Seventy Koi: Unlucky Boss Hug Me and Cried chapter 6 Settle Accounts


“Comrade Mu Qing!” Zhou Tianze said suddenly.

“Huh?” Mu Qing raised her head.

“What's wrong?” Her eyes were still ignorant.

Zhou Tianze watched it, his eyes softened.

He tried to soften his voice so as not to frighten his future wife.

However, some things, he still wants to say it in advance.
After all, they are going to be revolutionary companions in the future.

“Comrade Mu Qing, I'd like to reiterate my family situation.”

Mu Qing looked at Zhou Tianze, who was so serious, and held back the smile at the corner of her mouth.
She imitated his appearance and nodded very seriously.

You say……”

Zhou Tianze started talking very frankly.

“I met four woman, and every time it came time to talk about marriage, something happened.”

“Either she ran away with someone, or she  pregnant, or she died.
Comrade Mu Qing, you choose to become a revolutionary partner with me, are you not afraid?”

After Zhou Tianze finished speaking, he squeezed his hands nervously.

His life is hard and moldy.

The average familys didn't dare to let their girl marry him after hearing about him.

“Comrade Zhou Tianze.” Mu Qing learned the tone of his speech.

However, her voice was soft with tenderness, and when she spoke, it slipped past his ears like feathers.

Zhou Tianze was used to be rough, how could he bear this tenderness, and his earlobes immediately turned red.

Mu Qing's voice continued: “You are a good son raised by the country, I believe in the country, I believe in you.”

“Comrade Mu Qing—” Zhou Tianze couldn't help but get excited.

However, there was a bit of loss on his face immediately.

“I don't know if my legs can be cured or not.
I may become a lame person.
Do you mind if your partner is a lame person?”

“Don't dislike it, I used to be a fool anyway.”

Mu Qing looked at Zhou Tianze and answered very seriously.

She knew that this person's leg injury would get better.

Not only will it get healed, but he will also return to the army again.

Zhou Tianze's face was filled with joy visible to the naked eye.

However, he still suppressed his emotions and said, “My family is still very poor.
Although my dad is very good at it, he is not lucky.
I also have a younger sister.
She got married two years ago.
Her husband died unexpectedly.
Her husband's family disliked her husband and drove her back.
You can accept all of these?”

“Okay, I used to be a fool anyway.” Mu Qing said skillfully.

“Comrade Mu Qing, let's discuss the marriage certificate tomorrow.”

Zhou Tianze was certain and said directly.

There was also a smile like the stupid son of a landlord's family.

After all, it is too difficult for him to marry a wife.

“Okay!” Mu Qing nodded in agreement.

“But before we can get the marriage certificate, we have to ask for the dowry.”

Zhou Tianze sorted out the expression on his face and straightened his clothes.

The smile on his face is handsome and confident.

“That's natural, what should belong to Comrade Mu Qing, nothing less.”



By the time Mu Qing and Zhou Tianze arrived at Mu's house, everyone had already arrived.

Mu Qing didn't hesitate and started talking.

“Auntie, didn't you say you remember all my expenses? Then take it out and show it to Captain Wang.
Grandma, go back and look for it, and find all the money my dad sent back.
I used it, you can remove it.
Of course, I'm a filial granddaughter, and I won't run out of money sent back by my father.
Twenty yuan a month, I also honor you with 10 yuan.
For 12 months a year, it's 120 yuan.
My dad has been in the army for 15 years, and it's 1,800 yuan.
And this pension, I overheard 2,000 yuan.

Grandma, no matter how filial piety you are, it will be 2,800 yuan in total.
Auntie, why are you still stunned, take out the expenses that I used to use since I was a child.
I'll help you reduce it and see how much you should give me.”

“2800 yuan, how can there be so much!” Zhang chūnhua was so frightened that her face turned pale.

“You grew up, you have eaten and dressed well, and you have already used them up, no more, no more.”

Zhang chūnhua said with a sad face.

“Aunt, you won't count, I'll count it for you.
I've been looked after by you since I was 6 years old.
At that time, my father sent the money back.
You all bought delicious food for Mu Xue and the others, and new clothes for them.
I will never have my portion of the meat dishes on the table.
Not only that, but you won't let me go to school.

Let me do a lot of farm work every day.
Gather firewood, feed the pigs, mow the grass, and put the geese.
I think my work is totally worth my meal money.
Besides, at home, others can work well, and your family's work points are not enough for you to eat by yourself?

Where did you get the money to build a new house? This house cost more than a thousand yuan! Since you are so rich, give me back my father's 2,800 yuan.”

Mu Qing said, and directly extended her hand towards Zhang chūnhua.


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