Status Report One Month Later


Around a month has passed since our first dungeon delving.
We got in a few more times afterward, to a rather paltry result.
No I mean, we did get some decent equipment and mats from the magic beasts every once in a while, but the lack of reward from killing those beasts is hitting hard.
We only barely managed to not get in the red by selling all those mats and equipment we worked hard for.
But you know.
Would be nice if it were a tiny bit more profitable.
We gotta get stronger in order to reach the top of adventuring business, go around the world, eat good food and live for fun.
Also apparently there exists high level dungeons and highly dangerous magic beast zones that house undiscovered items and ingredients out there.
To that end, we need money.
We could sustain our everyday life and inn fee from gathering herbs yeah, but that's nowhere near enough when the goals are those dangerous zones and dungeons.
For examples, there's expenses for maintaining equipment, buying potions for health and abnormal status, as well as tools and stuff required to delve in some dungeons.
Selling Efi fruit we have on hand is an option but they're not always on demand and it's not really a good long term solution.
We might obtain better items if we delve in deeper into the dungeon, but getting greedy and rushing headlong into something we're unprepared for is just dumb.
I've got a hunch it's not gonna end well somehow so that's a no go.
I've been having this 'somehow', or more like hunch of mine lately and following that hunch is usually for the best.
Like how I got that bad feeling during the Stampede even though I had no talent in tactical stuff.
Wonder if it's thanks to my attributes? Like Luck or something.
Anyway, we're financially stable presently, we face no immediate danger yet neither are we progressing.
Is this really alright.
No, it's not.
You can't stay in lukewarm water forever, my ghost is whispering to me.
I mean my hunch.
Now then, what do.

So that's our financial situation, as for our Status, they're actually growing nicely.
We haven't come across a lot of magic beasts over Lv20 since then, but thanks to aggressively searching for over Lv10 beasts like Hobgoblins and co.
we managed to gain around 300-400 exp on every delving.
Alma looked both happy and sad as she muttered how she couldn't even gain a tenth of that before.
Well, no wonder since she was flying solo, hunting only weak beasts.
My Status is as such

Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 15

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Undetermined)

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 200/200
MP (Magic Points): 152/152
SP (Stamina Points): 0/60

STR (Strength): 122
ATK (Attack): 122 (+30) (+2)
DEF (Defense): 122 (+15) (+5)
AGI (Agility): 120
INT (Intelligence): 124
DEX (Dexterity): 127
PER (Perception): 130
RES (Resistance): 119
LUK (Luck): 119



EXP (Total Experience): 6245
NEXT (Experience Needed for Next Level): 6900

Iron Sword
ATK +30

Bear Leather Breastplate
DEF +15

Safety Shoes
ATK +2, DEF +5

My stats finally broke triple digits.
…I mean I had it figured out earlier, but seeing first hand of having your level added directly to your stats is pretty disgusting.
Even this alone is pretty much a cheat.
It's a bit weaker than those around my level except for the unusually high Luck stat.
It must look unusual.
Well considering my status was lower than the weakest mob just a while ago, I'd take being unusual.
It's gonna get unusually high before long though.

And here's Alma's


Level 16

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Paladin

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 305/305
MP (Magic Points): 207/207
SP (Stamina Points): 135/135

STR (Strength): 155
ATK (Attack): 155 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 144 (+50) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 154 (+30)
INT (Intelligence): 171 (+10)
DEX (Dexterity): 107
PER (Perception): 156
RES (Resistance): 121
LUK (Luck): 70

Swordsmanship Lv.
Offensive Magic Lv.
Martial Art Lv.
Throwing Lv.
Magic Sword Lv.

EXP (Total Experience): 7314
NEXT (Experience Needed for Next Level): 8000


Steel Sword (Mithril Blade)

ATK +80, INT +10

Werewolf Leather Breastplate
DEF +50

Gale Boots
DEF +15, AGI +30

Hers' pretty incredible too.
Her growth rate is apparently about 3-4x times her apprentice days, each stats increases by 6-10 per level.
The reason her stats are not distributed evenly is due to her usual training regime.
The gaps between each stats are pretty wide compared to mine.
Even then, hers are actually more balanced relative to people whose Jobs aren't a good mix of swords and magic.
Her Offensive Magic reached Lv5 likely thanks to her frequently casting arranged spells.
She's learned a new element too, 'Earth'.
You're still getting more? Don't you have enough?
Her Martial Art Skill also leveled up.
Must be due to all the opportunities of using it in real combat.
…Or perhaps, it's because she's been going for vitals nonstop.
Please stop.

My and Alma's MP are higher than normal as it's become a habit for her to consume all her MP before bedtime and let me refill it.
Her MP gets raised by 1 the next morning if she lets it go down to 0 before going to sleep, just like me.
But man, that means exposing her defenseless state to me every single night, this girl is really lacking a sense of preservation.
I'm happy to see her trust me so much, but I'm still a man you know? Wonder if she forgot?

So that's how it's going presently.
Status aside, our economic situation is at a stalemate.
And yet, it'd be too rash to delve deeper into the dungeon.
Which leaves taking on commissions outside.
Wonder if there's one that doesn't involve magic beast zones.
If there's none, well, guess I'm just gonna grab a hundred herbs or something.
Yep, let's do that.
Fight, Neia-san.
Now that's been decided, let's get to the guild.

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