Stampede (2) ~Kickbacking to Tasty Exp~


342, 378.
No way, it's still going up…!?
As I acted surprised like a yasai people looking at increasing combat power, I kept watch on my total exp.

Below me, the adventurers are having a field day on magic beasts that have lost their sight and hearing.
Is it just me, or am I getting exp every time an adventurer killed one of those beasts…?
Menu-san, any clue?

<Presently, Kajikawa Hikaru has dealt status effects on the magic beasts being eliminated, thus he is given around 20-30% of experience points granted.>>

…Eeh, what's up with that parasitic leveling tech.
Feels like cheating.
Imagine getting exp even though you're nowhere near the site of combat.

But well, I'm laughing inwardly though.

Thinking again, I did charge headlong into a group of enemy on my lonesome risking my life in the process, so this kind of side benefit is just about apt.
They're all frantically fighting in the melee anyway, I'm sure they don't notice a bit of exp missing.
Some of those guys diligently count their kills though.

Now that my MP is back to full thanks to level up, there's still some things I can do here.


Whoops, multiple silhouettes are fast approaching my way while letting out familiar screeches.
Bladewings huh.
The light and booming sound seemingly had little effects on them due to distance.
They're glaring hard at me looking enraged.

Just what I need.
Would be real trouble for the folks below had they started carpet bombing.
I'll exterminate them here.


I closed in on one of those weird birds at great speed.


What a slow reaction, guess they're not used fighting against something faster than them.
I grabbed the wings from behind to seal its flight and then.

Bwosh! Fwoooooosh….

『Kiki!? Kiiiiiyiiiiiii!!!』

I nose dived with the bird locked in hands!
There's no way to escape grave injury crashing down the ground at this speed.
Heck, only death awaits.
You scared? You must be.
I mean I'm super scared myself.
I broke away before we crashed.
Not forgetting to affix and harden my mana on its wings to prevent it flying away.


The weird bird crashed down hard.
Vomiting blood as its body twisted before promptly dying.

Oh, my MP recovered.
Another level up huh.

There's four Bladewings left.
Get ready to meet the same fate you weird birdies.
I ignored the Air Sparrows since most of them were already neutralized from the light and sound.

Thus I crashed all the Bladewings one by one.
I got the chill when I imagined running out of MP during a nose dive.
Five Bladewings taken care of.
My level went up again.
Now then, what's going on below I wonder?

Hm, seems like they're done with around 30-40% of the beasts.
The Hob goblins and what look like an evolved version of Kobold are still full health, but the rest are dying at a quick pace.
Well, I guess killing beasts that can't see or hear is easier than a sitting duck.
So much yummy exp too.
Nice going guys, go get em hahaha! …Let's not get ahead of myself.

Now then, the hard part starts here.
The magic beasts are recovering their vision and hearing over time.
Around half of the remaining magic beasts already have their sight and hearing restored to a degree.
The magic beast side still holds superiority in number.
And the strong ones are still around.
We can't let our guard down.
Though well, all the adventurers here are stronger than me, they won't die easily.

I'd like to deal damage on the bigwigs like hob goblins and co.
as much as I could while we still have the advantage.
But that's kinda hard with my Stats.
Nose diving them is out of question too, I can't lift something that big off ground.
They're not airborne like Bladewings and their light bones.
What do.

As I was thinking, I saw one of the adventurers getting his leg stabbed by a goblin's knife.
It's a level 5 dagger user boy.
He's 15 though, not sure if I can still call him boy since he's considered of age already in this world.

Oh, he drank a recovery potion.
Whoa whaaat? His wound closed up and his HP went back to full the moment he gulped down the potion.
What's with that medicine.
It's scary how instantaneously effective it is.
I saw him throwing the emptied bottle at the goblin's head afterward.
Man, what a bold boy.

…That's it!


I flew toward the gate at high speed to execute the idea I just came up with.

I saw Guildmast near the gate.
I'd like to complain about the number of magic beasts being double than forecasted, but let's save that for later.

