How'd It Come to This


G-good evening…
Presently it's almost dark out.

Alma's parents finally left, and while I acted a bit lonesome on the outside, I was super relieved inwardly.
Cuz we'd been talking since lunch.
I'm bad with talking with others by default, and that was magnified with these two since I had to be careful with my words.
Then there's that huge ruckus…
We almost got driven out of our inn.
Even though I'm not in the wrong…
I was planning to train my mana control but I just don't have any strength left…

The ruckus earlier was like this.

“Alma-chan, we're a bit hesitant to ask this but…
Have you had a Job Change yet?”

As we were having an after lunch tea break, Alma Mama asked that.
Alma looked a bit troubled getting thrown that question out of nowhere.

“It's okay.
We won't fight over it anymore regardless of whether you pick swords, or magic.”

The two continued with apologetic faces toward Alma.

“I'm sure you're sick of dad telling you you're gonna be great with swords in the future…”

“Mom kept asking, no, demanding you to become an even greater Mage than me in the future…”

“…Forgive us for all we did before your coming of age.
We never stopped to consider your feelings, just selfishly tried to get you succeed us.
That brought you to your choice of a Job with a tough road ahead…”

“We've only just realized that we should have asked you what you wanted Alma-chan, not what you could…
Please forgive us.”


Oh right, these two are veteran adventurers known as 'Sword King' and 'Arch Mage' huh.
Almost forgot after watching how they acted while spoiling Alma.
I see.
The reason for her awkward relationship with her parents was because of the kickback from each them wishing for her to succeed them.

Then as Alma kept being unable to pick either a mage or a swordsman, she ended up choosing the so called failed job, Apprentice Paladin.
What an irony.
Both of them wished for their daughter to succeed them for her sake, and yet it resulted in a half baked form.

Well, that was the correct choice in hindsight though.

“I did the Job Change today.
I can use both swords and magic.”


Both parents had the same reaction and expressions as question marks popped above their heads.

“I have Job Changed to 'Paladin' that wields the power of both 'Swordsman' and 'Mage'.
This is the Appraisal Paper.”

She took out a paper that has her stats written.
Did she ask someone to write that paper?


Man, that old man's skill sure is handy.


“I can't believe my eyes…! Its existence has only been hypothesized with no actual proof in reality…”

It seems I'm the first ever Paladin.”

“Ah, if I may, according to Appraisal Fildaim-shi, the Job has the good quality of both Swordsman and Mage, with a similar growth rate, so it's not at all a failed job, heck, it's a really good one.”

I did a follow up, unnecessary it may be.
I'm sure Alma probably doesn't want to boast about her Job.

“Thanks to Hikaru, I learned Magic Swords and fulfilled the condition for the Job Change.
I can use both the swords dad taught and the magic mom taught, I don't have to give up on either.
Thank you, Hikaru.
And thank you mom and dad for raising me well.
It's only because you two I obtained this Job.”


What a beautiful story.
Such a good child you are, Alma.

Oh? These two seem off…




“H-hang on, dad…
Can't breathe…!”

No, no, no this isn't canceling an evolution!
Stop! Stop at once! Calm down! Staaaaahp!

The two hugged Alma while yelling loudly, the scene looked moving at a glance but their super high attributes plus them hugging for real means Alma is looking like she's about to die of strangulation.
Her face is seriously turning pale, you sure this isn't dangerous?

“Y…you, two…can't…bre…”

“Ah, h-hey! You're choking her! Look at her neck! Alma isn't gonna last!”


“Our daughter is the best in the woooooooorld!!”


“A-Alma! Keep it together! Don't pass out, you're gonna die for real! These two are gonna choke you to death!”

A true chaos.
How'd it come to this.
Really how.

Afterward, the inn (old) lady who heard the commotion came to the kitchen and we all finally calmed down.
I was seriously panicking when Alma's state turned to Stopped Breathing even just for a moment.

Lesson learned: don't get too excited.
Gotta think of time and place, also everything in moderation.

So yeah, that happened.
The parents thanked me a lot afterward, but I told them I didn't do much, it was all Alma's hard work.
Well, it doesn't feel bad though.
I'm not used to getting thanked, so I dunno how to react…

They left for the guild to discuss on things after we told them about the impending Stampede at this town in three days time.
It was quiet after they left, like a storm passing.
…I'm gonna go straight to bed after meal tonight.
What a dense day it's been.
Feels like going through my own personal Stampede…

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