Hello, good evening.

Think it's been around 2-3 hours since I beat that dog wackjob.

I've been walking all over the forest since then to look for people or buildings, but there's not even a hint of them anywhere.

I don't think I'm walking in circle since I'm using the two moons in the sky as a landmark.
Though I'm getting worried with the lack of obvious change in scenery even after walking so much.

Normally, I'd have liked to take a nap until it's bright outside before moving ahead,
but I'd likely encounter that dogman's friends if I stayed at that place.
Getting attacked by monsters in my sleep means death.

Also, that status thing and stuff from the mysterious window thing seems to be a classic of Isekai, [Appraisal].
Simply put, I can use it to check up status changes, effects from tools, equipment and such.
This Menu function is super handy, pretty much a skill.
And no, I'm not propping it up just cause I don't have a skill, okay.
Not at all, yep.

So since I was getting thirsty and a bit hungry, I've been looking through the menu window for edible stuff as I walk around, with some results.
But they're, yeah.

【Forest Ginger】
<Its rhizome has a similar effect as ginger's on promoting blood circulation, taking it in will warm up your body.
Can be acquired in forests and the like.>>

It's cold since it's still night out here, warming up my body might be a good idea.
But uh, biting a raw ginger is a bit…
I mean this thing's pretty much a spice isn't it.
More like, it's full of dirt since I dug it off the ground with branches and stuff.
…Why'd I go that far just to get this again.
Thing's unusable unless I wash it off.

【Perilla Fruit】
Usually used by drying it up and sprinkling the crushed powder as a spice.
Can be used to detoxify food poisoning as well.>>

It's bite-sized and purplish red colored so I thought it was a cherry or something, you're telling me it's perilla?
That's a dang spice.
Well I guess it'd come in handy if I eat something bad.

【Big Sesame Seed】
<The oil wrung off the seeds can be used for cooking or burned for lights.
The seeds can also be roasted and ground as seasoning.>>

I-it's huge.
Each seed inside the pod is about as big as perilla fruit earlier.
Wait, it's another spice! Give me a break already!

Just what's with this forest? Are you saying the animals here eat this stuff?
Are the insides of their mouth permanently stinging and greasy or something?
No wonder they resort to meat.
That dogman earlier was eager to eat me too.
No wait, that thing was probably carnivorous to begin with.

This ain't it.
I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of 'this ain't it'.
I get how they don't look like earth plants while sharing some traits.
But I'm looking for tasty stuff you can eat raw most right now.

Also, my thirst is getting at a dangerous level, more than hunger.
I'm parched.
I've been walking forever.
I want something fresh like apples or oranges.
Forest Ginger, yeah you may have some water in you, but sit down.
Now's ain't your turn.

As I was feeling dejected from all the disappointment of plants I gathered, I caught sight of a softball-like object on the ground.
Oh? What's that white ball?
I got closer and checked the window.

【Fruit of Efi】
The flesh is watery, highly nutritious with a bittersweet flavor.
It yellows up within a week of harvest, and while the taste is passable, the nutrient degrades.
Fresh ones have the effect of slight MP recovery.
High-class item.
The state is extremely fresh.>>

Fruit gotcha! You sure showed up at the most exquisite timing! Thank you!
No really thanks.
I can finally eat an actual food now.
It even got MP recovery.
My max MP is 0 though.

By extremely fresh, did it just fall or something? What a super plot convenience development.
There's not much dirt on it since it fell on a leaf.
I can just brush it off a bit.
Well then, time to chow down.

A moment after a nice bite, a just enough mix of bitterness and strong sweetness spread in my mouth.
I-it's good.
A wonderful flavor befitting to be my first food in another world.
It looks like a white apple but texture-wise, it's more like a pear, I think? The fruit juice quenched my thirst with every bite.
Gone in a flash.
Dang that was good.
My thirst probably helped brought out its best flavor.
I hadn't been eating fruit as of late, but man, I won't mind eating stuff this good every single day wahahaha.

By the way, I kinda feel like vomiting after gulping down this white fruit though.

Eh? It's fresh right? Not rotting right? Menu-san, did you lie?
Or maybe it's got poison!? Oh crap, uh, gotta check my stats for now!

Kajikawa Hikaru


Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Unidentifiable)

State: Excess Mana Supply (Minimal)


HP (Health) : 0/0
MP (Mana)  : 5/0
SP (Stamina) : 0/0

STR (Strength) : 0
ATK (Attack) : 0 (+2)
DEF (Defense) : 0 (+5)
AGI (Agility) : 0
INT (Intelligence) : 0
DEX (Dexterity) : 0
PER (Perception) : 0
RES (Resistance) : 0
LUK (Luck) : 0


EXP (Experience Point): 7
NEXT (Exp needed to level up): 10

Safety Shoes

E-excess Mana Supply?
Huh, my current MP is 5 when the max should be 0.
Can you even have more MP than max? Is this the cause?

Uh, feels like vomiting.
Yet, I don't.
It's not that I'm about to hurl the content of my stomach, right how do I put it,

It's like having [Something] in a form of inbetween gas and liquid coiling about the [Inside] of my body,
And my body is trying to expel it.

