Reporting to Guildmast


Hello and good day.
We're currently walking briskly toward the guild in order to report the magic beast raid matter.
I'd love to fly like I did to beat the weird bird since it might be urgent, but it'd make us stand out and Alma didn't want to so walking it is.

We arrived at the guild and walked up to the usual receptionist's counter.

The last time was a week ago wasn't it~…
Are you here to deliver herbs~?”

The receptionist spoke to us looking slightly frightened.
This after I held back and only brought 30-40 herbs a day.
'That's still too many!' She usually talked back while tearing up.

“No, we have a pressing matter to report.”

“Yes? Is there some kind of trouble~?”

“Just now, we were attacked by a group of around ten magic beasts led by a Hob Goblin and a big magic bird called Blade Wing in the eastern outskirts of the town.”

“Eeh? Y-you're joking right…?”

“I believe you can tell if it's the truth if you check my and Almatina's Elimination Log.”

“T-then please excuse me.”

She squinted at me and Alma.
Her face gradually turned pale and twitched.

“Y-you defeated a Blade Wing?”

Somehow after I blinded it using the tools I had on hands and burned it down with Fire Frog Oil.”

Alma-san also eliminated a Hob Goblin.
I'm glad you're unharmed…
Huh? Y-your Job, it's not apprentice, eh, Paladin…!?”

I had a Job Change just now.”

Well that was an anticlimatic way to say it.
And you were so emotional earlier.

“I've never seen a Paladin that's not apprentices…”

“More importantly, shouldn't you go report this magic beast raid to the guildmast? Something might be up at the magic beast forest.”

“Y-yes! I'll go get going now~!”

She stood up in a hurry and ran to a door behind her counter.
I just hope she won't bump into someone


Neia! Don't run inside!

Hiii~! I'm so sorry~!

…Let's act like that never happened.

So that receptionist lady is called Neia.
Had no idea, I never checked her status.

After about 10 minutes, receptionist Neia came back and asked us to go with her to the guild master's room.
Eh, but we'd like to go back home now though.
Ah, we can't? Figured~.

We were guided inside to an expensive looking door.
Guess this is the guildmast's room?”
Neia knocked on the door, someone replied inside.

“Master, I have brought the two here.”

“Good work.
Let them in.”

A middle aged man is sitting behind a desk buried in papers with an ill humored look on his face.
This man is the guildmast huh.
His eyes have this dagger sharp gaze that looks like it can kill 2-3 people just from a scowl.

And next to him is a familiar-looking monocle-wearing appraisal master.
Hey gramps, been half a month since then.
Whatcu doing here?

As that thought crossed my mind, the seemingly guildmast man spoke.

“Almatina and, the rookie…
Could I have your name?”

Neia-san? Didn't you at least report my name?

“I'm Kajikawa Hikaru.
I am a novice that has just joined the guild recently, nice to meet you.”

“Ou, the pleasure's mine.
I'm the guildmaster in charge of Daijel's branch, Vegrando.”

After introducing ourselves, we got down to business.

“So, this report of a raid by a large number of magic beasts from the forest, is that for real?”

“For real.
They might have reached the town if Hikaru and I weren't there.”

“…Fils, check with 'Truth Judge' just to be sure.”

Appraisal master quickly replied to guildmast.

“Yeah, it is for real.
I do wish it was not.
Hoo hoo hoo.”

“This ain't no laughing matter you.
Dammit, what the hell.
These accidents finally came knocking on my jurisdiction huh.”

Guildmast cursed while scratching his head.
He sure looks like my boss when he's dealing with trouble.
Ah, this man looks more like the president though.

“Pardon me, but is it all right if I ask about these accidents?”

“…Apparently there's been lots of Stampedes breaking out all over the world lately.
That despite fulfilling the culling quota for that month, I was just discussing the matter with this guy here.”

“Well, considering it's nearly time for the birth of [Demon Lord], those might be its influence.”

This world's got a demon lord?

<They launch large scale assaults on humans as well as demi humans.
They are seen as the greatest threat to humanity, causing enormous casualty on their wake.>>

Hmm, that sounds more like a natural disaster than the big bad.
What's the condition for its birth?


