of the city was unsuccessful.
The land was auctioned for a sky-high price, but the government’s promise became a mere scrap of paper.
The land was not developed until he died, and the person who bought the land finally lost a lot of money.


Hence, they just want to use this land now to lure Wen Huaan into the game, with Lin Su as the introduction of this game.


“What is Lin Su doing now?” Zheng Jue asked in a different tone.


Zhou Chengan smiled slightly, “According to what I heard, she should have gone to a nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong.
It seems that she had had a hot fight with a coal boss recently.
Would you like to go and see, Mr.


Zheng Jue curled up the corners of his mouth embarrassingly as he squinted at Han Jin again, only to find that his face became more and more ugly.


“Let’s go together.
If I’m alone, then I’m not going to be convincing,” Zheng Jue said warmly.


When Han Jin heard this, he quickly raised his head and glanced at Zheng Jue before lowering his head again.
Although he couldn’t see his face clearly, the corner of his mouth finally became slightly raised.


Zhou Chengan stood aside and saw clearly, and a little smile flashed in his eyes before he said, “All right, but it’s better to find more people for this kind of thing so that we can fish in troubled waters.”


Zheng Jue breathed a sigh of relief.




In the two days after this conversation, the relationship between Han Jin and Zheng Jue became much colder.
Zheng Jue was apprehensive and did not dare to contact him, while Han Jin was angry because Zheng Jue pissed him off.


It wasn’t until a phone call from Zhou Chengan came two days later that the two of them met.


To be honest, the atmosphere between the two of them was a bit awkward.
Han Jin didn’t speak with a sullen face, and Zheng Jue also looked a little cautious.


Good thing is that Zhou Chengan is a good person.
When he saw that there was a problem between the two of them, he didn’t say much and only talked about tonight’s events.


“Lin Su climbed up this old coal man who has been flattering Zhou Chengyuan recently and wanted to take advantage of the Zhou family’s power.
I happened to meet him and Zhou Chengyuan for dinner yesterday.
This morning, he called me out and invited me out eagerly, which saved me a lot of effort,” Zhou Chengan smiled.


Han Jin couldn’t help frowning when he heard it, “Will Lin Su come?”


Zhou Chengan slightly curled up the corner of his mouth, “With her means, even if she doesn’t come, I’m afraid there is a way to know.”


Zheng Jue nodded in agreement.


The three of them went to the place where they had an appointment with the coal boss.
The coal boss was a smart guy.
He understood that even Zheng Jue was not a class he could mess with, so he didn’t bring Lin Su with him.
He just smiled flatteringly, and the tone he brought out during his speech was also extremely flattering.


Zhou Chengan is very cultured.
Even when Zheng Jue couldn’t bear it, he still had a smile on his face and greeted the coal boss.
They later chatted about business matters, though they were all limited to production capacity.


Zheng Jue didn’t have a say in this aspect, so he just sat on the side quietly and occasionally said a word from time to time, while Han Jin didn’t say a word from the beginning to the end.
He just sat on the side with a casual expression and occasionally glanced at Zheng Jue.


The three of them are very harmonious this way.
The main job of the coal boss this time is to pick up the big thick legs of Zhou Chengan, so Han Jin and Zheng Jue have to step back.


By the time when the discussion of these few people was about to end, they didn’t still hadn’t reached yet about the main topic.
Zheng Jue glanced at Zhou Chengan but saw that Zhou Chengan was still calm.
However, when he talked about the Zhou’s investment in production capacity, he mentioned it a little, “…The north of the city is a good place.
If it wasn’t for Aaron’s wholehearted desire for that land, I’m afraid the Zhou family won’t let it go…” After that, he smiled and continued chatting again with the coal boss.


Zheng Jue sat on the side with a dull expression, but there was a dark light flashing in his eyes.
Sometimes, specious hints were more convincing than categorical assertions.
He’s afraid that the coal boss will never miss Zhou Chengan’s words.


Afterward, Zhou Chengan exchanged a few words with the coal boss in a cloudy and foggy manner.
Based on Zheng Jue’s observation, the words in them were both true and false, and that he was really a good player.


By the time the party was over, it was already late at night.
Zhou Chengan left first because he had something to do, while the coal boss also said goodbye, leaving only Zheng Jue and Han Jin sitting in the club’s private room.


Han Jin didn’t look at Zheng Jue at all and sat beside him with a cold face, just drinking with his head drooped down.


Zheng Jue sighed slightly and had to speak first, “Vi, how are you doing these days?”


Han Jin’s hand that was holding the glass tightened slightly, and a crack appeared on his originally indifferent expression, revealing a slightly aggrieved look, “You know in your heart whether I’m good or not!”


Zheng Jue couldn’t help but smile bitterly, “It’s my fault, Vi, I’m sorry.
I was just a little panicked at that time.
I’ve known you for so long and suddenly developed into this kind of relationship.
There’s also your father’s problem.
I’m afraid that it will produce a result that I can’t bear.”


Hearing this, Han Jin’s expression softened a lot.
He put down the wine glass in his hand, then sat next to Zheng Jue, and said softly, “So you are worried about this? Aaron, don’t worry.
I won’t let him hurt you.
You are my person, and I will not let anyone hurt you.”


Han Jin stretched out his hand and held Zheng Jue’s arm, looking at him sincerely.


Zheng Jue could hardly look directly into his eyes, the sincerity and love in his eyes almost burned him.


Zheng Jue couldn’t respond to him as he became almost speechless, so he could only take him into his arms and kiss him frantically.


Han Jin was slightly surprised by Zheng Jue’s sudden kiss, but he quickly reacted in the next moment.
He hugged Zheng Jue more enthusiastically, opened his lips, and let him invade.


Zheng Jue kissed him affectionately while stroking his side face, only to feel a little tenderness suddenly appear in his heart.
This person is always so gullible when facing him, always being so easy… and compromising.


Han Jin didn’t have any defenses against Zheng Jue.
He tightly clung onto Zheng Jue’s neck and almost drowned in Zheng Jue’s kiss.


When the two of them finally parted breathlessly, Han Jin was still clinging to Zheng Jue’s neck and the tips of their two noses touched as well as their breath together.
Zheng Jue couldn’t help but kiss the tip of Han Jin’s nose and whispered with a smile, “What’s the matter? Can’t you get up?”


At this time, Han Jin fell softly into Zheng Jue’s arms, clinging to Zheng Jue tightly.


Hearing Zheng Jue say this, Han Jin’s eyes could not help but flash a bit of anger, wanting to repeat the old trick of pushing him away, but this time, Zheng Jue was already prepared and hugged him tightly.


With a smile at the corner of his mouth, Zheng Jue leaned forward and kissed Han Jin’s neck, while his other hand gently stroked his back to comfort him and vaguely said, “Okay, don’t be angry.
Never again.”


Han Jin’s original anger was extinguished all at once.





The author has something to say: Hahaha, let’s start with a sweet one~~~








A mere scrap of paper (一纸空文) is a Chinese idiom that means just something written on paper that has not been honored or cannot be honored (Baidu).

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