It was a tradition in this village that on the wedding day, the relatives of the groom gave the bride a red envelope, which was to recognize her as a member of the family.



    The bride was wearing a red wedding dress, with a heavy phoenix crown on her head, kneeling in front of a large and deep copper basin.


    The first one was the groom’s father, who put a thick red envelope into the copper basin.


    The bride kowtowed immediately.


    The wedding host smiled and said: “The bride kowtows well.
We heard the sound.
The louder you kowtow in our village, the more sincere your heart, and the closer you will be to your husband’s family.”


    The bride froze for a moment, and she kowtowed firmly to the groom’s father again.


    The groom’s father smiled and said: “Okay!”


    The bride, who was a little nervous, showed a reassuring smile on her face, and she changed her name to: “Dad.”


    The groom’s father smiled and said nothing.


    The second one was the groom’s mother, who still gave a thick red envelope.


    After kowtowing to the father, the mother couldn’t be worse, and the bride kowtowed loudly again.




    In fact, after knocking the head for the first time, her back shouldn’t be as fine as she showed it to be.


    This was the first day for the bride to come to this house, and she recognized her new relatives by kowtowing.
If she gave a light kowtow to anyone, she was afraid that others would mind.


    “Boom!”, “Boom!”, “Boom!”



    There were many relatives of the groom, and they came up one by one in a line.
At some point, the bride’s forehead was already blue, and her movements showed difficulty.


    A relative stepped forward and dropped a red envelope, and the bride kowtowed habitually.


    When she got up, she found that the man hadn’t left.


    The middle-aged man with slightly plump red cheeks lightly threw another red envelope into the copper basin, like a charity, and looked down at the bride with a smile, “Kowtow.”



    The bride was stunned for a moment, and did another one.


    Then another red envelope fell, and another kowtow happened.


    Zhu Shuangshuang felt that it was going too far.
She glanced to the side, and this glance made her see something even more extreme.


    Not far away, several people took a thick pile of red envelopes and stuffed small denominations of money into them one by one.
They each held dozens or hundreds of red envelopes and walked towards the bride one by one.


    The middle-aged woman at the front came first, and she smiled and threw one into the copper basin.


    The bride, who was already a little dizzy, after kowtowing the first time, looked up and saw the thick and thin red envelopes in the woman’s hand.
It looked like there were hundreds of them, add that to her indescribable smile, and the bride turned to look at the groom blankly.


    The groom was looking at her worriedly, standing there anxiously, and when he saw the bride’s forehead, his eyes immediately turned red.


    His eyes were full of love.


    Seeing this, the bride gave him a comforting smile, turned her head and gritted her teeth, and kowtowed her head every time a fluttering red envelope fell.


    “Boom!”, “Boom!”, “Boom!”



    The sound of head hitting the floor rang in everyone’s ears.


    “It’s too much!” Seeing that the bride’s forehead was bleeding, Zhu Shuangshuang couldn’t help but want to step forward, but Su Xiangsheng grabbed her wrist forcefully.


    Zhu Shuangshuang gritted her teeth and lowered her head resentfully when she heard the “bang bang bang”.


    She grew up in a prosperous big city, advanced and open-minded.


    Her father also taught her to respect the customs of different regions, but this…
Wasn’t this insulting?!


    The bride didn’t know that by the time she kowtowed to the dozens of relatives, the bloodstains on her forehead were already obvious.


    The wedding hall was richly and festively decorated, with a golden and majestic “囍“ character hanging on the red wall facing the door, and thick and long red candles burning bright yellow on hundreds of gold-carved candlesticks.


    The candle was getting shorter and shorter, burning red wax, as red as the blood on the bride’s forehead, which dripped into the red wedding dress when she raised her head.


    Somebody put on new thick red envelope, and another set, and another set.


    The non-stop light from the candles shone on the smiling faces of the villagers.
They stood there, looking at the bride kneeling on the ground in the center.
Every time the bride kowtowed a bloody head, a bright smile appeared on their faces.
Some laughed, and some even applauded.


    In the sound of “bang bang”, the players became more and more silent.


    When they came to this village, the people in this village were warm and hospitable, and every villager had a smile on their face.


    The villagers’ smile and laughter put the players at ease at first.


    At this moment, these laughters made them feel chills from the bottom of their hearts.


    They seem to love to laugh so much, why else would they smile at this situation?


    When the bride did not know how many people had kowtowed to in succession, she could no longer lift her head that had a heavy phoenix crown.


    Her forehead was pressed against the black floor, and the blackness of the floor absorbed the blood on her forehead.


    The cheers and laughter in the wedding hall also stopped and gradually became quiet.


    It seemed that there were no longer relatives who would line up and give her envelopes.
Just as the player was about to breathe a sigh of relief, two cars stop at the outside door, and six well-dressed people came down.


    The wedding hall resounded with warm applause and blessings.


    At the front was a man in his fifties, looking very gentle.
He walked up to the bride with a cane in his hand and put a thick red envelope into the copper basin.


    The bride, whose head was on the ground, was a little unconscious, but she heard the faint sound of red envelopes falling into the basin.
It was no longer light and fluffy, which gave her a little hope.


    With all her strength, she straightened up and kowtowed again.


    The man said gently: “Take it.”


    The bride was already very slow to react, and it took a while before she realized that the man asked her to hold the red envelope.


    She couldn’t think about why she had to hold the red envelope that he put it in the basin.


    She stretched out her trembling hand and took the obviously different red envelope into her hand.


    The host of the wedding bent down and said to her, “He’s the groom’s godfather.
What shall you call him?”


    The bride was in a trance, and her voice was low and weak, and she called the other: “Dad.”


    The middle-aged man smiled, and he reached out and touched the bride’s forehead.
He said in a warm voice: “Yes, good girl.”


    Feeling the warm temperature on her forehead, the bride had a sore nose for some reason, and wanted to cry without knowing why.


    She seemed to have regained her weak strength.
When a woman of about the same age as the man came up to give the red envelope, she kowtowed her head again, picked up the red envelope as well, and called “Mom” under the guidance of the host.


    The woman also responded to her, touching her face tenderly, “We will be a family from now on.”


    These six people were very gentle, and because of their tenderness, the bride who could not lift her head trembled and kowtowed six more times.


    After kowtowing to the sixth person for the last time, after four hours, she finally passed out.


    The moment she fainted, the oldest old lady in the wedding hall patted her leg, her face was wrinkled and trembling with excitement, and she opened her toothless mouth and laughed loudly: “She fainted! Great! The wedding is auspicious, and the marriage will definitely go well in the future!”


    There was happy laughter, blessings and applause, and the festive cheers echoed.


    Zhu Shuangshuang and the bridesmaid immediately went up to help the bride up.
Chen Qing glanced at Chen Tian and walked over.


    The bride was holding two thick red envelopes, which were darker than ordinary red envelopes.


    With the support of the two girls, a drop of blood from the bride’s forehead fell on it.


    Su Xiangsheng stared at the blood-red envelope and frowned fiercely.



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