…Welp, seems like demon lords are anchored to the law of the world thingy.
What's even the point of birthing those.

“Demon lord huh.
What a pain in the ass, creating so much trouble even before it crops up.”

“Grumbling won't solve the issue.
This raid by ten or so magic beasts must be an omen.
A Stampede of magic beasts coming from the magic beast forest likely draws near.”

“It should be in three days at the earliest.
Just about enough to evacuate the populace huh.”

“What about reinforcements? I do not believe our town's adventurers would be enough to deal with the kernel.”

“It'll be fine.
Luckily for us, [Sword Lord] and [Grand Mage] are scheduled to arrive here from [Iruyudi] tomorrow.
Those two should take care of the Stampede's boss.
Our adventurers can deal with the small fry.”

【Iruyudi】 must be the name of another town.
Alma looked surprised, froze up a bit and then put on a complex look on her face at the words 'Sword Lord' and 'Grand Mage'.
What's up?

“Will they accept our quest so readily?”

“'Course they will.
They've got their daughter here 'fter all.”

…Come again? Their daughter?
Eh, are Sword Lord and Grand Mage.

“Almatina, look forward to meeting your parents tomorrow.”


Alma's parents!
From what guildmast said, they sound like some incredible individuals.
Wait, is this girl actually a super elite?

“Don't look so glum now.
Even Apprentice Paladin should be able to catch up with hard work once you Job Change to Swordsman or Mage.
Those two should understand your unwillingness to abandon either swords or magic by now, how about picking one?”

“I had a Job Change already.
I did not pick either, nor did I abandon either.”

“…? What do you mean? Shouldn't either skill disappear once you Job Change?”

As guildmast looked perplexed, appraisal master next to her spoke up while staring at Alma.

“…Almatina, I see you were able to choose a new Job.
Neither Swordsman or Mage or Apprentice, a true Paladin.
You have done well.”

“W-what!? You're telling me Paladin actually exists!?”

Guildmast and Appraisal Master were taken aback.
Wait hey old man you appraised without asking, don't you know privacy? I'm not one to talk though.

“On top of possessing the good points of both, its growth rate is not inferior to either.
I see an unfamiliar skill as well.
[Magic Swords].”

“I learned magic swords under Hikaru's tutelage and became Paladin.
I couldn't have done it on my own.”

No no, I'm not that great.
…Despite thinking my help wasn't that much and it was mostly Alma's hard work, it did feel great to be praised.
I sure am easy.

“I see….
With a Job that good, your parents must feel proud.
It might be a bit awkward after so long but try to talk with them.
Those two seem really miss you.”


Seems like this guildmast is in good terms with Alma's parents.
He must be the type that's kind to people close to him if he's trying to mend their relationship in this situation.
His gaze is still scary though.
And now that scary gaze is directed at me.
Hieee, did he read my mind!?

“Kajikawa was it, you've done a great deal to Almatina it seems.”

“Oh not at all, I merely gave her a little push.
In fact, I still couldn't give back all the help she gave me.”

“I was asked by Alma's parents, 'Please take care of our daughter, she'll be living at Daijel', and while I taught her the basics of adventurers, I couldn't do anything with stuff that matter.
It might be a request from my best friends, but I can't be too partial to her considering my standing.”

Guildmast hung his head down a bit while looking apologetic.

“But looks like it's gonna be fine with you around now.
She's no longer alone nor a failed Job after all.”

“Well, he's been piggybacking Alma together into an inn lately, surely she's no longer lonesome.”

“Oy bastard, you ain't telling me you made a move on her, are you!?”

“I did not!”

The heck this appraisal old man's spouting!?
Quit dropping a bomb when guildmast's making a good atmosphere!
You too guildmast, stop that glare, your eyes are too scary! Seriously!

“Tch, you didn't huh.

“What the hell are you blabbing! Those two will kill me if anything happened to their daughter!”

“It's okay guildmast.
Hikaru only helped me back to the inn when I passed out from Mana Depletion.”

“That's only good in hindsight! Take better care of yourself! You lack urgency!”

“It's okay with Hikaru.”

I agree with guildmast there.
Just what does she think gonna happen if I harbored such vulgar thoughts.
Wonder if it's trust, 'Hikaru won't do that', or is it 'It's okay since he's a softie.'
Hope it's the former.

