Chapter 28.1: Manman (1)

【Code 3-8761 “Manman” First Activation】

【Legend has it that everyone has a guardian angel who will protect them throughout their lifetime.
In Fairy Tale Town, however, everyone has a ghost friend, also known as a companion ghost, from birth.】

【Ghost friends can also accompany and help you like guardian angels, depending on the relationship you have with them.】

【Welcome to Fairy Tale Town, players.】

【Instance Mission: Under the guidance of the system, live in harmony with your ghost friend.】

【Mission Time: Three months in virtual time in Fairy Tale Town (ten days in base time).】

【Friendly Reminder: This instance is an experimental one.
The system will be fully upgraded in ten days, and [Luck Value] will be added to the player’s personal data panel.
The luck value obtained by players in this round of the game is real and effective.
After the system upgrade, it will be added to the player’s existing luck value.】

【Example: Player A’s system scanning luck value is 63.
In this round of the game, he gains 5 luck value.
After the system upgrade, the player’s luck value will directly display as 68.】

【Wishing all players good luck.】

As soon as they appeared in Fairy Tale Town, players exclaimed in surprise.

Ning Su soon understood why they were so happy.

It was like having an extra chance to boost their exam scores before the results were announced, compared to other players.

Ning Su, a bystander, also understood the importance of personal player data, especially those that could not be changed.

For example, the attack power would increase as the player entered the instance more frequently, their body improved from training, and they received support from their skills and weapons.

However, the charm value was fixed when the player entered the game and could only be briefly increased by acquiring some extraordinary weapons, but could not be increased for a long time.

This soon-to-be-added [Luck Value] seemed very similar to the charm value and should also be fixed.

And these 20 people seemed to have a chance to earn extra points, as if a backdoor had been opened for them.

Moreover, only these 20 people should have this opportunity.

This copy could only be opened once a day, and the virtual time of the copy was three months, but in real time, it was only 10 days, and the system would upgrade after 10 days.

Being able to enter this game was lucky in itself.

The game needed to consider balance, and generally, weapons only drop in the first opening of a dungeon instance.
This “[luck value]” was the initial skill reward for this instance, and weapons should not drop again.

Moreover, the “[luck value]” could only be obtained if one survived until the end.

However, the players were still very surprised.

For top players, they were not lacking in skill weapons, and improving their fixed personal data was more important.

For ordinary players, with strong players around, they usually couldn’t get ordinary skill weapons, so this “[luck value]” was more practical.

Ning Su was also very happy.

Not because of the “[luck value]”, but because it seemed like he had entered a survival-type copy.

Finally, it was a perfect match for his profession.

No need to rack his brains to decode anything, he could comfortably play as a “salted fish”!

Ning Su happily lowered his head to share this news with Gui Sheng.


Why was Gui Sheng so tall?

It’s almost at his neck.

Soon, Ning Su discovered that it was not Gui Sheng who became taller, but he who became smaller.

Ning Su lowered his head to look at his small hands, short legs, and his skinny and immature body.

At most, six years old.

He was wearing the same torn little pants he wore when he was five or six years old.

He remembered it very clearly because the holes in the pants were not a trendy element, but rather something he wore out while climbing trees on the mountain.

Ning Su: “…”

After landing in the instance, the players’ surprised cheers turned into shock and confusion.

“Why did I become small?”

“Who are you?”

“Oh my god, are you Meng Jiang? You were so thin and cute when you were little!”

Not only Ning Su, but all the players turned into the appearance of five or six years old.

Among these 20 players, there were those who had just turned 20, and those who were in their forties or fifties, but at this moment, they were all in their childhood appearance.

It was said that a woman changed a lot when she reached 18, but it’s not just women, both men and women were the same.

The changes over a decade or decades were very significant, and many familiar people might not recognize each other after becoming younger.

A pretty girl walked up to Ning Su.

She had beautiful curly hair, with a crystal butterfly hair clip on one side, and a red silk scarf headband tied behind her long curly hair.

She was wearing a delicate lace dress and sheepskin Mary Jane shoes.

She looked like a little princess.

She tilted her head to look at Ning Su for a while and said in a soft voice, “A big bag of candy?”

“……” Ning Su paused for a moment, “There are also two buns and a bottle of milk.”

The little girl nodded and stood beside Ning Su.

“I said I would go to the game hall to find you.
How did you choose the game so quickly? I almost didn’t catch up,” the girl said.

Ning Su made a sound but didn’t answer properly, as if he had just heard her.

Zhu Shuangshuang didn’t mind and continued to look at him, “Susu, you look just the same when you were a child.
Now you’re just a mini version of the adult Ning Su, so cute.”

