Taking On First Commission


The guild's door made the usual swinging sound as we entered.
We usually went straight to the receptionist counter, but not today, we checked the request board first.
As I scanned the neatly sorted commissions by rank and genre, I recalled my days at the factory, which got me a bit depressed and slightly nostalgic.
…To be frank, I don't really have regret on that factory nor my old world.

I saw some promising high earning commissions under those columns.

Ruins Investigation
Guild-assigned Rank: E
Client: Daijel Archaeologist Mr.

There are relatively big ruins two walking days away to the northeast of Daijel.
It can be inferred from its location and history that the ruins belonged to the ancient kingdom of Mirka, but as there are structures that appear to belong to another country as well, we cannot say for sure just looking at its exteriors.
I would have liked to go and investigate on my own, but it's just impossible with all undead magic beasts such as Skeleton infesting the interior.
I shall provide the Mapping Tool, please bring me back all the information you can take up until the deepest part.
I'll tell you more detail at the meeting spot.

Exploring ruins huh.
Two days away from this town.
That's quite far.
What's a Mapping Tool? Kinda sounds like a camera.

<It's a camera-like tool with a built-in inkless full color printer that can print out taken pictures into the paper set inside.>>

What the heck, that's amazing.
How'd they print stuff without ink.
I want one.

But two days just to travel huh…
We'd get there right away if I just flew, but they'd suspect us.
I could just come up with some excuses though.
Let's see other commissions first and go see it if I don't see urgent ones.

Magic Stone Mining
Guild-assigned Rank: F
Client: Maldania Magic Tool Store

We're looking for 20 earth elemental magic stones the size of a fist each!
We've run out of stock, even the places we usually stock up from don't have one ready.
It's an emergency!
You can mine them from a mining spot near the town but none of our workers are fit for laborious jobs.
We hope those confident with their strength accept this commission!

It's super pushy compared to other commissions.
Makes you question why don't they go themselves, but I guess Production type Job people that deal with precise crafts don't have the stamina or strength.
Unless it's the gramps at equipment store, his STR is pretty high.
Must be cause he's a Blacksmith despite having a Production-type Job.
Well, they may say that it's an emergency, but they can probably do it themselves when push comes to shove, not a priority commission.

Magic Beast Culling
Guild-assigned Rank: D
Client: Jeinweik from Kelna Village

We are having trouble with magic beasts laying waste to our fields as of late.
They're boar type magic beasts known as Rush Boars, they're not strong but fast.
Villagers with Combat Job usually deal with them, however there has been an unusual number of these boars this year.
Normally there are only five of them at most coming out, yet this year we have already confirmed around 50 sightings.
Our crops will not last until harvest time at this rate.
We are hoping for a prompt action.

Magic beast outbreak.
Umu, that's bad.
Rush Boars huh, wonder if they're like Rush Pig people here use as food? Or maybe Rush Pigs are cattle-turned Rush Boars.
I had some experience on fieldwork during my childhood at my parent family's house.
I sorta remember the devastation of having your crops get devoured by boars near harvest time.
That sorrow and frustration turned into sort of trauma.
And this village is facing the same situation huh.
It's a Rank D commission, taking on a commission a rank higher makes for a good experience I think.
Should be a good opportunity to test my current strength as well.
…That's settled.
I feel bad to Alma for prioritizing my personal feelings though.

“Alma, how about we take on this magic beast culling request?”

“Nn, let's…
You have this serious look than when you're reading other commissions.”

“Yeah this one's caught my eyes.
Besides, since it's an agriculture village, they might let us borrow a field to cultivate that.”


“Vanilla seeds I use for Ice Cream.
I only have a limited amount, so if we can cultivate them, we can regularly make more tasty vanilla-infused snacks.”

“Un, let's go.

Prompt answer huh.
You really like that ice cream, don't you? Well I mean it was super yummy.
I almost laughed to see such a honest reaction from her.

We handed the request tag to receptionist Neia-san, confirmed the condition to finish the commission and stuff as well as fetched a simple map to the village before departing.
You only need to follow the highway and signs so the map is probably unnecessary, but well, just to be safe.

We're currently walking on the highway, there's been zero encounter of magic beasts so far.
Guess it's normal to not find one outside magic beast territories?

<However, as places such as villages and towns as well as highways were originally reclaimed in locations where magic beasts are sparse, encountering one there is extremely rare.>>

Fumu, I see.
The village's fields make for good feeding grounds to those outbreak-ing Rush Boars, but they don't usually target the village huh.
Wonder if the outbreak is caused by that Demon King thing.
Summon the hero or something please.

As the village came into sight, I noticed a commotion outside.
Villagers carrying spears and axes are chasing around a boar magic beast.
…So that's a Rush Boar? Ashen fur, big fangs, and short-ish legs yet it's quick on its feet.
The thing is only a bit bigger than an ordinary boar.
Looks gluttonous.

“Don't let that thing escape! After 'eeeeem!”

“Why you little! Ruining our crops just before harvest!”

“I'mma throw you into a hotpot!!”

…The villagers are super mad.
I get them, but they're acting kinda scary.

Wait, that's bad.
Look where you're chasing them guys, there's a herd ahead.
Think there's about ten of those boars in total? On the other hand, there's only six villagers.
They all have Combat Jobs, but their stats are pretty low relative to adventurers.
This could get ugly even though those Rush Boars don't seem that tough.

“O-oh crap! It's running into a herd! Men, fall back to the village!”

“T-those boars are rushing here! We gotta run!”

“They're catching up to us! The heck, were they baiting us here!?”

Those boars seem smarter than expected.
So they sent one boar to lure the villagers and then rush them all at once with a herd.
Those people are in danger.
We gotta save them.

“Alma, can you shoot those beast with magic?”

I won't miss magic beasts that big from here.”

“Cool, then Alma, snipe them from this position.
I'll take on the ones coming for the villagers.”

The average stats of those boar thingies are around upper 100s.
Their agility reaches 150 but that's still manageable.
Ten of them to start with.
Now then, which move should I test out.

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