Sheesh, so we found the three girls with magic beasts all around them, they were in a pinch no matter how you look at it.
The beasts consist of a few goblin mob, some strong-ish Hobgoblin and High Kobold, one each, and their boss a pig-headed humanoid magic beast, Orc.

Magic Beast: Orc

Level 24

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 460/460
MP (Magic Points): 90/90
SP (Stamina Points): 310/341

STR (Strength): 271
ATK (Attack): 271 (+50)
DEF (Defense): 187 (+30)
AGI (Agility): 116
INT (Intelligence): 70
DEX (Dexterity): 71
PER (Perception): 148
RES (Resistance): 97
LUK (Luck): 53


Magic Beast Lv3
Axe Art Lv4
Martial Art Lv4


Steel Axe
ATK +50

Steel Helmet
DEF +30

This is my first time seeing an Orc.
Level 24.
It's way slower than Werewolf but its HP and STR are pretty high.
A power type magic beast it is.
Including equipment, its ATK exceeds 300.
Gonna have a bad time if we eat a direct hit.
The red haired girl seems to have been knocked out, while the blue and silver haired girls are of rear guard Jobs.
They'd have no chance if these beasts got close.
Think this party would have worked better if they got at least one more vanguard.
Uh though that's only my opinion formed from games, I'm not sure how it's gonna be in reality.
I mean, ours is a two-man party, not my place to comment there.

For now, let's cover these girls as the vanguard and have them helping from the back.
They seem healthy enough to fight anyway.
Whoa, the Hobgoblin is swinging down its club on me.
It's so slow, it's like it's telling me to choose between dodging or taking it though.

“O-old man, look out!”

…I gotta make one thing clear with you girls.

“I'm telling you, don't call me, old man!!”

As I screamed pitifully, I blocked the Hobgoblin's club with Mana Armor-clad left hand and drove Pile Bunker with my right!
25 year old is not an old man! Absolutely not! I'm never letting it slide, never! …I understand that thinking that in itself contributes to my transformation toward old man.

BAAM! That loud sound got produced as my Mana Stake hit the Hobgoblin's belly and sent it flying crashing to the wall.
Oops, forgot to have the tip pointed.
Ended up blowing it away instead of penetrating.
Ah, but it seems that impact killed the poor thing….
Gotta remember to hold back the power when I use it on people.

“O-old man, what did you just do!?”

“Ah, fine just call me old man, will you.
Anyway, leave the front to me and Alma, you two cover us with arrows and magic!”

“Answer me old man! No way in hell your stats could do–“
“Shut the hell up!! Move your hands, not your mouth!! Also, give it a rest with old man already!”

I got furious partly out of reflex.
Half of it is to get us out of this situation, while the other half is to avoid them questioning me.
Might be a teensy bit personal too.

“Y-yes sir…”
“I-I'm more scared of old man than the beasts…”

The blue and silver haired girls replied tearfully.
Guess I got a bit carried away there, my bad.

“Your speech turns wild sometimes, Hikaru…”

“I'm just adapting to the situation.
Who got time to talk politely to dumbass picking a fight or magic beasts.”

“Well, I don't particularly dislike that tone myself.”

Oho? Is Alma into wild mannerism? A bit unexpected.

“Leave High Kobold to me.
It may not measure up to Werewolf, but its speed should make for a good practice for my magic sword.”

“Remember that thing's still a Lv15 beast, don't let up okay.
Guess I'm dealing with the mob and holding down the Orc then.”

“Eh? Can you really take on both? We should have the two in the back suppress the Orc while you go for the goblins…”

“I can.
Here's how!”

I caught some handy goblin nearby…
'handy goblin' sure sounded weird, anyway, I caught its head by wrapping it with Mana Armor and,

『Gii!? Gigyaaaa!!?』



Threw it full force at the orc!


The orc managed to dodge the flying goblin despite its confusion.


Alma is looking at me like she couldn't believe what she just saw.
What what, whatup.
Fumu, it may be slower relative to Werewolf but the thing's still pretty quick on its feet.
Suppose it can dodge that much.
Then, I'll just keep at it! Even inaccurate guns hit through number or something!





I kept throwing all the nearby goblins at the orc!
Hahaha, you can't keep running forever!



You two over there, quit looking horrified and help!

“Over there!”



I glanced at Alma who went for the High Kobold's vital spot once again.
Wish she could rein that in, it hurts just looking…



Not a moment later she sliced off its head, ending the fight.
Looks like she can solo upper Lv10s magic beasts already.
She's still got plenty of mana left too.
Proof of her not wasting on ineffective skills.
That was quite a nice practice target for her.

Now then, all my bullets, I mean goblins have been exterminated too, only the orc remains.
Let's do that thing again, I'll stop it in its track and let Alma finish it.

GYUN, I zeroed in at high speed with Pseudo Ground Shrink, aka super low altitude flight.
Then I grabbed both Orc's arms.



T-this thing, that number on its STR isn't just for show…!
It's trying to shake me off through sheer brute strength far surpassing Werewolf!
I'm not gonna last until the finishing strike at this rate…!

Time for my trump card!

Crackle crackle crackle!!

“Ababababa!! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

“H-hey old man, you okay!?”

I could sorta hear the two sounding worried, forget that, just hit this thing!

I'm converting mana into 【Electric Energy】 while I'm holding it down!
It's a new technique I came up with in my quest to recharge my phone at the end of so many instances of electrocuting myself! I didn't want to use this if I could help it! It's stinging and all!
Converting mana into energy isn't something new to me.
Even flying is a form of mana conversion into kinetic energy I then control.
There's other kinds of handy energy too, like thermal energy to warm up food or light energy to serve as a lighting.
Can't deny the use cases are slanted to household stuff though…
I may get electrocuted along the way, but there's no damage so long as I have HP left! It feels super stinging though!

“F-finish this thing off quick!! This is really numbing I tell you! Seriously, it stings so much!”

“G-got it.

Alma stabbed the orc with a white flaming sword, the same skill she used on Werewolf, then she twisted it further to deliver the finishing blow.

This technique can stop any enemy dead in their track no question asked, but it's a double edged sword.
I may not get hurt so long as my HP remains but it really numbs your body good, gotta avoid relying on it…
Oh, I leveled up.
Magic beasts over Lv20 sure give out lotsa exp.
I feel better thanks to it.

For now, it's time to take a short break.
Then we'll talk.
Aah, I'm beat.
Feels like it's always like this after every fight in this world.

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