Well fine.
Kajikawa, you'd better not get any funny idea on Almatina.
If you died, that's on you, but I shudder to think how enormous the collateral damage gonna be.”

“I shall take it to heart.”

Just how scary are those two.
I'd like to avoid them if possible, but I can't do that, I've gotta thank them for all the lending hands Alma extended to me.
At worst, they're just gonna beat me to kingdom's come due to some weird misunderstandings.
…Uh, maybe I should run?

“As for our immediate plan, us guild staff members are gonna get really busy to prepare for Stampede.
Mainly with populace evacuation to next town and transportation as well as gathering forces to clash with Stampede.
As mentioned earlier, there's a magic beast that becomes the boss of a Stampede, killing that particular beast will stop the Stampede and compel other magic beasts to go back to their territory.
We're leaving the boss elimination to Almatina's parents.
They will be accompanied by elite adventurers rank C and above as the spearheads while rank D and below are to eliminate small fry heading to this town.
We'll be counting on you two too.”

“It sounds like we're gonna need a lot of recovery potions.
A pain but I suppose I ought to help gathering some after a while.”

“Well, apparently there's a guy who's been bringing in lots of herbs these days, so we've got a lot stocked up.”

Guildmast shrugged as he looked at me.
Is he talking about me.
Did he hear Neia-san complaining?

“So yeah, there's a high chance a Stampede breaking out in three days, you guys go get ready too.
If you don't buy what you need asap, the shops are all gonna close from evacuation order and you'll be left with nothing but guild provisions.”

Also, we shouldn't enter the forest?”

“Of course.
There's gonna be a lot of magic beasts not commonly found in a territory prowling around right before a Stampede.
Hob Goblins and Blade Wings aren't supposed to be beatable by adventurers below rank E, can't believe you rank F and G folk managed that.”

“You in particular Kajikawa, you defeated a Blade Wing I see.
What kind of trick did you use?”

I'd rather not talk about mana control though.
It's partly to have an advantage over people who can use skills, but that's not the biggest issue to me.
Besides, it's not something you can learn easily anyway.
I was sensitive to mana due to my origin as an otherworlder, thus recognizing and controlling it wasn't that hard.
As for Alma, getting taught man to man by me was big, but she also only had a limited knowledge on other combat Job skills and her quick wits allowed her to control mana no worse than me.
Well other combat Job people should be able to do it too with hard work though.
Which means I just gotta improvise on my own as well.

But you know, mana control has a possibility of becoming a means of self defense for non combat Job people.
For example, this appraiser old man has 30 MP and 200 INT, if he could use offensive magic, he'd be pretty powerful.
He might even beat a Hob Goblin on his own.
If production Job people learned mana control and ways to defend themselves against magic beasts, combat Job people would all lose their worth by a lot.
Of course there should still be magic beasts only combat Job people can handle so it's not like they're completely useless, but there's no guarantee there won't be a distortion forming.
This Law of the World thing surely doesn't want that to happen.
I mean, otherwise a world where Combat and Production Jobs coexist peacefully can't be maintained.
I might get some sort of penalty if they found out I was the cause.
The punishment as Alma put it.
I'm not gonna be that person who sticks their hand into a pit of vipers, let's just go with the rough outline here.

“I blinded it with a Spark Wolf horn I had on me for self defense, then I chased it around after it crashed down the ground (once it lost its mana from shooting magic in panic) and burned it down using Fire Frog Oil.”

“Oy oy, that's a lot of expensive stuff you threw around.
Well, I suppose that's what made it possible.
You could punch goblins to death after all.”

“It hurt my wallet, but money can't buy life after all.”

Yup, I didn't tell a single lie.
I just never said anything about flying or using Ignite on my own.

“Alright then, you're free to go now.
Stampedes are dangerous, but you better take care of yourself around Alma's parents tomorrow.
Don't die on me now.”

Guildmast left me with those unsettling message.
The heck, just how dangerous are those two.
I wanna run away from them, more than the Stampede.
Can't I? I can't? Please.
…Tomorrow's gonna be just great.
Just like it was back then.
And just when I started looking forward to tomorrow after coming here, why.

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