I believe this [Something] is probably MP (mana).
Ugogo, yuck….

Even after about ten minutes of eating the fruit, my condition wouldn't get better.
My status reads the same too.
It's probably not the kind that goes away overtime.

I bit on Perilla Fruit enduring the grassy smell but it brought no change.
Guess it's not a food poisoning.
What should I do.
Am I cursed to stay like this forever? Dang you white apple! No.
White pear? Eh, whichever!

…Hold it?
Menu! Display the detail on State: 『Excess Mana Supply』! Also ways to cure it!

【Excess Mana Supply』
≪Abnormal Status that occurs when supplying MP over maximum MP.
Reducing the current MP through Skills or magic to below maximum MP will cure the condition.
There have been cases where the mana goes overdrive when the state is kept for an extended period of time, causing damage to mind and body.
Depending on the amount of excess MP, worst case scenarios include body popping open resulting in death.>>

That's scary! What the heck is body popping open!?
Dying from implosion just from a fruit sounds like something from a certain freeware super hard game.
Though touching equals death there.
Wait now's not the time to think about that! Am I gonna be OK!? Tell me Menu-san!


O-oh good.
Looks like I don't have to worry about popping open.
No, it's not.
Nothing good about this at all.
I don't have any skill so I can't even consume my MP.
What now.

Also, feels like my whole body is gradually heating up.
Forest Ginger, this ain't got to do with ya.
Sit down.
No I ain't eating you.
Is it a cold? No, doesn't feel like one.
It's so hot feels like my whole body is on a heating pad.

It can't be.

Status! Display my State!

State: Mana Overdrive (Sign) 3 Minutes Until Overdrive

This can't be real!? Shouldn't there be almost no danger of overdrive!?
Ah, yup.
[Almost] is it.
Not certain.
Don't screw with me dammit.
Am I gonna die just like this!? Turning into a messy flesh firework!?
C-c-c-calm down me! I've still got time, wait 3 minutes way too fast! Awawawawababababa!



My hand hit a tree as I was scurrying around in a panic.
Ugugu, it hurts.
There's no point in panicking.
I'm gonna die if I don't cool it down!

Hm? The heat is transferring over from my other hand to the hit hand when I put them together…?
Hm? Hmhmm?
Oo? This heat, wait, mana is it.
Seems like I can move it around inside my body?

…Let's try spitting it out of my mouth.


I breathed in greatly~.
I imagine circulating the mana in my body into the lump of air I inhaled,
Then I breathe it all out!

“Haaaaaaaaaaa~~~ …Oo?”

Ah, the heat and nausea are going away just like that.
Did it go well?
Status check.

State: Normal

MP: 0/0

L-looks like I'm saved.
That was close…! Just what was gonna happen to me if that kept up.

≪In case of [Mana Excess Supply] (Minimal), the excess mana will be expelled out along with vomit.
There is virtually no danger to the affected life unless the vomit gets stuck in the throat.>>

Ah, it was nothing big as it turned out.
I thought I would implode seeing that time limit and all.
It was just vomit huh.
What's with this.
Fireworks and messy stuff.
I really thought I was going through another death or life crisis there.
Still sweating bullet even now.

This white apple, [Efi] was it.
There's lots of them on the tree above.
I should pick some.
They're valuable food.
I'm afraid to eat one though.

After putting seven Efi fruit in my bag, I resumed my walk.
It's apparently dawn soon, the sky is gradually turning bright.
I should be able to move easier once it's brighter.
Gotta find someone before I came across another weird monster.


That sounded pretty close.
No wait wait wait, I wasn't trying to set up a flag there, this development's going way too fast, seriously stop this shit, please I beg of you–

Magic Beast: Goblin


State: Hunger

HP (Health) : 21/21
MP (Mana)  : 3/3
SP (Stamina) : 15/44

STR (Strength) : 41
ATK (Attack) : 41 (+6)
DEF (Defense) : 51
AGI (Agility) : 46
INT (Intelligence) : 13
DEX (Dexterity) : 20
PER (Perception) : 89
RES (Resistance) : 10
LUK (Luck) : 28

Magic Beast Lv1 – Staff Lv1

Wood Club

A monster came out of the bush.
Green body, long ears and nose, short stature.
A goblin for sure.
The very same one you'd see in games.
They're usually treated as small fry in fantasy genre, but even this thing is a threat to all zero stat like me.
What now.

Magic Beast: Goblin


State: Hunger

HP (Health): 20/20
MP (Mana): 3/3
SP (Stamina): 13/43

STR (Strength): 38
ATK (Attack): 38 (+5)
DEF (Defense): 50
AGI (Agility): 48
INT (Intelligence): 14
DEX (Dexterity): 24
PER (Perception): 87
RES (Resistance): 10
LUK (Luck): 30

Magic Beast Lv1 – Dagger Lv1

Rusted Knife

And there's even two of them! Like hell I'm gonna fight!
Time to scramble!

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