g to the other side.
It was a time of intense debate between resignation and curiosity.

There was a wave of waves.
The limp seaweed stopped moving as if it had been electrocuted.
Silence fell to Atisa.

It was a familiar tension.

Rayan, who was playing with grains of sand buried in seaweed, stuck his head out.
He saw someone riding a seahorse and returning home from far away.
Their pitch black hair flowed.
A cool, silvery trident held in their hand.
It was the return of Mer who had gone on patrol.

It is unlikely that the king at the distant above would see Rayan hiding in a pile of seaweed.
Still, Rayan could imagine that at any moment her gaze would fall and she would stare at him with cold eyes.

Even if he tried to pretend nothing was wrong, his hands trembled lightly.


Rayan grabbed his hand and lowered his body, breaking through the protective barrier.
As he exited the barrier, the king’s gaze shifted downward, but she indifferently collected her gaze and headed straight ahead.

Leaving Atisa alone and going up the surface made him more nervous than expected.
Rayan couldn’t hide his nervousness the whole time, and he started desperately missing Alle, who would worry about him, although he would always nag at him.

It was only when he barely poked his head above the surface that he was able to relax his tense body.
He ruffled his wet hair and looked up at the cliff.
When he looked up, his neck hurt.

Rayan’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

The castle still stood towering.
The reason he was surprised was the castle, which was usually submerged in darkness, was bright as though it was engulfed in the light for some reason.
He even heard a faint melody.

Green eyes as gentle as new shoots flickered continuously.
Each time, his long, drooping eyelashes fluttered and swayed in the wind.
Then he pushed his outstretched head back into the water halfway.

Still, Rayan’s gaze did not go away.

Rayan had saved a human, and the memories were clear… But he actually thought it was just a moment of illusion.
Of course, Rayan wasn’t imaginative enough to specifically think of a human he had never seen before, but it was so unbelievable.

However, that bright light illuminating the castle made him realise that it was not just an imagination, but a reality.
Him saving a young human was not just a dream.

Then, suddenly, he wanted to see him.
He wanted to see with his eyes whether the young human he had saved was doing well, and there were also many things he was curious about.

What was his name? Does he still have shiny golden hair? Would the sun be bright? Or would his hair shine brighter? The suppressed curiosity surged.
Perhaps it was a feeling that would not be resolved if he didn’t hear from him.

Of course, he may or may not see him.

Anyway, the fact that it wasn’t an illusion made him feel a bit better today.
As if to prove it, the tail beneath the water swayed softly.

“… I wonder if he’s there.”

Rayan slowly crossed the line he had set and began to get closer.
No matter how close he was, he wouldn’t be able to reach him anyway.

But it was a dark night.
The stars twinkled, and the moonlight gently tinted the surface of the sea with silver.
There was no light to illuminate where Rayan was, so he wouldn’t be caught.
At that time, he had caught the boy and put him on the shore, so he had gotten closer than this, but fortunately he was not caught.

Since there was no one next to him to urge him, the level of worry and vigilance gradually lowered.
Rayan looked at the castle, where lights and music leaked out, with his upper body half leaning against the rock.

He wanted to climb up there, but Rayan, who had not reached adulthood, could not transform his tail into legs to walk on the ground.

Even though he knew that he had no choice but to go back with regrets piling on top of each other.
He could not move easily.
He could only hit the rock aimlessly with his blue tail, knowing he probably wouldn’t ever be able to obtain legs for the rest of his life.

“… You…!”

Rayan, who had been slamming with his tail to break the rock, raised his head and looked around when he heard a voice coming from somewhere.

“Are you the one who saved me?”

A voice he had not heard at first, buried in the sound of the waves when he was distracted, became clearer as he listened.

Although he wasn’t an adult and showed no abilities, the mermaid basically had good eyesight as well as hearing.
If he paid a little attention, there was nothing he couldn’t see or hear.
Moreover, it wasn’t too far away because he came closer to see him even a little more.

Rayan widened his eyes in surprise.

A small, shimmering figure was seen.
The blonde hair that glistened in the moonlight, it was clearly the kid Rayan had saved.
A reality, not an illusion, that actually existed.

He was stunned for a brief moment.
Thinking about just running away, he tried to hide his body from the rock.
But before he could hide, his keen ears heard a splash.
It was the sound of something falling, and when he subconsciously looked at the place where the boy was, there was nothing.

Did he fall into the water like back then?


He was so feeble.


Rayan didn’t want the being he had just saved to die.
Not to mention he would be submerged in the sea, his own realm.

Anyway, the young human would have lost his consciousness again since he was weak.
He had to fish him out before that happened again.
Rayan swam towards the boy against the current.
Again, even in this dark place, the boy with shiny blonde hair was floating in the water helplessly.
He carefully grabbed the boy and carried him to the surface.

Rayan, who put him on the ground as he did then, looked at him for a moment, and then tried to bite him off because he was in trouble if he came to his senses.
At that moment, his wrist was caught in a sudden grip.

“Who are you?”

Who knows when the boy had regained his consciousness but he looked at Rayan with clear, blue eyes and asked.

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