Stampede (4) ~End of Fight~


The Werewolf is trembling while crouching and holding the kicked part.
Um well, I suppose everybody can empathize with that pain.
Or more like cries of pain?
I mean, when did she even get behind the Werewolf anyway.

BOOSH, Alma's sword was clad in a blue flame along with that sound.
She swung it down at the Werewolf's head who perceived the crisis and barely dodged it by rolling away.
Managing to move in that state huh…
This guy's got some guts himself.

“Aren't you that Apprentice Paladin…
What is that sword!?”

Rasfin looked surprised as she stared at Alma's Burner Blade.

“I'm no longer an Apprentice.
More importantly, we need to defeat that.”

What's your level?”

“I leveled up once to 11 after defeating a few magic beasts earlier.”

Come to think of it, I seem to recall several Bladewings crashing down after eating the Spark Wolf Horn's blinding light, maybe Alma beat them?
She must have gained exp from those and then killed a few more mob to level up and refill her MP.

“That's not quite enough to go up against that thing…
Let me handle this, you get back, guh…!?”

Rasfin fell on her knee before she could finish.
Looks like she's starting to lose motor functions due to running dangerously low on MP and SP.

“You can't possibly fight in that state.
I will defeat that.”


I felt the Werewolf converging mana in its mouth while the two were talking.
That's a sign of 'Berserk Howling' activation huh.
Looking again, the surrounding magic beasts have had their Berserk state undone.
Either it had a time limit or that ball kick earlier prompted their sanity back…

“I won't let you.”


“W-what's up with that speed!?”

Flame disappeared from Alma's blade, then right afterward she closed in and slashed at the Werewolf at tremendous speed just as it was about to howl.
Fast!? What the heck is that, her speed rivals my maximum flying speed!
…Hm? I can feel some sort of mana flow on Alma's blade.
Is that the source?

<『Addendum: By controlling mana directly, one can consume MP to further increases speed and power.』≫

Another magic sword huh.
I can't really tell the difference in appearance because it's wind element, it's clear that it's enabled her to move at a much faster speed than ordinary however.
She can deal with the Werewolf's speed if it's with that.

Also since Berserk Howling got interrupted, the rest of magic beasts remained in their normal states.
It's the time to clean them all up!

“Those magic beasts are no longer under Berserk state! Now's our chance to get rid of them once and for all!”

I shouted at the adventurers below.
No telling when that wolf's gonna howl out again, no better time than now.

That seemed to had an effect as the tide is gradually turning on adventurers' side.
The number of magic beasts is decreasing over time.
We just gotta take care of the Werewolf now.


“Fuh! Haaa!”

That Werewolf in question is currently exchanging blows with Alma.
Despite the huge gulf in levels, they're having an equal match.

But time is not in Alma's favor.
Alma's MP is decreasing fast from her usage of magic swords.
Even though she's got the speed, her strength remains the same thus she's unable to deal the finishing blow.
I should help her, but how, my stats can't…

(I can at least act as her shield!)

Almost felt like Bared's word resounded in my head.
A shield, huh.

Can't be helped, I'll show my guts too!

FWOSH, I flew at high speed and wedged myself between Alma and the Werewolf.


“It's Soarer.”

I corrected Alma as she was about to say my name.
That was close.


The Werewolf looked surprised for a moment before immediately swinging its claws with both its arms at me.

*Grab, grab* I caught and held down those arms.


I've wrapped my arms in mana cushion so I'm getting zero damage.
Who knew the failed product of mana blade practice would prove useful here.

『Gururu….!! Gwu…!?』

When the Werewolf noticed its claws couldn't reach me, it shifted into trying to shove me away with brute strength, but it's useless.
It would have easily done that if I relied on my strength alone however, by controlling the mana I wrapped around my arm, my strength has been reinforced like it's some sort of powered suit you see in SF.
I don't have much MP left to lift this wolf off ground and drop it down, but stopping it on its track for a bit is no problem.
Now then, you can't move like this, can you?

“Now, go!”

“! …HAAA!”

She activated Burner Blade once again, a blue, nay, a white flame powered up by mana control jetted out of her sword.
She thrust that white blade through the Werewolf's still body.


