When I came to, I was greeted with a starry moon-lit sky.

Ah, when was the last time I gazed at the night sky leisurely like this.
Been constantly dead tired afterwork lately, I just don't have time and energy to.

Hm, starry sky?

“…Huh? Did I fall asleep outside?”

I hurriedly raised my body in reflex.

No wait, does anyone sleep outside just cause they're tired?
Exhaustion from overworking maybe? No no, I wasn't that tired…
I think.
Rather, what's with all the trees here.
Am I out in the woods, no, a forest?
…Where is this place?

Calm down me, first gotta grasp the situation I'm in and the last thing I did before I went to sleep.

Right, today, no yesterday? Eh whichever.
I dropped by the usual supermarket on my way back home from work, then I got really sleepy probably from fatigue so I stopped at a parking spot and took a nap in my car…
I think.
Yup, that's it.

Then, when I came to I was out in the woods.

What the heck.
What happened when I was out cold? I'm not a sleepwalker or anything.
Did someone brought me here? Who'd do something so pointless.
Maybe some ya**za was gonna bury me in the forest? Got no recollection of that though?

F-for now I should head back to my apartment.
It's chilly out here and I've got mud all over me from laying down.
First gonna take a shower.
Then wash my clothes.
Sheesh what a pain.

There's only noise from insects here, I don't hear a pep from people or cars.

Which way's my apartment again?
Wait, I don't even know where is this place.
Oh yeah, smartphone! Wait it's in my bag.
Where's my bag.
Ah, I used it as a pillow.
Smartphone, out of range.
Present location unknown.

Lost kid? Am I a lost kid? In my 20s?

Wake up already if this is a dream, me.
I pinched on my cheek, a cliche.
Yup it super hurts.
And I'm not waking up.
It's real…! This is real life…!
I wanna cry.

Wait, ain't it bad to get lost in a forest?! Oh shiit!

“Excuse me! Is anyone here! Please say something if you're here!”


No response even when I'm yelling.

“Hello! Anyone! Please say something!”

No response.
Anyone please show up.
I'm bad with speaking, even worse with yelling.

“Ex-cu-se-me! Anyoneeeeeee!!”

I let out a shout loud enough to even surprise me.
Had no clue I could shout this loud.
Emergency power is awesome.
Cough, my throat hurts from shouting.
Damn, I'm weak.


Is that voice I heard from afar? Is someone there?

“Hello! Is someone there! I'm kinda in a bind over here! Please help!”


It's gradually getting closer.
Yes, at least I get a human contact.
Wouldn't know what to do if a wild animal attack me in the fore–

Wild animals?
Hold on, were those voices even human's?


Ah, it ain't one.
It's probably a wolf or something.
It would be creepier actually if a human made this sound.
Wait, wait it's still getting closer.

Oh crap!

Should I run away? Against a wild animal in a forest? No way, is there?

If I can't run, then…!

“Kuh! Uooo! Dangiiit!”

Emergency tree climbing escape!
Last time I climbed a tree was in elementary school, but I managed by randomly grabbing branches.
Emergency power is awesome.
My arms hurt bad from holding on the tree though! Damn, I'm weak.
My posture now is like that of a cicada.

After somehow getting 4-5 meter up the tree, I looked down.
Something showed up out of the rustling bush.
Now then, would it be a wolf or a wackjob.
Which one?


Kucha kucha

A wolf-headed, no more like a dog-headed? primitive man-looking with a body fully covered in fur.
It's a wackjob wearing fur pants.
Eeh, what is that thing?
A headgear? Man that's some awesome stuff.
The eyes can even move around like that.
It's drooling from the mouth.
Way elaborate you wouldn't think it's a prop.


Gucha gucha

Nope, that can't be a prop.
All that weird kucha kucha sounds seem to come from a red meat-like thing it's holding in its right hand? Its mouth is bloodstained from eating that lump.
It looks like rabbit the doghead is eating that whole with the fur.
It's too dark here to see clearly.
Not like I wanna see clearly.

And that primitive attire isn't attire at all, it's its bare flesh.
How do I know you ask?
Cause I kinda can see something hanging and flopping there! Wish I didn't!

And above all.

Magic Beast: Kobold


State: Hunger


HP (Health) : 25/25
MP (Mana)  : 5/5
SP (Stamina) : 8/52

STR (Strength) : 65
ATK (Attack) : 65
DEF (Defense) : 60
AGI (Agility) : 77

INT (Intelligence) : 18
DEX (Dexterity) : 13
PER (Perception) : 121
RES (Resistance) : 8
LUK (Luck) : 25

Magic Beast Lv1

I'm kinda seeing a blue window screen over this dog wackjob.

Eh? Game? Is this a game or what?
Isn't that a status screen you see a lot in RPG and co.
That dog thing is kinda exposing its thing out in the the open, what's the game's age limit again.
Have VR games advanced this far into reality.
Just awesome.
How real is this is,
It's as real as my arms reaching its limit and pain from holding onto tree, this pain is so real, I dunno how isn't this real life!
Shoo shoo, go away you! I'm not gonna hold on anymore! My arms and legs are shaking already!
Ah, you're not gonna leave leftover meat, are you, no walking away until then, good boy.
Oh come on.

『Gururu! Gauu! Gaaa!!』

Uwa! It stared hard at me with bared fangs now it's done eating, even growling loud!
Look away you!
My cover's been blown! How'd it even find out!
Ah, the smell is it? Guess it's got a good sense of smell being a dog and all?
It's drooling hard, it's super going to make me its prey!
Holy crap, this is scary.
Me think this is a good point to reveal the candid cam, you know? Now or never when it's still humorous, you know?


As I watched half crying inwardly, the dog bastard started climbing toward me.
Get away!
No seriously, I'm begging you! Whoa, what the heck's with that climbing pace!
I'm not tasty I swear!


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