Seventy Koi: Unlucky Boss Hug Me and Cried chapter 4: The fool was going to marry the unlucky one.




Wang Mingda paused for a while before speaking.

“Girl, although it is said that women can hold up half the sky, it is not easy to live in separate households.”

“You are the daughter of a hero, and we should take good care of you.”

Mu Qing listened to Wang Mingda's words, but she didn't care.

She had already made up her mind that she would not live with the scumbags of the Mu family just because of Wang Mingda's two words.

She said decisively: “Uncle Captain, I have already thought about it clearly, and I want to separate the household.
I want them to return everything that belongs to my father back to me.”

“Mu Qing, don't even think about it.” An old voice sounded.

It was Mu Qing's grandmother, Chen Shuiqin, who was talking, a skinny old lady, the kind of thief.

“You want to separate households, unless I die!” she said directly.

“My son is a hero, dying for the country is the pride of our Mu family.”

“If you go out and single, it's mean the entire Sande Village will poke the backbone of our Mu family and say that we abuse the hero's daughter.
I received the money your father sent back.
The pension is also received by me.
As for the things on Mu Xue's body, I thought she was getting older and asked her mother to buy them.
I didn't touch your father's money.
Your father's money, when you get married in the future, I will naturally give it to you.”

Chen Shuiqin said it nicely, but it was meant to be heard by others.

Just her reputation as a fool, how long does it take to get married.

If Mu Qing didn't know the truth, she might actually believe it.

However, she has decided to separate the households.

She didn't want a group of troublesome things to make noise in her ears every day.

“I'm married, you'll give me my father's money?” Mu Qing asked with confirmation.

“Well, naturally.” Chen Shuiqin nodded.

“However, your father is a hero, and you can't find a coward.
You need to be recognized by all of us.
Captain Wang, do you think this is true?” Chen Shuiqin asked Wang Mingda deliberately.

She was giving Wang Mingda a problem.

“That's right, of course your husband can't be too bad.” Wang Mingda could only bite the bullet and answer.

“Then I'll get married tomorrow.
Give me all my dad's money.”

Mu Qing said, and directly extended her hand towards Chen Shuiqin.

She blinked, her face was pure and innocent.

An old woman who is cunning and eccentric wants to fight her.
She has a way to get them to admit defeat.

Sure enough, as soon as Mu Qing stretched out her hand, Chen Shuiqin's old face darkened.

“Marriage, I think you want getting married to go crazy.
Where can a man marry you, you damn girl, you're crazy about a man!”

“Grandma, I advise you to be polite when you speak.” Mu Qing warned with a calm face.

Then, she turned around and came to Zhou Tianze's side.
She raised her hands and hold his arm.

“I want to marry Comrade Zhou Tianze!”

Mu Qing raised her chin and announced directly.

As soon as she said these words, the office was suddenly quiet.

After a long time, Chen Shuiqin's scolding voice sounded: “You damn girl, who are you getting married with, you are looking for the unlucky Zhou! Do you think your life is too long, and you want to go down to accompany your dad! Unlucky Zhou  is unlucky, do you want to die?”

“Grandma, this is a new society.
What you said just now was propagating feudal superstition and you should be criticized and educated! Besides, Zhou Tianze is a retired soldier, who would dare to say that he is a coward.”

Mu Qing pulled Zhou Tianze's arm tightly and opened her mouth to remind.

“You…” Chen Shuiqin was speechless.

In the end she just repeated: “I don't agree, I don't agree…”

Mu Qing listened, then smiled and said, “Grandma, the country advocates freedom of marriage.
If you don't agree, you are stubborn and conservative.”

“I…” Chen Shuiqin looked at Mu Qing's direction, her body was shaking with anger.

She can use her grandmother's identity to oppress Mu Qing, but she doesn't dare to go against the country!

Mu Qing looked at the Mu family's speechless look, and turned her head to look at Wang Mingda with great joy.

“Uncle Captain, Zhou Tianze and I are married, we can separate the households registration.”

“Well, yes, yes.”

“Then I want to go back and take my own things, this isn't too much?” Mu Qing continued to ask with a smile.

“Not too much, it should be.”

“Then what my grandma said just now, my father keeps all the money and will give it to me when I get married.
Then I'm getting married tomorrow, and I don't have a dowry yet.
I can buy it with my father's money, right?”

“Ok, Ok……”

“But the Mu family is so fierce.
Uncle Captain, can you send a few people to escort me back and let me take my things away?”

When Mu Qing said this, her voice instantly became pitiful.

“Otherwise, I am afraid that they will bully me and will not let me take my things away.”

Wang Mingda was soft-hearted, and immediately said, “I'm the captain, I'll accompany you back to see who dares to bully the hero's daughter.”

Mu Qing listened, the smile on her face was very happy.

This is the first step to leave the Mu family, and it was successfully completed.

Then the next step was to ask the Mu family to spit out everything they eat.


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