Chapter 7


Translated by Seafall (Cf411)


When Han Jin saw Zheng Jue’s appearance, his lips curled up slightly, but his eyes were cold, “Mr.
Zheng really has such a good appetite, and you can play so hard in this kind of place.”


Zheng Jue frowned slightly as Han Jin’s expression was a little weird, his words were a little inexplicable and a little too much, “Is there something wrong, Young Master Han?” Zheng Jue coldly asked.


Han Jin looked at him with a stern gaze, “Zheng Jue, sometimes it’s enough to play hard-to-get tricks once.
If you play too much, watch out for the boat to capsize in the gutter!”


Zheng Jue looked at Han Jin with some doubts, and suddenly a bizarre thought appeared in his heart.
Zheng Jue was stunned for a while.


Seeing that Zheng Jue didn’t speak, Han Jin became more and more angry, “What’s the matter? Don’t have anything to say?”


Zheng Jue looked at Han Jin, feeling a little embarrassed for a while.
He really couldn’t imagine how he should deal with him if it was really as he had guessed, “Young Master Han, have you misunderstood something?”


“Misunderstanding?” Han Jin raised his eyebrows sarcastically, “Zheng Jue, are you really slow, or are you acting stupid? You know it yourself.”


Zheng Jue was really speechless at this time, and there was a strange silence between the two for a while.


Zheng Jue’s heart was on fire.
Could it be that Han Jin really had any thoughts about him? Although he dreamt of surpassing Han Jin, he knew very well that a self-made man like himself would not be able to surpass a behemoth like the Han family in a short period of time.
Hence, he initially thought of making friends with him at the beginning, but never with this kind of intention.


Although I have heard that Han Jin can eat both men and women, he is 1.85 meters tall.
He also didn’t have the kind of appearance that the children of aristocratic families would like, so he didn’t think about it before.
Even though Han Jin’s attitude was ambiguous, he only regarded him as a provocation.
Could it be that he really……


Zheng Jue was speechless.
Han Jin also looked at him with some doubts, only seeing his scalp numb, then Han Jin seemed to have thought of something, his face turned red for a while before it turned blue again.


“You…” Han Jin gritted his teeth and looked at Zheng Jue, but looking at Zheng Jue’s innocent appearance, he couldn’t help venting his breath, “How is your project with Zhou Chengan?” His tone was a little desolate.


Zheng Jue couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief.
This was really embarrassing.
If he really tore this layer of window paper and said something, Zheng Jue really didn’t know how to face it.


“Fortunately, it’s already on the right track.
Why? Young Master Han wants to get involved?” Zheng Jue said with a smile, but he thought that he might have to find a girlfriend first.


Of course, Han Jin didn’t want to get involved in this.
Han’s main project was not real estate.


“No, Mr.
Zheng can go first if he has something to do.
I have something else to ask for Lenny,” Han Jin curled up the corner of his mouth with an ugly face, but his tone returned to his previous calm and peaceful tone.


Lenny is Zhou Chengan’s English name.
Zheng Jue smiled reluctantly and walked away.


Han Jin stood there and watched Zheng Jue walk away step by step, while his face darkened a little bit.
He tugged at his tie a little irritably, but turned around and saw Zhou Chengan come out.
Looking at Zhou Chengan’s face, Han Jin frowned slightly.


“Did the conversation go well? I didn’t dare to come out when I saw the two of you talking,” Zhou Chengan smiled a little ambiguously.


Han Jin’s expression returned to his previous indifference and solemnity, “I have nothing to do with him.”


“I knew you had nothing.
I tested him last night, and he really didn’t have any thoughts at all, ” Zhou Chengan did not take his bad mood seriously as he still smiled softly.


Han Jin’s face became more and more ugly.
The knuckles of his hands turned white, but he didn’t say anything else and walked straight to his car, ignoring Zhou Chengan.


It was Zhou Chengan, who kept watching him leave, whose smile on his face became softer.




Zheng Jue returned to the hotel where he was staying, first took a shower, and then went to sleep.
He was really exhausted that night.


When he woke up, it was already afternoon.
Zheng Jue looked at his phone.
Susie called him no less than ten times.
Zheng Jue frowned slightly, then picked up the phone and dialed back.


As soon as the bell rang, Susie answered the phone.
Before Zheng Jue could speak, Susie said, “Mr.
Zheng, Mr.
Lu from Huaxing has a request tonight.”


Lu? Zheng Jue’s newly awakened brain was a little sluggish.
It took a long time for him to realize that this Mr.
Lu should be Lu Yunxing.
Lu Yunxing’s Huaxing Company is a well-known old film and television company in Hong Kong.
In the past ten years, it basically monopolized 80% of the country’s film distribution.
It was only after that the national economic reform broke the dominance of the Huaxing family.
Although Huaxing is not as huge as before, the thin camel is bigger than a horse, and should not be underestimated.


“I have no friendship with Mr.
Lu, what did the other party say?” Zheng Jue asked with some doubts.


He and Lu Yunxing didn’t know each other in the last life or this life, and they didn’t have any encounters.
Now that he suddenly asked him, Zheng Jue had to deal with it carefully.


“The other party didn’t say it, but I asked someone to inquire about it.
Lu is going to invest in a movie recently and is looking for someone to collaborate with,” Susie replied succinctly.


Invest in movies? Zheng Jue’s heart finally fell into place.
This is true.
Today’s Huaxing is not as good as before.
It’s okay to find someone to invest with.
It’s just that if he can spend some money on Lu Yunxing, it would not be a loss.
He knew although Lu Yunxing looked in bad luck right now, he turned around in three years when he met a nobleman.
At that time, the people who offended him before had It hard.


