Off to an All Too Plain Day


Okay so the long-awaited tomorrow is finally here.
And by tomorrow I mean today.
We're finally starting to work as a party but there's just one little issue.
So initially we were planning to take on some easy mob extermination commissions like goblins and such at the magic beast forest, but our receptionist, Neia-san said that's likely out of question for the time being.
Apparently it's because there's usually a huge downturn of magic beasts during the period after a Stampede.
There are some people who use this opportunity to enter magic beast zones and gather valuable materials and such, but best you can get from the forest here is spices, there's almost zero valuable stuff asides.
…Well yeah, I can vouch that forest has nothing but spices.
As a matter of fact, apparently there's been zero people going in that forest since the Stampede.

Yet, seen from another POV, this is our chance.
The fact that there's no one going there means nobody knows about the existence of the precious Efi fruit in that forest.
And since Efi ripens in just two months before it falls off and rots, might as well get them for ourselves.
Well that's settled, let's go fetch some Efi.

So here we are at the forest in question, there's really nothing but spices here.
Stuff like Forest Ginger and co.
are pretty useful in cooking though, so I'm not complaining.
You've finally made it in life Forest Ginger.
And I thought you were a mistake when I first gathered you.
I put all the spices we gathered into Item Screen.
Not having to lug around bulky luggage is so nice.
When I showed this Function to Alma, she went 'I'm used to it now', with a tired look.
Used to what exactly?

She also told me that it would turn into a huge mess if people found out about this Function, so I got to devise a trick when I want to use it in public.
But it's just the Menu.
A type of item with a similar functionality, 'Item Bags' exist in this world, however, they have a limit on capacity and are affected by passage of time and external stimulation.
Their existence is handy though, I can act like I'm using an Item Bag with a regular bag whenever I use Item Screen in public.

As for the Efi, finding them was no trouble at all.
There's mana contained within each Efi fruit, so I could tell their rough locations using Mana Search.
There should have been a lot more magic beasts around, normally their mana would have interfered with this method.
Thus now is really the most opportune time to gather Efi.
We ran around the vast forest for several hours and only managed to find three trees.
I'm told naturally growing Efi trees are hard to find, but never would have thought it'd be this tough.
Can't believe I managed to come across a tree on my first day here.
We refrained from taking all the fruits and left 20% intact.
That still translates to dozens of fruit though, we won't have to worry about our financial for the foreseeable future.
And they won't rot inside Item Screen, we can sell or eat them anytime we want.

For our return trip, I flew in the town's direction while carrying Alma.
I thought she couldn't deal with tall places since she refused to learn how to fly when I offered her.
Wonder if she's scared to do it herself? I guess you would fall if you run out of mana, so it's kinda understandable considering she's still not used to external mana control yet.
We landed near the town's entrance and walked from there to make it look like we were on foot from the forest.
Can't let people see me flying and get my identity as Soarer busted.

In the town, we sold Efi fruit to the guild.
Unlike herbs, there's not always a demand for Efi plus it's a perishable commodity and yet we nabbed 100,000 en just from selling 10 pieces.
One fruit is valued at 10,000 apiece at retail so I was wondering how would the guild profit.
Turned out they had an urgent request for fresh Efi by chance, so they were willing to pay more than the market price.
Might be worth waiting for that kinda demand or during the time Efi is valued more when I want to sell some again in the future.

We're buying Alma's equipment with that money.
I've got stuff like Mana Armor and HP as an external buffer, I should not easily get injured.
Instead, I'd like to get some good quality equipment for Alma since she's still learning Mana Control.
Also, it seems her sword is nearing its end of life, so we're buying a better one as well.
She's been using it for almost a year on top of testing magic sword and fighting that Werewolf,  naturally it's completely worn out now.
Heck, I'm impressed it lasted that long.

“It's all for me, what about yours Hikaru?”

“Well, I just bought mine the other day, and I can fight well enough so long as I have mana.”

Heck, armor aside, I pretty much don't really need a weapon for as long as I haven't run out of mana.
Enveloping my body with pseudo mana blade than some weapon is faster and consumes less MP anyway, I don't think I need one unless it's super powerful or something.  Though I might wanna have some self defense gear for when my mana is depleted.

“But I feel bad…”

“Don't be.
We're likely to encounter more Hobgoblins now that we're Rank E, compromised equipment might land us in hot water.
This is a necessary expense.”

“Well, okay then…”

We arrived at the equipment store we bought chest protector and iron sword from back then.
The shopkeeper old man take measurements for our order.
'Come back in three days', he told us with sharp a gaze.
This old man's pretty scary too, not quite at guildmast's level tho'…

We've paused taking on gathering and extermination commissions until the new equipment is done and use our time to train.
I've made it a habit to run and do muscle training before showering and going to bed lately, but daytime training is different.
Wanting to reproduce Mana Blade for real this time, I asked Alma to show me the actual thing so I could observe how the mana moves.

“Does the real Mana Blade make the sword sharper? The one I reproduced virtually sees no change.”

“Yes, there is a big difference when this Basic Skill is activated.
Once you've mastered it, destroying, say, goblin weapons is possible.”

I can at least tell the mana is moving differently there when you use it.”

So you can't just coat the blade with mana, you gotta make it move somehow.

But, how does it even move? The blade only gets generated when the sword is swung, so it's really hard to grasp.
And unlike my Pseudo Mana Blade, her sword emits a dazzling light whenever she's using Mana Blade, what does that do anyway?

Hm? Hold on? It's not like I have to do the analysis myself, is it?

Menu, can you analyze how the mana moves when Mana Blade is active?

<The light is merely a special effect, it serves no purpose in combat.>>

So it's kind of like a High Frequency Blade? Sure sounds more like SF than fantasy.
Hey wait, what do you mean the light serves no purpose! What's that for then! What a waste of MP!
Welp, got my answer right away.
Shoulda done it from the start.
Well, in hindsight, the byproducts that came from my training was better.
Like, Magic Sword or Mana Flight.

Hmm, guess reproducing the thing is gonna be a toughie.
I don't think I can image the vibrating well enough to increase the sharpness.
I mean if we're talking about vibration, the best I could image is phone call vibration.
So the question now how do you make a blade cuts better if we exclude vibration.
Wonder if there's some hints in the cutting tools I used in my old factory.

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