Ice Cream!


We left the dungeon and went back to town along with the girl trio.
I warned them to keep my fighting style to themselves when we parted ways at town.
It was nothing more than a verbal promise, but I'd like to believe they wouldn't let it slip, not after we saved their lives.
I dropped my rough speech I used in the battle and asked with a smile and a calm tone, the blue hair and silver-chan nodded so furiously I thought their heads would fly off.
Umu, I see they got the message.
It bugs me how pale faced they were though.
The red haired girl looked bewildered at those two acting like that.
She didn't seem to get it even after the other two's attempt at explanation.
May be weird for me to say, but uh it's probably impossible to explain.

Afterward, we hurriedly went to a store selling dairy products and bought milk and fresh cream substitutes.

<<'Body Fluid of Cream Slime': Fluid of slimes whose body is made of fresh cream.
The result of a mutation from feeding slimes with milk over a long period of time.
They are bred and raised in wide open areas.>>

Oh man another incredible ingredient.
Do slimes change property depending on what you feed them?
Like say, will they turn fruit jelly-like if you keep feeding them fruits?


They do?! Well damn!
Fantasy creatures sure are full of wonder.
I kinda want to keep one now.

Afterward, I went to buy salt on the spice store.
I've still got lots stocked up, but just in case, since I plan to use a lot shortly.

And now I've got all the ingredients ready.
Next up, the tools.
I'm gonna need an airtight container to store these, wonder if there's any.

I found one in a store selling flasks.
It's a super airtight soft flask made from processed magic beast's stomach.
It's easily affected by external influence yet preserves the temperature inside, ideal for what I'm planning to make.
I also bought some big leather bags.
And now it's all set.

I went back to the inn and straight to the kitchen in good mood.
It's not yet evening, just right for snacking.

Time to make some ice cream! Yay!

Um, yeah, I don't know what's gotten into me.
I got so excited from getting my hands on vanilla bean substitutes, I bought so many stuff and blew through our earning today.
We didn't get rewards from killing dungeon monsters, nor did we get lots of mats.
But can you blame me.
I really really wanted to make it.
I've been making sweets ever since I come to this world but due to the lack of ingredients, the taste was never quite there…
Alma did tell me to do as I like, but I gotta pay more attention to these expenditures in the future…
Alright, enough repenting.
Let's shift gear and get to cooking.

First of all, I crushed three vanilla bean substitute.
Erratum fixed.>

<<'Vanisoi Bean Seed': A type of bean that releases fragrance resembling earth vanilla.
Tastes bitter when eaten, people do not see it as food.>>

Guessing it's not used to add aroma to snacks either.
Never saw any store selling one, not even traveling merchants after all.


W-what a waste! No wait, I seem to recall vanilla perfume in earth too I guess.
And so many snacks taste better simply by adding vanilla aroma too.
Hmm, wonder if there's anyone out there who could spread the wonder of vanilla.
I don't need to get it patented, I just want to eat vanilla snacks made by some famous chefs or something.
I'll make it happen someday.

I dried the beans off, crushed them wafting sweet scent around, ground them with a mortar, wrapped them in a cloth and put them in a warmed milk like a t-pack tea.
Adding sugar here would make for vanilla latte but not today.
I wouldn't have enough for ice cream….

“It smells good…
Like it's sweet.”

“Ah, that's the vanilla aroma.
Apparently it's mainly used as perfume in this world, but in my world, it's generally added to sweets for its aroma.”

“Can't wait to see the finished product.”

“Ah, right.
Would you like to give it a try Alma?”

“Eh? I-I don't have Cooking Skill, it wouldn't taste good…”

“It'll be fine.
There's no knife involved in the making of this snack, and I'll be in charge of measuring.
It's simple to make and comes out tasty.”

“…I'll do it.”

Alright, success.
I was thinking cooking together would be nice once in a while and she didn't seem against it.
More importantly, making this alone is a bit tough.

I floated water created from Livelihood magic and froze it with inverted vector Thermal Energy conversion.
I had to do this showy stuff since freezing water inside the container would make it stick.
Nobody else around anyway, no worries.
I sprinkled salt on the ice and rubbed it.
Apparently doing this would reduce its temperature to around -10C, an ideal temp for making ice cream.

Then I put the pre-mixed milk, sugar and Cream Slime fluid into the airtight flask.
I sprinkled its outside with salt, wrapped it in the ice and then a leather bag.

And now, time to shake it, shake it, shake it!

Shake shake, this is surprisingly tiresome.
I peeked inside every once in a while and continued shaking.
..My arms can't take it anymore.

“C-change with me please.
My arms about to fall off.”

“Do I just have to shake that bag? I've never seen that method of cooking…”

“Yep, simple right? It's a bit taxing but I guarantee the taste will match the effort.”

Alma is shaking the bag now.
She's pretty into it.
Ah to be young again.
…O-oh no.
Something else are shaking and my eyes are drawn to them.
Get it together me.
Dispel thy wicked thought!

“A-am I doing it right?”

Please keep at it.
Thank you.”

“? Why the thanks?”

“Uh, just cause.”

I felt a tinge of guilt for having that thought.
But I don't think you can blame me here.
Any man would do the same.

After a bit more shaking, the cream inside finally solidified nicely.
Hm? It's sticking more like soft serve ice cream, maybe because I used the Slime Cream.
That's just right for eating.

I twirled the ice cream down the plate.
And made it pointy at the top as a finishing touch of course.

“And done! Ice Cream complete!

“What a peculiar sweets.
It looks so soft, and yummy.”

Umu, splendid workmanship.
Time to dig in.

The moment I put it in my mouth, at first I was hit by the dense taste of milk and the sweetness of sugar, then pulling them together was the strong flavor of vanilla spreading in my mouth.
It's so soft in your mouth, and the little bit of frozen milk specks make for a nice accent.
What's up with this, it's so good.
You can't find an ice cream this good even on earth.
Otherworld vanilla is awesome.

“Didn't expect it came out this good.
Heck you could open a store serving this.”

“D-did I really have a hand in making this? I've never had a sweet, this tasty…”

“Sure did.
My arms wouldn't last if I did it alone.
All this goodness is thanks to you, Alma.”


Uh, what, 'fuoo'.
It's just that moving huh.
Yup, glad we made this together.
She looks really content.
Making food together like this is pretty satisfying.
Or rather, it's super fun.

Ah, this is probably what my feeling is.
It's so much more simple than just repaying her kindness or the likes.

It's fun just doing stuff together with Alma.
Training, shopping, cooking together like this, even just eating together sate my heart.
Well, it must feel fresh to me cause I've been living alone for what felt like forever on earth.

I've decided on my short term goal.
I want to do something that makes today fun before thinking up what to do in the future.
It might sound like I'm just living in the moment, but I think that mindset is just about right if you want to live in this world.

I'll think up what's fun for Alma and then work toward it.
It's rough and straightforward if I do so say myself! My dum dum is oozing out! Hahaha.

Gotta raise fund for that though.
Even today's expense already took a lot out of it, gotta start saving up.
This is the reality of trying to live in the moment.
What a harsh world.

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