Chapter 43: Emotions

Han Jin didn't notice anything amiss in Zheng Jue's expression.
At this moment, he still sweetly held Zheng Jue's neck and gradually kissed his lips.
Zheng Jue's expression deepened, and he reached out to hold Han Jin's waist, deepening the kiss.

It wasn't until Zheng Jue had kissed Han Jin breathless that he released his hold on him.
Han Jin, feeling a bit unhappy, glared at Zheng Jue and gritted his teeth, “How come you're so skilled in this matter? Tell me, did you have many lovers before?”

Knowing Han Jin's touchy personality, Zheng Jue didn't get angry and simply smiled, lowering his head to peck his chin and whispered, “Han Shao, you already knew what I was like before, didn't you? You could find out about Lin Su's messed up affairs, so you must know about my past as well, right?”

Upon hearing this, Han Jin couldn't help but feel a bit guilty.
He glanced at Zheng Jue and saw no displeasure on his face, so he proudly smiled and said, “It's good that you know.
Let me tell you, now that you're with me, you can't have any involvement with those flirtatious people.”

Zheng Jue chuckled and playfully patted Han Jin's buttocks, leaning close to his ear, he said softly, “You better take care of yourself first.”

When Han Jin was lightly patted by Zheng Jue, his face became somewhat frightened.
He grabbed Zheng Jue's hand and asked in surprise, “You…
could it be that you…”

Zheng Jue looked at Han Jin, smiled meaningfully, and said, “You blamed me before for not taking it to the last step with you.
Now, do you understand what I mean?”

Han Jin widened his eyes.
He had always known that Zheng Jue was not someone who would willingly submit to others.
But in his mind, he saw himself as a protector when it came to Zheng Jue.
He had never thought about being the submissive one in that regard.

Han Jin rolled over and struggled out of Zheng Jue's embrace, sitting at the other end of the sofa.
He reached out and ruffled his own hair, wearing a pained expression as he looked at Zheng Jue.

Zheng Jue couldn't help but laugh and teased, “What's wrong? Don't want to anymore?”

Han Jin glared at Zheng Jue, picked up a cigarette from the table, but suddenly remembered that Zheng Jue didn't like the smell of smoke, so he put it back down.
Annoyed, he tapped his fingers on the table and said, “Can't you change a little?”

Zheng Jue spread his hands, looking helpless.
“I never had a taste for that.
Even with the one below, I can't get over that hurdle in my heart.”

That statement was true.
He didn't take the final step with Han Jin not only because of his inner conflict but also due to this aspect.
He knew that Han Jin always presented himself as the dominant one.
Although Han Jin showed some tenderness towards him in their daily interactions, Zheng Jue didn't think that Han Jin would be willing to be the submissive one for him.

Han Jin looked up at Zheng Jue, biting his lip slightly.
He had worked so hard to get Zheng Jue, but he never expected this matter to become an obstacle.
He had never felt so stifled all his life.

Han Jin disregarded everything and rushed over, pressing down on Zheng Jue's body, fiercely kissing him.
Zheng Jue was pressed down, tilting his head back, and his back forcefully leaning against the sofa.
He smiled and held Han Jin's waist, allowing him to bite, nibble, and passionately kiss him like a little animal.

After Han Jin finally vented his frustration, he released his hands that were wrapped around Zheng Jue's neck and lowered his head to touch their noses together.
There was a hint of unwillingness in his voice as he asked, “Can't you really accept being on the bottom?”

Zheng Jue kissed his slightly reddened nose and spoke with an indulgent tone that he himself was unaware of, “Alright, stop being naughty.”

Han Jin deflated a bit and got off Zheng Jue, sitting beside him and leaning his shoulder against his, their heads close together.
He whispered, “One day, I will make you turn over.”

Zheng Jue smiled and remained silent.


Since the day Zheng Jue and Han Jin had discussed their feelings, their relationship had become tender and affectionate.
On the other hand, tension arose in the atmosphere within the Wen family.

Wen Corporation encountered some investment problems, which was a significant issue in the Hong Kong market.
Within twenty-four hours, Wen Corporation called for a shareholders' meeting, temporarily suspending Wen Hua'an's control over the company.
The Wen brothers became temporary caretakers.

This transfer of power sent shockwaves through the entire commercial market of Hong Kong.
The young Wen brothers taking over Wen Corporation from their own uncle's hands, regardless of the perspective, appeared as a conspiracy, a plot born out of internal family struggles.
For a time, people's hearts were in flux.

While Wen Corporation faced turbulent waters, the Han and Zhou families were rejoicing.
They benefited greatly from this turmoil as many of Wen Corporation's resources were reorganized.
Han and Zhou acted swiftly, gaining a lot, and Zheng Jue followed suit, reaping his own rewards.

However, despite this, Wen Hua'an still held considerable influence within Wen Corporation.
After all, he had numerous connections, and his shareholdings were substantial.
It wouldn't be easy to uproot him completely in the short term.

Han Jin was dissatisfied with this outcome, but Zheng Jue wasn't surprised at all.
He had witnessed Wen Hua'an's capabilities in his previous life and wouldn't underestimate him in this life.

“Uncle Wen is indeed formidable.
He can still find a way to survive in such circumstances.
Truly a skilled strategist,” Zhou Cheng'an narrowed his eyes and smiled warmly.

