Chapter 48: Realization

Susie followed Zheng Jue's words and went out to find a doctor.
Zheng Jue's current condition was also not good.
Although his injuries were not as severe as Han Jin's, they were still significant.
Although he had regained consciousness, Susie was still worried that there might be other issues.

Watching Susie leave, the breath that had been stuck in Zheng Jue's chest finally eased a lot.
He almost dared not think about how Han Jin was doing.
He could only desperately tell himself that Han Jin would be fine.
A person as strong-willed as him wouldn't easily die in a place like this.

Zheng Jue's hand trembled slightly.
He closed his eyes and recalled the words Han Jin had said, feeling a faint sourness in his heart.

In contrast to Zheng Jue's complex emotions at this moment, Han Zizhang was in a state of furious rage.
He sat in the corridor outside the ICU ward with a stern face, exuding a chilling aura.
Even his assistant was trembling with fear.

Han, the accident report is ready.
Take a look…” The assistant wore a pained expression as he handed over the report, cautiously watching Han Zizhang.

Han Zizhang let out a cold snort and took the report from the assistant's hand, instantly relieving the assistant's tension.

The so-called report was only a few pages long, and Han Zizhang finished reading it in a couple of moments.
However, he furrowed his brows in surprise and muttered in a low voice, “Han Jin protected Zheng Jue at a critical moment? Is this true?”

The assistant quickly straightened up, respectfully saying, “It was the scene discovered by the traffic police.
There are also accompanying photos.
Young Master Han was originally in the front passenger seat, and the car collided with the driver's side.
Young Master Han shielded Zheng Jue in his arms, which resulted in him sustaining such serious injuries.”

As the assistant spoke, he couldn't help but feel a shiver.
What kind of person was Han Jin to sacrifice himself for Zheng Jue? This relationship seemed abnormal no matter how one looked at it.

Han Zizhang naturally thought more deeply than his assistant, so his expression became even more unpleasant.
The assistant, watching him, felt his legs go weak, afraid of being implicated and silenced on the spot.

However, Han Zizhang knew how to prioritize matters.
He knew that it wasn't the time to investigate this incident further, so he didn't say much and only asked, “Have they found the culprit behind this accident?”

The assistant breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and replied, “Yes, they found him.
It was a truck driver who was drunk.
The license plate was captured by the highway's surveillance camera.
He is from Hong City and lives in the Nanshan area.
He has a seventy-year-old mother and three children.
Their family situation is not very good.
Early this morning, they discovered that the person and the vehicle had already fallen into the sea.
He had been dead for seven to eight hours.”

Zheng Jue had been in a deep sleep for two days, and although Susie was well-informed, she couldn't compare to the Han family's influence.
Therefore, there were things that Zheng Jue didn't know, but Han Zizhang had already received the information.

“Hmph!” Han Zizhang sneered, “Does a truck driver think he can deceive Zheng Jue and Han Jin? Investigate it! Dig deep into the matter! If you can't find out clearly, don't bother coming back!”

The assistant was anxious and drenched in cold sweat.
He hurriedly said, “Mr.
Han, please rest assured.
They are still investigating and won't let the mastermind get away.”

Han Zizhang's expression instantly darkened again as he said fiercely, “Better be the case.”

The assistant hurriedly acknowledged and retreated, while Han Zizhang remained seated, staring straight in the direction of Han Jin's hospital room.
His once upright posture seemed slightly hunched, and he appeared to have aged a few years.

Susie managed to find the doctor after persistent requests.
They rushed in, with about three or four of them.
The leader appeared to be around fifty or sixty years old, with a kind and gentle expression.
The badge on his chest indicated that he was the vice president of the hospital.

Zheng Jue couldn't help but feel surprised.
His status seemed to have played a significant role in being able to summon the vice president of this hospital.
Han family's influence must be considerable.

Zheng, how do you feel now?” The vice president smiled warmly.

Zheng Jue forced a slight smile, feeling somewhat stiff.
He whispered, “I'm fine.
How is Young Master Han?”

Susie, not being familiar with medical matters, could only rely on the doctors for a clear understanding of the situation.

The vice president's expression stiffened for a moment, followed by a sigh.
“Young Master Han is in a worse condition than you, Mr.
He sustained greater impact and serious injuries, especially to his brain and both arms.
He is still in a critical condition and hasn't passed the danger zone yet.”

With each word he spoke, Zheng Jue's heart tightened.
By the time he heard the last sentence, he felt like he couldn't breathe.
His face turned pale, and even the nearby heart rate monitor started beeping rapidly.

The vice president's face changed drastically, and he quickly approached to place an oxygen mask over Zheng Jue's face.
After a moment, Zheng Jue finally regained his breath.

At this moment, the vice president looked somewhat embarrassed.
“It's all my fault.
I shouldn't have mentioned these things when Mr.
Zheng hasn't fully recovered yet.
Zheng, please rest assured.
Young Master Han has the best surgeon in our hospital taking care of him.
He will be fine.
Today, all the indicators in the ICU are stable.
If no complications arise within a month, he should be out of the critical period.”