“Oh, Kaji-I mean Soarer.
Nicely done on your part.”

Guildmast called out to me.
Who the heck is Kaji.
I mean.

“Excuse me, do you have some stones for throwing left?”

“Hm? They're inside white sacks by the rear guards.”

“May I have a few?”

“Suit yourself, we've got piles of them…
What are you gonna use them for?”

I went to grab a stone filled sack without waiting for his reply and flew back to the battlefield.
Ugugu, heavy.
Think it's easily 30kg.
I was about to wrap it up in mana but stopped short, gotta save my MP.

I'm now right above the hob goblins but they haven't noticed me due to being blinded.
I don't see adventurers around too, should have no problem with friendly fire.

Time to drop 'em down.

I coated each and every baseball-sized stones with mana.
That ate up a lot more MP than expected.
Don't seem like I can reuse this tactic often.
And then, I controlled my mana to nose dive the stones fast at the hob goblins below!


Around 30-40 stones fell down at tremendous speed.
My current elevation is around the top of an average skyscrapper.
Even just dropping them as is would deal huge damage.
So what happens when they're sped up.


Splat, splat, splat.

The stones landed on the hob goblins.
The ground looks like a lotus with multiple holes opened on them.
Kinda gross.
Those who got hit on the head died instantly.
Those who got hit on the body had a big hole opened on it and quietly fell down afterward.

It's like watching victims of a military mini gun.
This is one cruel tactic if I do so say myself.
But this is war.
It's inevitable.

That managed to kill three hob goblins.
Along with several goblins.
My MP recovered again with another level up.
Man, this battlefield's too good.
So many tasty exp to go around.

Meanwhile, the magic beast side has finally managed to regroup.
But it's too late.

There's only 150 magic beasts left.
Most of which are goblins, kobolds and miscellaneous small fry.
Our side may still be fewer but our stats far surpass them.
A little difference in number means nothing.

There's one evolved version of Kobold, akin to Hob Goblin to Goblin, High Kobold? remaining, but it's just a nearly level 20 individual.
It's even having a quarrel with one of its friends.
What the hell are they doing now.
Our victory is all but guaranteed.
No way we'd lose, and yet.

I've got a bad feeling about this.
In a situation where everything goes right like this, there's always gonna be one stumbling block.

Think me, what's the biggest risk in this situation?

Bladewings, airborne magic beasts have been eliminated, no problem there.

The rest of magic beasts consist of ordinary goblins and kobolds.
They're acting as meat shields for a High Kobold and a Hob Goblin that are fighting each other.
It's only a matter of time before they're exterminated, also no problem here.

So yeah, those two beasts are the most suspect.
Their quarrel looks more like a desperation out of necessity than a simple grudge.
What's their goal?


…Eh, evolve? Now of all time?
Shouldn't they work together instead.

<But if a Hob Goblin or a High Kobold evolved, the result would become unpredictable.>>

Oh crap, I should've gone for those two first thing first.
Dammit, gotta go grab those stones quick and….

『GAAAAAAAA!! Ga, fu…!』


The High Kobold bit off the Hob Goblin's arm and howled.
The Hob Goblin convulsed and stopped moving after a bit.
At the same time, the High Kobold's body began to pulse and underwent a transformation.
Dammit, didn't make it in time.

Its eyes carry a ferocity that won't let its prey escape.
Its claws are long and sharp to tear its enemy apart.
Its row of fangs specialize in biting its foes to death.

Evolution, complete.

Magic Beast: Were Wolf


State: Normal





Magic Beast Lv3 – Claw Art Lv4 – Martial Art Lv4

A true wolf man, Were Wolf.
It's built like that of human, but with more fur and muscles, and more combat oriented.

Its stats stand head and shoulders above any magic beasts I've encountered so far.
The falling stones tactic earlier should still manage to damage it but it has regained its sight and hearing back.
It's also far faster.
No telling if they'd even hit.
Now then, there's just one thing I wanna say to this Were Wolf.

Put on a cloth dammit! Or what, are you into exposing yourself even before evolving or something?

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