Han Jin furrowed his brows slightly but didn't say anything.

Zheng Jue glanced at Han Jin and smiled, “Wen Hua'an has been a prominent figure in the Hong Kong market for so many years; he's not ordinary.
However, even so, he has reached the end of the road.
If he wants to regain power within Wen Corporation, he probably has to go down that path.”

Zhou Cheng'an gave Zheng Jue a meaningful look and smiled, “In such times, I can't help but admire Mr.
Zheng's far-sightedness.
If not for your guidance, Wen Hua'an might have made a comeback.”

Zheng Jue looked at Zhou Cheng'an with some uncertainty.
He was unsure about the moves he had made against Wen Li Fund and Zhaoyang Real Estate.
Although they were covert, if Zhou Cheng'an deliberately investigated, it would only be a matter of time.
Han Zi Zhang's example served as a lesson.
Now, Zhou Cheng'an's ambiguous expression made Zheng Jue even more uneasy.

Zheng Jue cleared his throat and smirked, “It was just a coincidence that I discovered those things.
It still relied on Young Master Zhou's involvement to achieve the current effect.”

With Zhou Cheng'an's efforts, the shareholders who had been bought by Wen Hua'an in Wen Li Fund and Zhaoyang Real Estate had already switched sides to support Zhou Cheng'an.
After all, compared to the unpredictable Wen Hua'an, Zhou Cheng'an, the rising star of the Zhou family, seemed more reliable.

Zhou Cheng'an looked at Zheng Jue and simply smiled without saying much.

Zheng Jue couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Zhou Cheng'an's current attitude clearly indicated his stance.

Meanwhile, Han Jin, who was on the side, found their interaction somewhat strange.
However, his trust in Zheng Jue had reached its peak, so he didn't suspect anything amiss.
He only expressed his dissatisfaction with Zhou Cheng'an, “Aaron being able to find out about these things is advantageous for us.
What are you really doubting?”

Zhou Cheng'an waved his hand as if surrendering, “Alright, alright, my bad.
I was just casually talking.
Spare me, please.”

Han Jin, of course, wouldn't genuinely be angry with Zhou Cheng'an.
He furrowed his brows slightly, glanced at Zheng Jue, and noticed that he wasn't angry either.
Zheng Jue smiled at him, and they didn't say anything more.

Zheng Jue looked at Han Jin's expression and felt the scales in his heart slowly tipping.
He could hardly imagine what Han Jin's reaction would be if he found out about his actions.
Many times, human emotions were strange.
The more one anticipated something, the more disappointed they would be in the end.

Zheng Jue clenched his fist and lowered his gaze.


Zheng Jue, Han Jin, and Zhou Cheng'an each harbored their own secrets, but Wen Hua'an's emotions were much simpler.
He truly wished he could kill these people right now.

After the bidding meeting ended, Wen Hua'an sensed that something was amiss from Zheng Jue's smile.
He later had people investigate and realized that things were not right.
That was why he changed his usual low-key approach and wanted to use the entertainment media to hype up Chengbei's wealth, then find a scapegoat behind the scenes to take over.
This would allow him to quickly extricate himself from the situation.
However, he didn't expect to encounter Han Jin, a mad dog who didn't hesitate to take action and put him in his current predicament.

Wen Hua'an's confidant and assistant stood cautiously in front of Wen Hua'an, whose expression was constantly changing.
Seeing him remain silent, the assistant spoke in a low voice, “Mr.
Wen, Young Master Wen just called.
He wants to move into the chairman's office by tomorrow morning.”

Wen Hua'an almost burst out laughing in anger, “He can't even wait for this short amount of time? Tell him if he wants to settle in Wen Corporation, he should come and see me in person!”

The assistant inwardly complained but didn't dare to say more, so he respectfully replied.

Seeing the assistant standing there with a bitter expression and not leaving, Wen Hua'an became even angrier and shouted, “Is there anything else?!”

The assistant couldn't help but tremble and spoke with an unstable tone, “Uncle Li and a few other shareholders want to see you.
They said they want to discuss the year-end dividend issue.”

Wen Hua'an was infuriated.
Most of Wen Corporation's liquid assets had already been invested in this project, and it was already a difficult time.
Now, the board of directors was causing trouble on top of that.
It was simply adding insult to injury.

“Tell them to stay at home! When the time is right, I will personally go and meet them.” These people were on Wen Hua'an's side.
Even though Wen Hua'an was furious, he had to stabilize them for now.

The assistant trembled and weakly acknowledged before quickly leaving Wen Hua'an's office.

As Wen Hua'an watched the direction the assistant left, his face turned grim.
He was now in a very dangerous situation.
If he allowed himself to sink further, his life would be ruined.
He couldn't rely on the Wen brothers, who despised him, for his future life, especially considering the influence of the Zhou and Han families behind them, not to mention Zheng Jue.

Thinking of Zheng Jue, Wen Hua'an's eyes darkened.
Unlike his softhearted father, the current Zheng Jue was truly formidable.
To plot against him so discreetly showed some real capability.

A dangerous smile crept onto Wen Hua'an's lips.
Fortunately for him, he still had some tricks up his sleeve.
Now, it all came down to who would have the last laugh!

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