She Is a Daughter Raised As the Son of a Duke – Chapter 30

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Episode 30

As soon as they got off the train, Iris grabbed Cassius’s arm.
In fact, they had been surprised and kept it hidden, but now their eyes widened as if they were finally expressing it.

“Cassius, do you remember? The anonymous letter we received a few months ago!”

“I remember.”

A few months ago, Iris and Cassius had received an anonymous letter.

“When a descendant named May from the House of Phasabea appears someday, give that child the opportunity to become a guardian knight.
That is the only way for the child to survive.”

It was written in the postscript not to disclose the letter to anyone until the author of the letter appears.

At first, they thought it was just a joke letter.
However, there was no one in this empire who would casually mention the name Phasabea.

And now, as the letter stated, a descendant named May from the House of Phasabea has appeared.

“It seems like a prophet’s letter.
You know, sometimes when studying spiritual magic, there are people who can see the future.
They must have seen the future and informed us.”

“That’s possible.
We should follow the letter’s instructions.
It’s not different from our duty to provide a way for the child to survive.
And who knows, it might be related to the Phasabea disappearance.”

The Phasabea disappearance case had been a mystery for decades.
At that time, Iris and Cassius had made efforts to find him, believing that as guardians of the empire, it was their duty.
However, they couldn’t find him in the end.

If we have time next week or the week after, let’s go to Flotina. 


Iris and Cassius passed through the people on the platform and walked out of the station.
Among the people they passed by, there was a one-eyed man.

The one-eyed man stared intently at the departing train.
His companion alternated between looking at the train and the one-eyed man and asked,  What’s wrong? Did you see something?”


The one-eyed man remained silent.
Even when the train was no longer visible, he continued to stare as if trying to see through it.

“Hey, Matelozin Kishel? What did you see?”

T/N not sure about the name.

His low voice escaped his lips.

“Viche Yuriet.”


“She looks so much like the woman who ran away.”


After it became dark, we disembarked from the train and arrived in Flotina by carriage that Persis had arranged ahead of time.

As soon as we entered the mansion and stepped into the courtyard, Ellen appeared.
It seemed like she had come out to greet me as soon as she heard the news of my arrival.


I ran towards Ellen and hugged her tightly.

“Did you enjoy your trip? Since you went with Floa, I’m sure nothing bad happened, but still, it was your first trip, so I was worried.”

“It was a day trip, so it’s a bit regrettable, but it was fun! Nothing bad happened.”

“That’s a relief.”

“Next time, let’s go together, Ellen.
We can go for about a week!”

“Whenever the master allows it, I’m ready.”

Ellen replied brightly as if she liked the idea, but I sighed at the words 

“Whenever the master allows it.”

If Persis doesn’t give permission, I won’t be able to go on an overnight trip.

Just wait until I become an adult.
I promised myself that I would go on a month-long trip, a trip around the world, and do everything I want.

Once I become an adult, at least I won’t hear things like, ‘What kind of kid stays overnight outside? No.’

Even tigers keep their promises.
Persis led the escort and entered the courtyard.

“Greetings, Master.”

“Greetings, Master.”

The attendants who were there bowed their heads, and I also shifted my gaze to him.
It seemed like he was about to go out.

He stopped in front of me.

“You’re later than I thought.”

I didn’t even play for five hours at the beach?! I blew wind into both cheeks and playfully glared at him, but I was scared, so I just smiled.

“I had so much fun that I lost track of time.”

“From now on, make sure to check the time frequently.”

“Will you send me on another trip next time?”

I looked up at him with sparkling eyes.


I pursed my lips in frustration at his vague response.


It’s not like the trip costs a fortune, so why is he reluctant to send me? I even save money diligently.

Suddenly, Stella came to mind.
Oh, right, did the meal with Stella go well?

I swallowed my protruding lips and asked.

“Father, how was the meal with Stella?”

Since we were together, Stella didn’t become more likable? I looked up at him, expecting a positive answer.

However, he responded with a tone that recalled unpleasant memories.

“It was just a waste of time.
There won’t be any more meals with that little girl in the future.”

No more meals with her…? I didn’t understand, so I asked again.

“Why? Did Stella do something wrong to you?”

