Jiang Shao Cai held the puppet’s head down, and the puppet’s two short legs fluttered on the ground, “Attacking the captain, the point will be deducted.
Warning once, warning twice, warn…”

Seeing Jiang Shao Cai’s action, Mu Yun Gui was startled. 

She hurriedly broke Jiang Shao Ca’s hand off the puppet, while deeply apologizing to him, “Sorry…that’s how he expresses his liking, please don’t record it as demerit in the file.”

The puppet shook his head, and his eyes were flashing red, “The captain is generous not to hold him accountable.
But in order to express your apologies, please scan the token.”

The puppet raised his hand, and the light on his palm flickered. 

Mu Yun Gui secretly rolled her eyes, and weakly said, “I want to order the food, I will pay for it together.”

“The captain is happy to serve you.
Often the high-quality food was made from the simplest ingredients.
On this beautiful Tianjue Island, a strange kind of brick-red rice grows…”

“The rice is fragrant and delicious, and is used to make red rice cakes that are loved by many young adventurers…”

“Okay, okay…” Mu Yun Gui was speechless.

Hearing the high-sounding words, she already knew that only the most basic red rice cakes were left on the boat. 

Mu Yun Gui turned her head and asked, “Red rice cake, do you want to eat it?”


This word was too far away from Jiang Shao Cai.
So, he asked in surprise, “You still need food?”

Mu Yun stared at him quietly. 

If the doubt in Jiang Shao Cai’s eyes were not too real, Mu Yun would have suspected that he was taunting her. 

Mu Yun Gui said, “Only after opening up the two-star veins, you won’t need food.”

Jiang Shao Cai also remembered that surviving without food did have such a condition.
But once the world of cultivating had three-star and four-star veins immortals everywhere.

As long as a person was not stupid, he would have opened a two-star vein.
At that time, after the age of ten not many people needed food to live.

Jiang Shao Cai was accustomed to seeing immortal cultivators living on the wind and rain and almost thought that not eating food and deriving energy from the surroundings was an innate ability of cultivators.

Jiang Shao Cai shook his head, he didn’t want to eat food from unknown sources.
Besides, this puppet looks stupid, he was not sure if the food cooked by this puppet could be eaten.

After placing the order, Mu Yun swiped the tokens, and in one go paid for the food and the fine for Jiang Shao Cai’s “attack” on the puppet captain.

The puppet’s eyes flashed into green, and his small mouth clicked, “Thank you for supporting the shipping business of Tianjue Island and helping in building a harmonious and beautiful Tianjue Island.
I wish the guest a happy meal.”

After that, something fell from the puppet’s belly, and then the thin copper plate slowly rose, revealing a small and exquisite paper bag inside. 

Seeing this, Jiang Shao Cai tilted his head to carefully look at the puppet. 

Looking at Jiang Shao Cai’s curious eyes staring at the stomach of the puppet, Mu Yun Gui suddenly felt scared. 

If Jiang Shao Cai attacked the puppet again, she would really not be able to pay the fine.

Mu Yun quickly held Jiang Shao Cai’s hand, hurriedly took out the red rice cake with the other hand, and pressed the ‘ok’ button. 

The puppet’s belly slowly closed, and the light in his eyes also went out.
The puppet rolled to the corner and shut himself down.

Jiang Shao Cai looked at the puppet’s back and pretentiously nodded, “It is indeed much cheaper to put a puppet on the boat than to hire a human.”

“Hushh…” ​​Mu Yun Gui opened the paper bag while quietly reminding Jiang Shao Cai, “It can recognize important words, so don’t say anything bad about it on the boat.”

Jiang Shao Cai discovered that although the spiritual energy in this world had decreased, and the IQs of this generation of people have greatly reduced, these people still developed extremely well in some strange tricks.

For example, this puppet was far more dexterous than the puppets of his time, and it seemed that this was just the most common low-priced human substitute on a passenger ship.

After waking up for a while, Jiang Shao Cai finally found the only strength in this world.

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