rs on Tianjue Island, so there was no inn. 

To help him and safely send him back, she should take Jiang Shao Cai back to her home.

She hoped that after a few warm days, his mind would gradually recover.

It was early morning when Mu Yun left the home, and it was late at night when she returned. 

The door was still the same as Mu Yun Gui’s left in the morning.
Her mother was dead, and only Mu Yun was left at home. 

No one came out to look for her after she fell into the sea.

Mu Yun Gui skillfully opened the door, and directly went to prepare a room for Jiang Shao Cai. 

“It is getting late and it is not convenient to clean up other rooms.
You will stay in my mother’s room for the time being…”

“Don’t worry, I have cleaned it every day for the past three years.
There will be no dust in the room.”

Jiang Shao Cai followed behind and silently looked at the room.

After showing the room, Mu Yun hurried to find the medicine box. 

Jiang Shao Cai was bitten by the poisonous crocodile and there were several blood holes on his arms. 

The resources on the island were scarce, and most of the supplies were concentrated in the hands of the four major families. 

Mu Yun Gui had to hunt the beast independently, so she had always stocked medicine at home.

Seeing Mu Yun taking out the medicine, Jiang Shao Cai was also very cooperative.
He allowed Mu Yun to hold his hand.

In the past, Nangong Xuan was often injured, so while helping him Mu Yun became more proficient in dealing with wounds. 

She felt Jiang Shao Cai’s pulse and was slightly startled, so she checked it again.

His pulse showed signs of being deeply wounded, but there was no demonic energy.

Mu Yun was taken aback. 

This situation was completely beyond her cognition.

When she was in the cave, she also noticed that there was demonic energy on Jiang Shao Cai’s wound.
Why did it disappear now?

“Strange…” Mu Yun frowned tightly, “Where is the demonic energy?”

Hearing it, Jiang Shao Cai’s eyelashes slightly dropped.
He didn’t speak, he looked very cold and quiet. 

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

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