“Just taking up my time is already a mistake.”

He said firmly.

“Don’t try to create such meaningless situations anymore.”

It was shocking.
As someone who thought that this meal would make Stella like me more, it was unexpected.

In the original work, Stella is the protagonist and a remarkable presence who turns the cold-hearted Persis into a doting parent.
Although she showed hostility before, I thought I might have grown a bit fond of her this time.

When I returned home after the trip, I even anticipated the possibility of Persis deciding to adopt Stella.

However, it wasn’t the case.
I had relied too much on the original work.

Neither I nor Stella were the original May and Stella.

Just as my fate has changed, Stella’s fate could also deviate from the original work.

So, what will become of Stella now?

Lost in my thoughts, he chuckled and spoke again.

“Next time, let’s go together.”

“… On a trip?”

“Yes, to wherever you want.
Since we’ll be going together, I’ll even allow overnight stays.”

“Wow, really? Promise, no take backs!”

I instantly felt elated and started jumping up and down in place.

‘It’s a flaw that I have to go with Persis, but granting permission for a trip, and even an overnight one!’

He ruffled my hair and headed out for his outing.

“I’ll be back.”

After Persis left, Johan, who was behind him, smiled at me and greeted me before following him.

Once they were outside the entrance, Ellen, who was by my side, spoke to me.

“My Lord, you mentioned that you couldn’t bathe during the trip, right? Shall I prepare the bathtub for you?”

I calmed down my agitated emotions and nodded.

I feel uncomfortable and want to take a bath.”

“Yes, I’ll prepare the water right away.”



The next day, as soon as the sun rose, I went straight to Nazrat.

Stella seemed to have given up on whatever happened between Persis and her.

“It’s over now.
I’ve given up on living the dream according to the original story.”


How could Stella, who once wanted to become Persis’s beloved daughter and live happily according to the original story, give up? Even to the extent of tormenting me, who was getting in the way of that dream.

I asked her with concern, “Did your father threaten to kill you or something?”

Persis is a madman, so he could have really made such threats.
If her life was at stake, Stella would have had no choice but to give up.

Stella lowered her head.
Her gaze was averted.

“No, he didn’t threaten to kill me.”

“Then what happened?”

“He completely ignored everything I said.
I was the only one speaking, and His Grace didn’t even say a word, just finished the meal without responding.”

‘He completely disregarded everything I said throughout the meal.
His attitude was beyond imagination.’

“I don’t even want to think about how frustrating it was… I don’t wish for someone like him to be my father.
Parents should have a warm heart like my Uncle.”


“That’s why I’ve completely given up on living the dream according to the original story.”

I felt unnecessarily sorry, hearing her resigned voice.
Breaking the brief silence, I cautiously asked her.

“… So what are you going to do from now on? You’re defenseless right now.”

“I will become my uncle’s daughter.
I’ve already discussed it.
I expressed my wish for my uncle to become my father.
And he understood and immediately prepared the adoption documents.
They’ve been sent to the authorities, so soon I’ll officially be Nazrat’s person.””

“I’m glad… I don’t know if I can say this, but I’m relieved.”

I was relieved to the point of being grateful to Heint.
If Stella’s future had been bleak, I wouldn’t have been at ease.

Stella’s violet eyes turned towards me.
She crossed her arms, looking determined.

“So don’t come looking for me anymore.
You and I, we’re nothing to each other now, so there’s no reason for us to see each other.”

I asked with a bewildered expression, unable to understand.


But Stella turned her head away as if she would never see me again and retorted sharply.

“Why? You don’t have particularly positive feelings towards me, do you? Neither do I.
With these kinds of feelings towards each other, what good would it do for us to get more involved in the future?”


Since everything was concluded, let’s not get any more involved.
Let’s live without any interest in each other.

Stella said it like that.

I stayed quiet for a moment before nodding my head.

“… Okay.
So that’s how you feel right now?”

“If you understood, then leave now.”

Stella gestured with her eyes as if telling me to leave.

But I didn’t leave.
Instead, I stared at Stella intently.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you leaving?”

“I wanted to tell you that I’ll come looking for you again until your feelings change.”

“… What?”

Ignoring Stella’s perplexed expression, I left the room as she wished.

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