To Tomorrow! (Furious)


Drifter from another world.
I'm sure he called me that.
Does this old man have an inkling, no, know that I'm not of this world?


“There is one hidden Title among your Titles.
'Drifter from Another World'.
Only those who have reached Appraisal Lv10 such as me are capable of seeing through Titles that deviate from this world's law such as that.”


Alma looked a bit surprised when she heard him yet also seemed like something finally clicked to her.
She must have suspected me of being an alien in this world deep down.
Well, after all the senseless stuff I did, would be weirder if she didn't.

“Those extremely weak Stats could not possibly afford you to live.
And yet, you walk, breathe and even defeat magic beasts like normal.
Such a thing is unthinkable.
That is for as long as one lives under this world's law.”

“…But I'm different?”

Your body appears to work under the law of another world on top of this world's.
Perhaps you have an idea as to why?”

…I've nothing but ideas.
Despite the overwhelming difference in status, I can beat down magic beasts.
I don't suffer any wound even when something injures me, only reduced HP.
It's as if this world's Status is overlapping my original body or something.

“Am I correct to believe you told this town's gatekeeper that you hail from Japan when you first arrived here?”

“Eh, are you familiar with Japan?”

“Not exactly.
I have only heard of the word.
The fact that it is the home world of Heroes summoned in the past.”

Heroes? This world's got heroes? Summoned in the past?

<Per records, they are of age, at 15 year old, by the time of summoning, able to master all kinds of combative Skills, possessing base Attributes that equal higher order Jobs.
They are extremely powerful beings regarded as the ultimate weapons against Demon King.>>

There it is, hero summoning.
Sure is some cliched setting we have, oy.
Regarded as the ultimate weapon huh, sounds pretty nasty.
Did they even have human rights?

<They were not discriminated upon in particular.>>

I see, thankfully it didn't go the way of depressing episodes.
…Hm, waitaminute? Don't tell me, I'm a hero? Hope not, I don't want to get stuck dealing with Demon King.

<As Kajikawa Hikaru has an unidentifiable Job and possesses both this world's and his original world's laws, the definition of Hero is not applicable to him.>>

I see, thank goodness.
Well I'm not fit to be a hero anyway, so of course.
I'm below mob even.

“Done chewing your thoughts?”

“Ah, sorry, couldn't help myself.”

My face was stuck on the screen, I forgot about gramps.

“Your Job was unidentifiable, wasn't it? If you are not a hero, then I suppose you sharing the same home world as past heroes is a simple happenstance.
Do you know why you came to world?”

“Nope, no clue.
I went to sleep after work and found myself in the magic beast forest when I woke up.”

“It is said that past heroes met 'God' upon getting summoned here, be granted Job and Skills as well as information on the Demon Kings whom they must fell.
You are not one as it looks like.”

That exists for real huh.
I have absolutely no recollection though.
What, did I get omitted or something.
Oh my god.
OH MY GOD! What's going on!

“Well, it'd be a real issue if I was one.
I'm just too weak.”

“Ho ho ho.
What are you saying now after fending off multiple Rank E adventurers on your own.
Your Status cannot be used as a measure to your actual strength anymore.”

“But I lack real site experience, a stray hit is probably enough to off me.”

“Well, at least you should have no issue against Rank E fellows from what I saw earlier.
Nevertheless, you must never let it get to your head.
You might endanger not only yourself but your companions as well.
Isn't it in one's best interest to avoid needless conflicts?”

“I agree…
I was acting impatient earlier.
Sorry, Alma.”

“Don't apologize.
In fact, I'm sure they won't come back after all that, all is well.”

Things probably wouldn't turn out so well had those bunch were stronger, I was being too confrontative.
I might have gotten a bit cocky after getting half-baked power up from Mana Control and all the level ups.
Let's think about it more before picking a fight next time.
I still won't forgive that Dasomething though.

“Well then, it's dark out already.
You should go back to your inn today.



“By the way, you two going to drench yourselves after this?”

“We won't!”


Quit spouting nonsense! This geezer really can't help himself dropping bombs every time!
See, Alma even got that curious look! What if she asks me what you mean, what then!

“Geez, what a guy.”

As I sighed, Alma spoke.

“…Hikaru, you came from another world.”

“Ah, looks like it.
I wasn't really trying to hide it, but you probably wouldn't believe it even if I told you, and I didn't see any need to anyway.
Sorry for keeping that.”

“I don't mind.
On the other hand, a lot of things make sense now.
Hikaru loves to break so many rules after all.”

“Well uh, I'd like to think I'm fully aware of that.”

I smiled wryly.
I mean, I can't use Skills.
I gotta come up with Mana Control and stuff so I don't fall behind other people here.
Flying might be a bit too much though.

“Even if you were born in a different world, Hikaru is still Hikaru.
You're a bit weird but that's it.
So don't worry about it.”

“Weird huh, oh man.”

Please don't say that, it stings you know.
Ah, but it feels liberating now that I don't have anything to hide anymore.
Though it's not like I was trying to keep it a secret.
I just never found the right timing.

Heck, we decided on 'Tomorrow of Hope' party name and all yet so many of these events just kept popping up like no tomorrow.
Maybe we gotta change it now.
I'm going back to my bed for real this time! And work hard tomorrow! So please quit it any more troublesome events!

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