By a narrow margin, Jed arrived at the cliff.
He was looking for May, who might be with Milo.

“May! Where are you?” he called out.

When he asked the guardians, they said she had gone this way, so she must be nearby.
There was nowhere else to climb up from here.

“May!” he called again.
As if in response to his call, a splash was heard.

“No way,” Jed thought to himself.
He ran to the edge of the cliff and looked down.
Soon, his expression darkened.

May and Milo, who he had hoped were not alone, were floating down the river on a raft made of magic.

* * *

We were relieved to land safely on the river, but soon felt awkward.

Come to think of it, I called him by his name without any formalities.
Milo uses honorifics when he talks to me.

“Um…I’m sorry for calling you by your name.
From now on, I’ll call you Master Nazret,” I said.

Milo looked sullen at my words.
“Why? I prefer to be called by my name…”

I was a little taken aback by his unexpected response.
“Oh, really? Then I’ll call you by your name normally.
I’ll call you Master Nazret in formal occasions.”

“If you call me Master Nazret, I’ll feel distant.
Please call me by my name anywhere,” Milo said, looking at me with his eyes fixed on me.
I was captivated by his soft gaze.

I had felt a similar feeling from Zed before.
Although his deep purple irises were not particularly soft.

“Call me Milo, please,” he said, satisfied with the compromise.

“I’ve met Lord for the third time, except for the clone in Penso’s,” Milo said.

“Third time?” I asked, trying to remember when we first met.

“The first time was at Lulath Beach, right?”

Milo’s expression suddenly brightened.

“You remembered.”

“Of course.
You gave me a shell.
I still keep it at home.”

“I wanted to see you ever since then,” Milo said.


“So I made a clone and went to Nazret.
I was planning to see the people I missed after I finished my revenge, but I couldn’t resist missing my family and came to Nazret,” Milo explained.

He had worn a wig to hide his noticeable silver hair and pretended to be a servant, sneaking into Nazret to see his father.

“My father, who had become haggard from when I was a child, was crying while looking at my mother’s picture, who I can never see again,” Milo said.

It felt like everything was my fault, not Gliw-gon’s.

“I stayed in Nazret for a few days because I wanted to be with my father.
That’s when I found out about Stella’s existence,” Milo continued.

He had also learned that he had a younger sister born ten days earlier than expected.

“To be honest, Stella, who receives my father’s love, was a bit jealous of her, but I was grateful for her existence,” Milo said.

“Thanks to Stella, my father was able to alleviate some of his sadness, even if just a little.”

“Also, thanks to Stella, I was able to see the Lady again.”

“That day was the day when I went to Nazret to meet Stella.”

“I learned from that conversation that the Lady was cross-dressing due to a promise with the Duke.”

“So, you already knew everything…”

“That makes this our third meeting.”

“If I’m in Nazret, we’ll be able to meet frequently.
Since Stella is my only close friend, I’ll visit often.”

“I would be happy to have more days to meet.”

I looked ahead.
The decreasing speed felt slow, as if it would take a similar amount of time as descending on foot.

“If we leave from here, it will take about five hours to reach Nazret.
The Marquis will be very pleased to see you.”

Milo was also happy at the thought of meeting his father, but one thing bothered him.

“Lady… Can I ask you a favor?”

With a determined expression, I tilted my head.

Once we arrived at the lower reaches of the river, Jed and Diego were waiting for us.
They quickly approached us as soon as they saw Milo being supported.

“May, why did you fight with Gliw-gon alone? It’s dangerous.”

“There was no one around, so I had to fight alone.
I’m sorry if I worried you.”

Jed wanted to say more to Moore, but he couldn’t because I was having a conversation with Diego.

“Milo wants to get his wounds treated and change into new clothes before going to Nazret.
Will you help?”

“…Of course.”

Nazret was a benefactor of the royal family who saved the Crown Prince.
Therefore, it was only natural to care for Milo’s treatment and provide him with new clothes.

“Let’s go by carriage, Milo.”

“I’ll support him together.”

I headed to the carriage with Diego, supporting Milo.

Jed silently followed them while looking at the bandage on Milo’s ankle.

* * *

We headed towards the entrance of the mountain where the carriage was.
There, the knights were gathered.
Iris and Cassius were also there.

It seemed they were worried about sending ordinary people to face an S-class demon.

Iris and Cassius spotted me and let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m glad… Looks like you didn’t get hurt because of Gliw-gon.”

The knights crowded around me and bombarded me with questions.