Zheng Jue bit his lower lip, tightly clenched his fists, and pretended not to see Susie's worried gaze.
He lowered his head and whispered, “If anything happens to Young Master Han, please let me know.”

The vice president didn't dare to say anything at this point, but it wasn't appropriate to argue with the patient at this moment.
He could only smile and give a perfunctory response.

Zheng Jue was an old fox, and he could see through the vice president's intentions.
However, he couldn't say much either and could only cooperate with the examination.

The vice president carefully examined him and finally breathed a sigh of relief.
He smiled and said, “Alright, Mr.
Zheng, you should be fine now.
You're out of danger and can be transferred to a regular ward.”

Susie, however, still had a worried expression on her face and hurriedly asked, “Are you sure he's okay? Shouldn't he stay a little longer?”

The vice president smiled and replied, “Mr.
Zheng's vital signs are stable now.
In theory, he can be moved, but if Mr.
Zheng feels something is not right, he can stay longer.”

Zheng Jue pursed his lips slightly.
He was currently staying in the intensive care unit (ICU), which was closer to Han Jin's location.
If he were moved to a regular ward, it would be difficult to see him.

“I'll stay here.
It's quieter,” Zheng Jue said in a deep voice.

Susie immediately breathed a sigh of relief and quickly said, “Doctor, let Mr.
Zheng stay here for now.
After such a big incident, I'm a bit worried.”

Susie took all the responsibility upon herself, and Zheng Jue couldn't help but nod secretly.
Since someone was rushing to offer money, the vice president had no reason to refuse.
He agreed immediately.

As they watched the group leave in a grand manner, Zheng Jue felt an unprecedented heaviness in his heart.
The relationship between him and Han Jin was already extremely complicated, and now there was this additional burden.
Suddenly, Zheng Jue felt that he might never be able to shake off Han Jin in his lifetime.

Susie escorted the vice president out and quickly returned.
She whispered, “Mr.
Zheng, these past few days, the shareholders have been restless and want to come and see you.
What do you think about…”

Zheng Jue coldly laughed, interrupting her, “I'm afraid they're all getting impatient.
There's no need to pay attention to them.
Bring all the accumulated work from these days.
If the company runs smoothly, those people will calm down.”

Susie nodded quietly, knowing Zheng Jue's character.
She had been prepared for this and had endured tremendous pressure these past few days.
Now she could finally hand over this hot potato to him, hoping it would allow him to rest assured.

Zheng Jue took the stack of documents from Susie's hands and became even more satisfied with her.
Although Susie didn't have a high profile, she always handled things perfectly.
Even Zheng Jue himself couldn't find any flaws.

Zheng Jue immersed himself in handling official business, while things on Han Jin's side were far from calm.
Han Zizhang's assistant was highly efficient and placed the investigation report on Han Zizhang's desk the next morning.

Han Zizhang furrowed his brows and said, “Just tell me.”

“Yes,” the assistant pursed his lips slightly.
“We found out that the driver was working for the Construction Department of Zhaoyang Real Estate.
He was recommended by a trusted subordinate of Young Master Wen.
We initially thought it was Wen Shao’s doing…”

The assistant cautiously glanced at Han Zizhang.

“Just say it.
There's no need to beat around the bush.
No one in this world is more important to me than my son,” Han Zizhang's face turned pale.

The assistant continued, “Yes, Mr.
Actually, this incident is quite coincidental.
We initially believed it was Young Master Wen’s doing, but before the driver died, he made a phone call to his family and told them where he had hidden the money he received.
We used a tracking system to locate the place where he made the call, and it turned out to be near a villa in the northern suburbs owned by Mr.

The assistant dared not say anything further.
This was a struggle among the upper echelons, and as a mere assistant, he had no room to meddle.

Han Zizhang's expression grew even uglier after hearing this.
In fact, he had a favorable impression of Wen Hua'an before Han Jin dealt with him.
Wen Hua'an was a person who knew how to conduct himself and his affairs, understanding which kind of people should not be offended.

When Han Jin took action against him, Han Zizhang regarded it as a young person's impetuosity and didn't pay much attention or intervene.
Otherwise, Wen Hua'an wouldn't have ended up in this situation, perhaps having lost everything.
But he never expected that Wen Hua'an would dare to target Han Jin and do such a thing.

Of course, at this moment, Han Zizhang didn't think about the fact that Wen Hua'an's target was actually Zheng Jue, and Han Jin was just caught in the crossfire.
Even so, Han Zizhang wouldn't let Wen Hua'an off the hook.

“There's no need to investigate further.
Since Wen Hua'an can do such a thing, I'm afraid you won't find any evidence against him.
Wen Hua'an values his power and status the most.
You should know what to do,” Han Zizhang said coldly, staring at the cold wall of the hospital room, its white tiles reflecting his distorted face.

Upon hearing Han Zizhang's words, the secretary's previously cautious expression subsided, and she nodded slightly, saying, “Yes, Young Master Han.
Please rest assured.”

With that, she left.


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