“Okay, I know.
When the time comes, you come to pick me up.
I have almost arranged the company’s affairs.
You can help me and keep an eye on it,” Zheng Jue said in a low voice.


Susie agreed and said again, “Mr.
Lu said it was seven o’clock in the evening, Mr.
Zheng, do you want to prepare first?”


Zheng Jue thought about it and refused, “No, you don’t need to be so particular.
I guess it should be just a business dinner.
For a dinner party, you just need to dress a little simpler.”


Susie agreed and then hesitantly asked, “Mr.
Zheng… Well, Ms.
Lin has been looking for you these past few days.
Would you like to…”


Lin Su? Zheng Jue frowned in disgust, “Don’t worry about her for now, I know what I’m doing.”


After Susie heard this, she knew she was talking too much and hung up the phone a little embarrassed.


Zheng Jue threw away his phone and sat on the bed with his arms on his back.
Looking at the scattered lights on the roof of the bedroom, he felt a little bored for a while.
He should have found a fixed place to live earlier, Zheng Jue thought to himself.
Somehow, the first thing that came to mind was Jingyuan.
Zheng Jue shook his head in disgust, he was really stunned.




Susie arrived at the hotel where Zheng Jue was staying at six o’clock.
Zheng Jue was wearing a dark brown dark-striped suit and navy blue fine-grained tie, while Susie also wore a navy blue professional suit, which looked very simple and neat.


Zheng Jue was very satisfied, Susie was a rare talent both in terms of intellectual and emotional intelligence.


Zheng, Ms.
Lin came to the company to look for you this afternoon.
I coaxed her back temporarily.
I don’t know what you want to do with her?” Susie looked a little embarrassed.


Zheng Jue’s initially good mood suddenly hit rock bottom.
Since the last time he went to a charity dinner with Lin Su, Zheng Jue has only been indifferent to her this year.
Occasionally, he still thinks of meeting her and buying some clothes to coax her.
He originally just wanted to cool down from her first, but Lin Su was also very brilliant.
She never bothered him on her own initiative until now when she went to his company to meet him.


“I see.
If she comes next time, you can directly tell her to come to me,” It is estimated that she already felt a sense of crisis, but he still needs to fool her in due course.


“I see,” Susie looked visibly relieved.


Susie took Zheng Jue to the hotel where Lu Yunxing was hosting his banquet.
It is a restaurant owned by Huaxing.
He has also been here before.
The facilities are very luxurious, but the taste of the food is not flattering.
No wonder Huaxing is now going down.


There are a lot of guests today.
There are all the film and television industry bigwigs that Zheng Jue knows and does not know.
There are also many upstarts like Zheng Jue who have just entered Hong Kong and are not stable.
Zheng Jue glanced at it and understood in his heart that this Lu Yunxing or Mr.
Lu, is looking for someone to take advantage of.


Sure enough, Lu Yunxing opened his mouth just after drinking a round at the wine table.


Lu Yunxing is a peaceful-looking middle-aged man with a hint of warmth between his brows and eyes, but no one would have imagined that this mild-mannered middle-aged man would actually be a giant crocodile in the film and television industry that eats both black and white in Hong Kong.


“While drinking with all of you today, there is actually a project to discuss.
Recently, Huaxing is going to make a movie, and I have invited Mr.
Zhuang and Mr.
Liu, and many other big stars.
I have read the script, and the writing is very exciting.
Do you have any intention to cooperate?” Lu Yunxing’s appearance is gentle, but his words are very direct.


The people here are not fools.
Today, Huaxing is going downhill.
Even if there is a national policy, it is because Lu Yunxing is arrogant and offends many people.
Some people specialize in rectifying him.
Naturally, these people will not rush to send their heads, so they became all careful.
As far as he is concerned, they just didn’t have to give him a direct answer.


Zheng Jue pondered to himself.
Although he was not very familiar with the entertainment industry in his last life, he also knew that Mr.
Zhuang and Mr.
Liu in Lu Yunxing’s mouth should be the famous Zhuang Yi and Liu Feng in the entertainment industry.
These two are so popular in Hong Kong today that they are basically a guarantee of the box office.
The movies they would be cast in… Zheng Jue probably knows what kind of movie it is.


“Since it’s a collaboration, I don’t know what movie it’s about?” Among the evasive words, Zheng Jue’s words were exceptionally prominent.


Lu Yunxing was already gnashing his teeth in anger, but when he heard this sentence, he finally put a smile on his face, “The name of the movie is “Assassin”.
If Mr.
Zheng is willing, I will send the script tomorrow.”


Sure enough, it is this movie.
Zheng Jue has a smile on his face.
In his last life, this movie not only swept major awards, but also refreshed the box office of Hong Kong movies, and was regarded as a classic for the next ten years.


“Okay, since Mr.
Lu values ​​this movie so much, I, a layman, naturally believe in Mr.
Lu, so I will pay 30 million to help Mr.


Zheng Jue actually responded on the spot.
Everyone present looked at him like a fool, but Lu Yunxing was very happy.
He walked directly to Zheng Jue, patted him on the shoulder, and took a glass of wine with him.


Zheng Jue is not a fool.
He can see the expressions of everyone, and he is very clear about Lu Yunxing’s current situation.
It’s just that has already lived another life and knows that his bad luck is finally going to end.
At that time, Lu Yunxing will also meet the nobles in his life which will revive the Huaxing.
By then, it’s already useless for these people to regret it.
Besides, this is a business that only makes money and does not lose.
If he didn’t want to sell Lu Yunxing’s face at this time, then he wouldn’t be able to sell it even if he wanted to sell it in the future.


The atmosphere in the room was stagnant for a moment, and then there was another lively appearance of pushing the cups and changing the cups.




The author has something to say: I am really a hard worker in emotional drama, and this chapter is very painful for me…

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