Sought After Item


“Un, nnn…”

“Ah, F-Fifra-chan, you're awake…!?”

“Sheesh about time.
You really had us worried there.”

“Ah, m-morning…
Huh? Where am I?”

About ten minutes after we exterminated all the magic beasts, the red haired girl of the trio finally woke up.
Apparently she got knocked out from a blow to her head with a club of some sort but there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage.

“Fifra-chan, you kept going on ahead of us and then you got caught in a warp trap.”

“You were out cold when we finally found you.
Some magic beasts were using you to lure us.”

“N-now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing a dazzling light below and then I suddenly found myself facing off a group of magic beasts, then I felt a jolt of pain on my head as I was getting ready to fight…”

“One of them must have hit you from behind.
At least they didn't seem to do anything to you cause they needed you as a bait, silver lining and all.”

“I'm, so glad you're okay….

“D-don't cry.
Sorry, I shouldn't have gone on ahead, forgive me okay?”

What a beautiful display of girlship.
Truly precious.

“Ah you mentioned bait.
You mean those beasts used me to lure you two here?”

Thought that was the end for us when those beasts got us surrounded just as we rushed in.
Could have died, or worst turned into seedbeds, if not for Alma or the old man.”

“U-ueee, don't make me imagine that…”

“Wait, Alma!? Is she here!?”

Old man's here too~.
Ignoring me huh, okay.
Please don't mind me.
Alma spoke to the red haired girl who noticed us.

“Glad to see you're so lively so quick after waking up.”

“Oh, so you are here.
Aah! I must have looked so uncool there! Geez!”

“Everybody makes blunders.
You simply drew a bad lot this time.”

“No, it was all due to me getting irate and letting up on trap detection.
I really should've known better…
Thank you for coming to my rescue.”

“You're welcome…
Irate? Something happened?”

“…It's something very personal.
Don't worry about it.”

Hm, and here I thought she was frustrated from Alma declining her invitation, guess not?
No wait, even if that were the case, would she tell Alma now.
…Well I mean, she's a girl, I'm sure there are days like that.

“You over there, are you the man Alma formed a party with? Wait aren't you the old man who's been carrying Alma to her inn on his back.
You haven't done anything weird to Alma–“

“Whaa! Whaa! O-Oy, Fifra! Don't make this old man mad! He's super scary!”

“Fifra-chan! You can't throw away the life you just got back!”

The red haired girl was going to say something rude only to be drowned by even ruder remarks by the other two girls.
…I saved you all remember, what's up with that attitude.
I get that I could've toned down my tone a bit though.

“This old man killed a Hobgoblin in one hit bare handed and easily threw goblins around like rags.
He's a monster! He's waay risky to pick a fight with!”

“He also stopped an Orc with brute strength and even let out some sort of stinging shock! Fifra-chan, you'd die!”

“E-eeeh…? What happened while I passed out…?  Or more like, what the heck…?”

Of course it's only gonna add to the confusion with that nonsensical gibberish of an explanation.
Eh? I did all that nonsense? Right.
Might want to plan out a different way when I go on a rampage in public next time…

“…I don't really get what's going on, but I understand you've saved me, so thank you…
You have my gratitude.”

“No worries.”

“…I know this isn't the time and all, but can I ask you something?”

“Sure thing, but yeah, this isn't the best of time.”

“You don't have to answer if you don't want to.
It's just…
It's just, I want to know what's your intention forming a party with Alma.
I'm dying to know the reason Alma chose you when she kept refusing our invitation all this time…”

Eh? Is she seriously asking that? Telling that to other is pretty embarrassing though.
I was gonna refuse to answer, but then I saw Alma staring at me seemingly curious as well.
You wanna know too?
Looks like things gonna get awkward if I don't answer now.
Ugugu, there's no escape.
…Guess I gotta.

“…Ah, un, where to begin.
First of all, the first time I met Alma, she saved from magic beasts.
I sounded so pitiful yelling for help so loud, haha.”

“…No waaay.”

“…E-even though you're so strong?”