Bubbling blood dripped down the wound.
Reddened tears and drools also seeped out of its eyes and mouth.
It's pretty gruesome looking at them up close like this.
I can tell its strength gradually loosening up from my grip.
Yet it kept glaring hard at me.
Ah, yup, you did your best.
But it's time to rest.


And as Werewolf's displayed status turned from blue to red, its body fell down listlessly, it's dead.

“D-did you kill it…!?”

Rasfin murmured anxiously.
Ah stop that, you're gonna set up a flag.
It is dead though.

“Yeah, it's down for good.”

“…Sorry, you're lifesavers.
I shudder to think what'd happen without you two.”

“That is our line.
There would have been more victims if not for you and that spearsman holding this Werewolf back.”

“You said it.
Ah, Bared's fine, he's alive.
He came to after I got him drink a potion, guy was even raring to rush back here.
I stopped him though, wasn't healed yet.”

“I see…
Thank you.”

“Now then, time to take care of the mob.”

I felt my MP fully restored after defeating the Werewolf.
Another level up huh.
Guess I got some exp from healing Bared and pining down the Werewolf.
As I was thinking that, Menu display suddenly showed up in front of my eyes.
Please stop doing this, it's bad for my heart.

<Starting Menu Function Update.>>

Wha? What's going on?

<[Item Screen] function has been added.>>

<<[Item Screen]: Unlocked upon reaching Base Level 10, a function to freely put away and take out one's property.
Store-able items are limited to inorganic materials Kajikawa Hikaru can lift.
Stored items are unaffected by passage of time.
There is almost no limit to quantity of store-able items.>>

Eh, ah, what?
Item Screen? Unlimited quantity?
It's all so sudden I'm still processing it all, but in short it's kinda like Item Box or Inventory, and I can use it now?


Wish I had this function sooner.
Could have stored random roadside stones and rocks, and carpet bombed the heck outta those beasts, this stampede would've been a cinch.
Well, I'm just glad it seems super handy.
But, you know.
Well whatever.
I'll make good use of this in the future.

Ah, right.
Might as well check my status out.
Would love to see how much my attributes increased.
Status Open.

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Man

Job: ERROR (Appraisal not possible)

State: Normal

HP: 100/100
MP: 69/69

SP: 0/30

STR: 56
ATK: 56 (+30)
DEF: 56 (+5) (+20) (+15)
AGI: 55 (+30)
INT: 57
DEX: 58
PER: 64
RES: 54
LUK: 54


※Acquisition Not Possible※

EXP: 2078
NEXT: 2500


Iron Sword

Mask of Bewitchment

Arrow Ward Overcoat

Gale Boots
DEF+15 AGI+30

Ring of Mana Storage

Uwoo, lots went up lots.
Even then the initial numbers were so low, going up lots just means I'm now about equal a goblin stat-wise.

Fumu, looking at the increases of RES and LUC attributes which I haven't trained at all, it does appear that my attributes increase by the same amount as my level.
The sum total of 1-10 is 55, since my stats were 0 at Lv1, you get 54 subtracting that by 1.
It's definitely that.
(TLN: Fibonacci sequence.)
Dunno if I'm just imagining things, my body kinda feels lighter than before the eve of battle.
Might just be my mind playing trick.

Welp, done with checking my stats, time to get rid of the remaining mob.

The throwaway match continued for a few dozens more minutes before all the magic beasts were decimated.

There were several people who got gravely injured by the Werewolf but thanks to the plentiful stock of recovery potions, they were all promptly healed resulting in zero casualty.
A miraculous end game.
Neia-san, your effort of appraising herbs with blood and tears has borne fruit here.
Please keep at it from now on.
Ah, felt like I heard Neia-san's scream just now, must be just me.

Almost at the same time we cleared up the mob, the dark cloud hanging above magic beast forest dispersed away.
Looks like they've taken care of the boss over there as well.
So we got over Stampede safely and got lots of bonuses.
I can't stop laughing.
We're gonna party hard tonight…
Ah, I'm too tired for a drinking party, guess not.

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