“Did you defeat Gliw-gon, Sir?”

“We heard that no one has ever helped you.
Did you really defeat it alone?”

I nodded my head in surprise.

“Yes… Somehow, I ended up defeating Gliw-gon alone.

The knights praised me in astonishment as I chuckled.

“Sir, you’re amazing!”

“Just finding the main body that we couldn’t find was impressive enough, but to defeat it too…! You’re truly remarkable!”

“2 billion gold bounty! I envy you!”

I smiled proudly.

The attention of the divine protectors shifted from me to Milo.

“So, you’re Milo.”

Milo greeted Iris and Cassius confidently.

“Thank you for helping me kill Gliw-gon.”

“Others did all the hard work.”

Cassius pointed to the knights.

“Thank you.”

Milo expressed his gratitude to the knights as well.

Iris looked at Milo’s injured body with concern.

“We should take Milo for treatment soon.”

“We’ll go with you.”

As Iris and Cassius left, I waved goodbye to them and walked with Milo to the carriage.

Diego pointed at the carriage and gave instructions.

“Go straight to the palace for treatment.
Prince Najet, get on my carriage.”

We had come in separate carriages, so even if the Prince took Milo with him, we wouldn’t run out of transportation.

At that moment, Milo stuck close to me and held my hand as if he wanted to stay by my side.

“Do you want to come with me?”

When I asked, Milo nodded with a puppy-like expression.

“When we were talking earlier, I realized I’m more comfortable with you.
I’ll take Milo on my carriage.”

Diego didn’t particularly like the idea of May and Milo being alone in the carriage, but he judged that it wasn’t his place to say anything.

“…Do as you wish.”

At that moment, Jed approached me.

“I’ll ride with you, May.”


The three of us?

I looked at Jed with a puzzled expression.
Since Jed had his own carriage, there was no need for this.

“…I want to get closer to young master Nazret.”

It didn’t seem that way at all…

“Fine, whatever… If you want to get closer, I guess you can.”

That’s how the three of us ended up splitting into one group.
Milo sat next to me, while Jed sat facing us.

The carriage was quiet.
The sound of the wheels rolling was the only thing filling the air, making me start to feel drowsy.

Using magic required quite a bit of stamina, and that’s what caused drowsiness to overwhelm me. 

Nodding off, my head kept involuntarily bobbing up and down. 

Thunk- Just as the carriage shook, my head was about to hit the window. 

Milo and Jed quickly grabbed hold of me. 

Milo pulled my shoulder towards him, and Jed held onto my head. 

Feeling their hands on my shoulder and head, I gracefully removed their hands. 

I must have fallen asleep.” 

Milo sneakily held my hand. 

“You can lean on my shoulder if you want.” 

Jed’s expression quickly turned sour at seeing my hand wrapped in Milo’s. 

I declined, as if saying, “How can I borrow someone’s shoulder when they’re the one who’s injured?” 

Jed gestured for me to come to his side. 

“Then I’ll lend you my shoulder.
I’m not the one injured, after all.” 

But I refused his kindness as well.
It felt awkward to have any kind of physical contact with him in front of Milo. 

“It’s okay.
I don’t have to sleep.” 

However, 10 minutes later, I fell into such a deep sleep that no one could wake me up. 

* * *

Milo made room for May to lie down comfortably and ended up sitting next to Jed. 

There was a secret battle of tension between Milo and Jed. 

“That bandage, it belongs to May, right?” 

They were referring to the white bandage wrapped around Milo’s ankle. 

“Yes, that’s correct.” 

“If you knew the purpose of that bandage, you shouldn’t have stopped the bleeding on the ankle, right? You can stop bleeding on the ankle even if it means taking off your shirt, right?” 

“In this case, as you can see, my clothes are in tatters.
And Lady stopped the bleeding on my ankle without any hesitation.” 

Without a moment’s hesitation. 

Milo didn’t yield to Jed. 

“It’s better not to have personal interest in May.
When May stops cross-dressing, I will propose to her.” 

May likes me, so she will accept my proposal. 

“I don’t covet someone who already has a partner.
But in a situation where there is no partner, it’s different, isn’t it?” 

I will reveal my true feelings. 

The choice is up to the Lady. 


Jed was irritated by the unexpected complication, but soon calmed down. 

After all, May likes him.

T/N: Hi guys I am back, and I’ll try to complete this novel soon please ignore the names of demons I am not sure about them also about her pronouns too these are messy here oh and I too hate Jed hope he is not the ml

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