Seventy Koi: Unlucky Boss Hug Me and Cried chapter 2: Don't be afraid, I will protect you

“Brother, they bully fools!”


Seeing this, Mu Qing hid behind Zhou Tianze without thinking.


A bunch of people from the Mu family are here, how could she be able to fight.


Temporarily avoiding the edge is the most correct choice.


Moreover, this Zhou Tianze is a good person.


In her dream, after the fool Mu Qing's reputation was sullied, he would go to Mu's house to ask her the truth.


In the end, he was slandered by the Mu family and had a relationship with the fool, and even married the fool Mu Qing without hesitation.


Later, the fool Mu Qing was killed by Mu Xue after falling into the water.


He is not afraid of the power of the Sun family, and has fought with them all his life.


He also caught up with his own future, and finally died alone.


How could such a responsible and responsible man not protect a weak lesbian like her?


Just when Mu Qing was thinking about it.

With a “Swihh” sound, Zhou Tianze really shot.

He took out the cane in his hand and pointed it directly to the tip of Mu Xue's nose.

Mu Xue's movement stopped instantly.

She seemed to be frightened by the sudden appearance of the crutches, and the muscles on her face were shaking uncontrollably.

She turned around, crying and throwing herself into the arms of her mother, Zhang chūnhua.

“Wuuu…Mom, look at Mu Qing, she wronged me! She slandered me! She wronged our family! She slandered our family!”

This Mu Xue is Zhang Chunhua's precious daughter.

When she cried, Zhang chūnhua felt distressed in an instant.

She quickly raised her hand and patted Mu Xue's shoulder to comfort her.

“Ouch! Girl, don't cry! Don't cry! Our Mu family has raised a blind eye wolf! It ruined for us for no reason!”

Zhang chūnhua looked in the direction of Mu Qing with resentment.

“Mu Qing, don't hurry back with us! What are you doing holding a man's hand in broad daylight? Your temperament is exactly the same as your mother's fox.
You can't live without climbing one or two men every day!”


Listening to Zhang chūnhua's words, Mu Qing frowned in disgust.


Because of this woman, is damn too disgusting.


With a cold face, she appeared from behind Zhou Tianze.


“Zhang chūnhua, you are disgusting yourself, don't get involved with my mother.”


“Over the years, you bullied me to be honest and took so much money from my father, all of which was spent on yourselves.”


“I'm still living my life every day.
I've been bullied into a fool by you, a good girl.”


“If I don't resist today, are you going to kill me alive!”


Mu Qing said, probably due to the influence of her body and emotions, her eyes reddened and her voice choked.


Standing beside her, Zhou Tianze's eyes softened and he couldn't help but speak for comfort.


Comrade Mu Qing, the party and the state will decide for you, don't be afraid.”

Zhou Tianze's words made Mu Qing's mood much better.


“I'm just wronged, who's afraid.” Mu Qing couldn't help muttering.


Here, Zhang chūnhua saw that the matter had dragged on for so long and was afraid that the production team would be drawn over, so he hurriedly greeted the Mu family.


“You still don't feel ashamed enough to stand still and do nothing! Hurry up and take this fool back and lock it up!”


Zhang chūnhua said, taking the lead in rushing in the direction of Zhou Tianze.


The rest of the Mu family followed closely behind.


Seeing that something was wrong, Mu Qing immediately wanted to run away.


However, before she could let go of her hand, Zhou Tianze's big hand pulled her behind him.


“Don't be afraid! Hide behind me! I won't let them mess around!”


After Zhou Tianze finished speaking, he waved his crutches in a single-minded posture, forcibly separating the Mu family from the outside.


Mu Qing hid behind him and suddenly felt unusually safe and secure.


Looking at the man standing in front of her, she couldn't help thinking:


If you can marry such a man, it seems not bad!


Soon, the uproar here attracted people from the production team.


This matter is related to the issue of educated youth, retired soldiers, and the descendants of heroes.
It is quite complicated.


So Wang Mingda, the captain of the production brigade, took all of them back to the production brigade.

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