“Honestly, I'm still doubting if he even needed help back then…”

You the blue, silver and black hair over there.
Quit making things messier.
But man they sure look colorful all lined up like this.
They'd form a Ranger if they just got another one.
Or some sorta Cure…
I detest my easily distracted train of thoughts.

“After finding out I had nowhere to go, she helped me out with so many things like showing me around the area and introducing me to the guild.”

“Nowhere to go, where did you come from anyway?”

“I have no clue.
I can't even tell you how I got here in the first place.
I fell asleep and found myself in an unfamiliar place when I woke up.”

“I see you have your own fair share of problems too.”

It's the truth that the process, how I got here was completely omitted though.
My god, at least lead me through a tutorial please.
My treatment is way too rough just cause I'm not the hero.

“So I started making food for Alma and helping in her training to give back, and then before I knew it, she learned Magic Sword Skill and Job Changed to Paladin.”

“I can't tell you the detail, but it's thanks to Hikaru helping me train I managed to become Paladin.
He also helped me a lot in many ways, so in order to pay him back, I requested him to form a party with me.”

“…So it was you who saved Alma from her failed Job.
I get Alma's circumstances, but what about you, how do you feel about it?”

How I feel huh, hmm.

“Uh, dunno how to say this, but up until this point, nobody had ever relied on me.
So having someone tell me she needed me…
made me so happy I could've cried.
Responding to that feeling the best I could, that's what I'd describe what I feel now.”

That's nothing but a sophistry.

No, not all of it is a lie.
I do want to respond to Alma for needing me.
But I don't think that's the real reason why.

What's my feeling anyway?

“…Haa, how can I deny you after hearing all that.
May you two have a happy life together.”

Ah hey, quit saying like you're attending a wedding.

“Now then, think it's a good time as any to head back.
I'm so beat after all that stuff.”

“I think we've progressed enough to reach the portal soon.
Just a little bit more, let's keep it up.”

Once we were done talking, the blue and silver haired girls spoke and we resumed our march.
Think they're smirking.
What's up with that.

“…We should go too.”


Urged by Alma, we stood up and walked off as well.
…Is it just me or is Alma sticking closer than usual.
It's kinda embarrassing.

After a bit we found a room with some sort of shining magic circle drawn on the ground.

“Ah, found the portal!”

“Aah~, finally back home.
I just wanna get in the shower and go to bed.”

“Yup, I'm all sweaty too, would love a refreshment…
Speaking of which, I wonder where my hairpin went.
Uuu, that was my favorite too.”

“Are you talking about this?”

“T-that's it! Did you pick it up?”

“We noticed something was amiss with you thanks to finding this hairpin.”

“Hauu…! Thank you!”

Hairpin returned.
I completely forgot about it.
Ah, but man, our first dungeon expedition didn't really bear fruit.
The axe that orc had is usable at least but the helmet was way to stinky nobody would wear that thing.
The Hobgoblin's club is only good as a bombardment shell, goblins' stuff is out of question.
If only we got at least one treasure chest…

“Ah, there's a treasure chest in the room next to the portal's.”

“It's all yours.
We're plenty fine with our lives intact.”

The red haired girl offered.
Well, don't mind if I do.
Now then, what's inside?

There's a lone pouch inside, just sitting pretty.
So shabby.
N-no, who knows, there might be a jewel or something inside.

A small bean-like thing was inside the pouch.
…Why'd you put a small bean inside a treasure chest dangit! Think about how disappointing that is.

“O-old man, cheer up.
These days happen.”

“I-It's better than being empty, I think.”

The blue and silver haired girls tried to perk me up.
You girls as so kind~.
What kinda bean is this even? Checking with Menu.


I couldn't find this anywhere even tried asking traveling merchants and here it is of all place!?
Are you for real.
I'd even take this over some jewel.

“T-the old man's grinning now…!?”

“Maybe he's past getting angry and circled back to laughing…!?”

Worry not, I'm feeling the best ever right now.

Who could have thought I would find vanilla substitute here.
So glad I dived in this dungeon.

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