As a child, his face was small, and his eyes looked particularly big with fluttering eyelashes, which made him incredibly cute, even with a dirty face.

“When you were little, you were so small.
The system should have made us all the same age.
You look like you’re a head shorter than me.”

As a child, the girl may have grown faster, but it wouldn’t have been that much of a difference.

Not only was Ning Su small, but he was also particularly thin, with a smudge of soot on his face, and dressed in tattered clothes, looking like a little beggar.

Thinking of Ning Su saying he had never seen his parents, Zhu Shuangshuang quickly changed the subject and said, “Gui Sheng hasn’t changed at all.”

Ning Su guessed that Gui Sheng was actually over four years old, but he wasn’t a normal person.
He was born very small, and as a half-human, half-ghost, he grew slowly and was much smaller than children of the same age.

The system fixed all players to the same age, except for Gui Sheng.

Ning Su could basically confirm that after deducting his points, the system used Gui Sheng as a replacement for the Yin Yang realm, and Gui Sheng’s attribute with him became his “skill weapon.”

He could be taken into dungeons at any time without changing.

Gui Sheng could tiptoe and touch Ning Su’s chin, and he lightly rubbed it, patting his chest and saying to Ning Su, “I’ll protect you.”

Before, Ning Su was very tall in his eyes, but now he looked like a baby that needed protection.

Zhu Shuangshuang: “…”

She wanted to say that even if they went back to being six years old, they would still be much older than Gui Sheng.
He was the one who looked like he needed to be protected, being so small.

Ning Su put his head on Gui Sheng’s small shoulder and all his weight fell onto the other’s small body.
“Gui Sheng, I’m so scared.
You have to protect me and take care of me.”

Zhu Shuangshuang: “……”

How could she forget that this guy, even in his adult state, was capable of doing things like letting Gui Sheng pull himself out of an incinerator passage?

[Please enter the castle.]

While Ning Su’s head was pressed against Gui Sheng’s head, he heard the voice of 9277.

Obviously, other players also heard their own sub-system reminders and turned their attention to Fairy Tale Town.

Fairy Tale Town looked a lot like a children’s playground, with many beautiful small houses, fairy tale character sculptures, and cute playground facilities.

However, the color tone was very dark, including the highest castle in the middle.

The castle was made of bricks of varying shades of gray and black, and something like a plant that blended in with the black seems to be climbing on it, making it difficult to see from a distance.

At the top of the castle, there was a white child-shaped sculpture curled up in the shape of a uterus.

That child shape, or to be precise, the sculpture of a fetus that had not been born, was pierced by a sharp tip protruding from the top of the castle.

The whole castle not only looked gloomy but also made people extremely uncomfortable psychologically.

20 Little Radishes walked into Fairy Tale Town together.

Despite its dull appearance, Fairy Tale Town should be a place that children loved, with everything built according to the cute and rich imaginations of children.

This small town was very complete, with an amusement park, school, hospital, temple, and more.

However, all the residents were children, and a few adults were seen along the way.

As they walked towards the castle, the children they passed either ignored them or stood by and looked at them with calm to eerie eyes.

Many people felt goosebumps from this.

“Don’t you think that sometimes children can be scary? Especially with their eyes.”

“Don’t forget that you are a child now, too.”


Ning Su and Zhu Shuangshuang walked in the back, looking at the people in front of them.

Zhu Shuangshuang said, “There’s Shi Tianzhu in this instance.
We must be very careful.
Shi Tianzhu is not at the same level as the black-robed man.
You can’t act like how you did before.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a girl in front of them turned her head to look.

She was a little girl dressed in a light brown riding outfit, wearing dark black riding boots on her feet.
Her legs wrapped in the boots were the longest among the 20 children.

Her hair was neatly gathered in a round-top equestrian hat, and the black strap of the hat was tied under her long and fair chin.
She had a cool and cold feeling when looking at people despite her young age.

Zhu Shuangshuang was stunned for a moment, recognizing that it was Shi Tianzhu.
What stunned her was not Shi Tianzhu’s appearance, she guessed that their appearances were all classic or common styles intercepted by the system at this age.

Like her, when she was five or six years old, her mother and brother liked to dress her up as a little princess, and her outfit at this time was a slightly exaggerated version of that.

If Shi Tianzhu had started learning horse riding and often rode horses when she was young, this kind of outfit would be normal.

What surprised her was, “Susu, you look so much alike after becoming younger, just like siblings…
is it because you both have a pair of peach blossom eyes?”

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