Chapter 50: Decision

Zheng Jue stood outside the ICU ward, looking through the glass at Han Jin lying inside.
His eyes held a tinge of bitterness as he had never seen Han Jin so fragile before.
His face was pale, lips tinged with a bluish hue.
Zheng Jue almost felt unsteady on his feet.
He held onto the edge of the window, his knuckles turning white.

Susie stood beside him, watching with deep concern.
She said anxiously, “Zheng Sheng, Han Shao hasn't recovered yet.
You can't go in.
Should I go and find the hospital staff?” She almost thought Zheng Jue was about to shatter the glass.

Zheng Jue shook his head slowly and whispered, “No need.
Let's go.”

Susie approached to support him, but Zheng Jue brushed her off, saying, “No need to support me.
I'll go back on my own.”

Susie felt worried, but she didn't dare to argue.
She could only follow behind Zheng Jue, afraid he might stumble.

Back in his own ward, Zheng Jue lay straight on the hospital bed, staring absentmindedly at the ceiling.
Susie stood nearby, feeling conflicted, and eventually she silently retreated.
Sometimes, there were things that he needed to figure out on his own.

To Zheng Jue, it felt like a movie playing before his eyes.
Every moment he shared with Han Jin flashed through his mind.
Han Jin's relentless pursuit, his hidden motives, and in the end, these two emotions blended together, blurring the boundaries within Zheng Jue's heart.
Finally, he broke through with a resolute attitude, completely breaching his defenses, leading him to a complete defeat and retreat.
However, it was precisely at this moment that the biggest obstacle between them appeared.

Han Zizhang.

Now, just the thought of this name made Zheng Jue's tongue feel bitter.
Han's family head, the uncrowned king of the entire city, who would dare to offend him within this realm?

Zheng Jue slowly sat up, picked up the glass of water from the table, took a sip.
His hands trembled slightly, and he struggled to control the pain that welled up within him.
It was a feeling he had never experienced before, and Zheng Jue felt like he was losing control.


This day was the most agonizing day for Zheng Jue.
His mind couldn't help but wander to Han Jin, picturing his smiling face and the way he would personally touch him.
The slight curl of his lips and the slender, fair fingers that brushed against his cheek.
It hadn't been apparent before, but now Zheng Jue suddenly realized how much space Han Jin occupied in his life.
It was as if they had been entangled with each other since the moment they first met.

Until today…

Zheng Jue closed his eyes, feeling a dryness in his mouth.
He adjusted the slightly loose jacket on his body and walked out of the ward with measured steps.

Susie stood at the door, wearing a visible expression of worry.
“Zheng Sheng, why don't you reschedule your meeting with Mr.
Han for another day? Your current condition is too strained.”

Zheng Jue forced a smile and replied, “No need.
This scene was bound to happen sooner or later, and now is the perfect time.”

Han Jin was still unconscious, resolving this matter without his awareness, which was for the best, no matter who it benefited.

Susie remained silent, her eyes filled with profound sadness.

Zheng Jue didn't say much along the way.
It wasn't until they reached the underground floor of the Han's building that he spoke, saying, “You go back first.
Once it's over, I'll return on my own.”

A hint of disagreement flashed across Susie's face, but in the end, she didn't say anything more.
She reluctantly nodded and left.

As soon as Zheng Jue entered, he was greeted by Han Zizhang's assistant waiting in the lobby.
With a smile, the assistant led Zheng Jue upstairs and into Han Zizhang's office.

Similar to the Wen family, Han Zizhang, as the reigning power of the Han family, occupied an entire floor for his office.
It was an open space, and Zheng Jue walked through the corridor until he finally stood in front of a door.

The assistant knocked on the door, and a deep voice came from inside, “Come in.”

The assistant pushed open the door, leading Zheng Jue inside, and said, “Mr.
Han, Zheng Sheng is here.”

Han Zizhang, who seemed to be reading some documents, had glasses on his eyes.
He raised his head and looked at Zheng Jue.

Zheng Jue managed a slight movement of his lips and whispered, “Mr.

Han Zizhang almost smiled warmly and said, “Zheng Sheng, please take a seat.” Then he turned his gaze back to his assistant and said, “You can leave now.”

The assistant nodded and exited the room.

Zheng Jue sat calmly opposite Han Zizhang, his brows and eyes lowered, his expression composed.
However, the tightly clenched fists revealed the excitement and nervousness within his heart.

Han Zizhang seemed oblivious to Zheng Jue's unusual demeanor and continued to look at him with a benevolent expression.
After a long while, he spoke in a calm tone, “Aaron, you've come to see me.
Is there something on your mind?”

Zheng Jue lifted his head to look at Han Zizhang, pursed his somewhat dry lips, and hoarsely said, “Mr.
Han, let's speak plainly.
It was your doing that dragged my father into this situation, right?”

Han Zizhang chuckled lightly as if he heard something amusing.
“You're a clever person, and I won't beat around the bush.
I have a general understanding of the circumstances surrounding Han Jin's situation.
Wen Hua'an came after you, but Han Jin took the blow for you.
That's just how Han Jin is.
He's impulsive and reckless when he's fired up.”

