Seventy Koi: Unlucky Boss Hug Me and Cried chapter 1: Slandered Silly Village Girl


“Sun Yingzhuo, you son of a bitch, you actually act like a hooligan and bully a fool!”

“I didn't bully her! She pulled my pants as soon as she came up!”


“No! Your pants are all taken off!”




In the ear, a bunch messy voice rang.


It was the sound of two men arguing.


Mu Qing opened her eyes impatiently due to the noise, followed by fierceness in her mouth.


“What's the noise, let no one sleep!”


As soon as the words were finished, Mu Qing was a little dumbfounded.


It was obvious that before she fell asleep, she was in the super luxurious palace.


How come I opened my eyes and came to the back of the haystacks in the countryside.


Moreover, the two men standing in front of them were wearing clothes unique to the 1970s.


One man was wearing a white shirt, blue pants, black leather shoes, and a black belt around his waist.


However, the trousers and belt had been torn, and the man had to hold it with his hand to prevent it from falling off.


The other man looked a little fierce, with a little indifferent pride.


But he was pretty handsome.


He was wearing a green military uniform and had a cane in his hand to support his injured leg.


Surrounded by a group of people watching the show.


This familiar scene, and the name I vaguely heard just now.


Let Mu Qing react instantly.


She has crossed!


Travel back to the seventies!


A world she had been dreaming of not long ago…




In her dream, she became a fool in the 1970s.


Being used by her relatives, her reputation was ruined, and she became a stepping stone for her cousin to climb a high branch.


In the end, she was deceived by her cousin and became her scapegoat, and was pushed into the river and drowned.


And the scene in front of her is that she was used as bait by her relatives to fish for her cousin Mu Xue's husband.


Then he was bumped into by Zhou Tianze, who was returning from the army, and mistakenly thought that Sun Yingzhuo was playing a hooligan scene.


So, this is what she just heard.


Mu Qing rolled her eyes and just wanted to explain


The Mu family, who were waiting for this scene, immediately shouted


“Sun Zhiqing, you have to be shameless!


“How can you do this kind of thing?!”


“Don't think that our family Mu Qing is stupid, it's easy to bully, you are a hooligan.”


The woman who jumped out and shouted loudly was the aunt of the fool Mu

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