Zheng Jue listened but only sneered, “Mr.
Han, there's no need to deceive yourself.
You probably already know about the relationship between Han Jin and me.
If you have something to say, just say it directly.
No need to bring up these things.”

Zheng Jue's words were extremely rude, but Han Zizhang didn't mind at all.
He continued, “Aaron, that's not what I meant.
I know my own son.
Han Jin acts on impulse.
When he's enthusiastic about something, he naturally treats you favorably.
But if he loses that enthusiasm, he turns against you faster than anyone else.
You're a smart person, and you should know that these emotional matters are the most unreliable.
Why waste your time on such things?”

Zheng Jue remained silent, and indeed, he had considered what Han Zizhang said.
However, when he thought of what Han Jin had done for him, he couldn't bring himself to believe that it was just a momentary impulse.

Seeing Zheng Jue's reaction, Han Zizhang's expression finally softened a bit, and he smiled faintly.
“Alright, Aaron, there's no need for you to dwell on it.
If you agree with what I'm saying, it's easy to handle.
If you leave Han Jin, I may not be exceptional, but I still have some influence in the industry.
The piece of land you were interested in at Yuhe Bay, I can help you with that.
I also heard that you were interested in acquiring a certain mall in the city center.
I happen to have a good relationship with the owner and can assist you in that regard.
As for anything else, as long as you bring it up, I'll agree to it.”

Zheng Jue felt a chill in his heart.
Han Zizhang's Han family indeed had great wealth and power.
The pieces of land and the mall he had been working on for months could be resolved with just a word from Han Zizhang.
What if he didn't agree?

Zheng Jue could almost imagine his fate.
Once Han Zizhang made a move, he would have no chance of escaping unscathed.

If he were the Zheng Jue of his twenties, perhaps he would have the courage to resist.
Unfortunately, now he didn't dare.
There was still something he desired, he hoped to climb to the top of this city step by step and become superior, a conqueror.

It was his original dream and the ultimate bottom line.
He could forget the grudges of life and death from his past life, but he couldn't abandon the status and power he had accumulated in two lifetimes.
He had fought for it with his every effort and couldn't let it go.

Zheng Jue felt dizzy, and he looked up at Han Zizhang with a hint of crimson in his eyes.

Seeing Zheng Jue's expression, Han Zizhang understood that the situation was already about 80% settled.
He immediately pressed on with the advantage.
“Aaron, what do you think of my proposal? We're both businessmen, and we should understand one thing: what we hold in our hands is the best.
Although you have achieved something in the industry, if I may be frank, your foundation is still a bit lacking.
If you receive assistance from the Han family at this moment, it will be a completely different story.
On the other hand, if you encounter any setbacks at this time, it will likely become a lifelong regret.”

As Han Zizhang spoke with a veiled threat, a surge of anger suddenly welled up in Zheng Jue's heart.
In this world, as long as you weren't standing at the top, you would be constantly controlled by others.
Just like Han Zizhang at this moment, in his eyes, Zheng Jue was probably nothing more than an ant that could be crushed at any time.
Apart from anger, he felt powerless.

Zheng Jue took a deep breath, forcing himself to push Han Jin out of his mind.
He clenched his teeth, as if by doing so, he could forget the pain and sorrow in his heart.

Han's proposal is generous, but it wouldn't sit well with Vi if he woke up.
How am I going to explain to him?” he stated, uttering the most heartless words in the world.
Deep down, it felt like his heart was bleeding.
Zheng Jue suddenly realized that he had never been a good person.
His indifference and cruelty were perhaps more terrifying than anyone else's.

Han Zizhang felt relieved when he heard Zheng Jue finally relent.
However, for some reason, he began to feel a hint of anger.
He was angry at his own son for trusting the wrong person, and he was angry at the young man in front of him for being so heartless and unprincipled.
It reminded him of the past…

Han Zizhang closed his eyes, tightly clenched his fist, and found himself reminiscing about those old memories.
He realized he was getting old.
At this moment, he had no interest in savoring the taste of victory once again.
He simply spoke with a hint of disinterest, “Aaron, rest assured, I will handle this matter.
However, it will be inconvenient for you to leave for a few days.
If you stay, Han Jin may not easily be convinced.”

The moment Zheng Jue uttered those words, his entire body trembled.
However, he strangely calmed down at this moment.
Upon hearing Han Zizhang's words, he stiffly nodded, though his complexion grew paler.

Seeing Zheng Jue's reaction, Han Zizhang's inexplicable resentment dissipated to some extent.
His tone softened a bit as he said, “Alright, now that we have reached an agreement, I won't take advantage of you.
Just sign this contract.
As I said, my words hold weight.”

Zheng Jue mechanically picked up the pen and signed his name on the contract.
Meanwhile, a sense of sorrow surged within him, and his mind buzzed loudly.
Han Jin's words from back then echoed incessantly in his ears.

Deafening and heartbreaking, it felt like his heart was dripping with blood.

It was at this moment that Zheng Jue suddenly realized that he was in love with Han Jin.


Translator’s note: Should I hate Zheng Jue? How fast for him to give Han Jin up, but on the other hand, it’s his dreams and the hard work that he built up.
Zheng Jue is a very rational man. 

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