Not Alone


I woke up.
I don't know this ceil–No I know this ceiling.
It's our lodging house's.
…Huh? What about the Jet Boar? Why was I sleeping?


A jolt of pain ran on my abdomen as I tried to stretch up while yawning.
Ah right, I got hit by the Jet Boar's ramming attack and knocked out cold.

“H-Hikaru! You're awake…!?”

“Ow ow…
Ah, yup.
Good morning.”

“…Thank goodness, you seem fine…”

Alma spoke to me with a teary face.
Come to think of it, I had never taken a real damage until this point.
Uh, putting aside falling down on my rear along with that kobold and getting hit by the goblin on my side.

“At first I saw a red magic beast making its way out of the village while staggering, then just as I was about to go after it, I saw you lying on the ground.
It came as such a shock to me…”

“Ah, I got done in by that red thing.
Took a ramming attack head on and passed out from that.”

“It's been about half a day since then.
I don't see any wound outside, but are you sure you're not hurting anywhere?”

Now that she mentioned it, wonder if this throbbing pain on my abdomen is from internal damage or broken bone.
Status check.

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal (Minor Injury: Abdominal Bruise)

HP: 0/200

…Oh good, doesn't look like it's anything serious.
Wait what, my HP is at 0.


So I gotta drink HP potion to heal the bruise.
My tummy hurts.

“My stomach hurts a bit, but looks like it's just a bruise.
I'll be just fine with a potion.”

“Thank goodness…”

I took a HP potion from Item Screen and sipped it.
Hmm, it's not bad, not great.
Well it uses raw medicinal herb as base after all.

Hmm? I feel something diffusing throughout my body…
Is this HP, life force?
This feels different from MP.
It's kinda like how oil and water don't mix yet you can tell they're both flowing in your body.
Being able to sense life force only after having your HP down to zero, it's like some kind of hardcore training.
Even though it's not that big a deal.

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal (Minor Injury: Abdominal Bruise)

HP: 100/200

…Huh? My HP's restored by 100 but my stomach's still hurting.
Doesn't this stuff heal itself by drinking a potion so long as it's not a bone fracture?


Are you kidding me? Who could have thought the minus points of having two systems came to light now.
And everything always worked out for the best until now.
Does that mean I can do nothing but to wait for natural recovery if I get hurt? Uwaaa.

No wait, hold the phone.
The people in this world have their HP linked to their body, so restoring HP heals their body as well, am I correct?


Hmm, then can I heal myself by linking my HP to my body too?
I can sense life force now thanks to earlier.
Maybe I can control it the same way I did mana…
Ah, I can do it just fine.
Then let's focus this life force on my bruise…
Doesn't look like that's quite enough.
Then what if I image healing wound using this life force.
How do you do that again…
Oh crap, don't think I can image that.
Might as well just do it vaguely, like gene or blueprint or something.
Whoa, oooh? My pain's going away.
Alright, dunno how and why, it works! That sure was random!

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal

HP: 70/200

My life force decreased from tending the wound but my state has gone back to normal normal.
Reducing HP to heal your wound is kinda counterproductive though.

“Fu, fufufu…”

“H-Hikaru, you should stay in bed if you're still not feeling well…”

As I unconsciously smiled from learning a new trick thanks to my wound, Alma spoke to me with a worried look.

“Ah, no I'm fine.
Please don't look at me like I'm some weirdo, I'm begging you.”

“Why did you laugh out of the blue…?”

“Eh it's nothing much.
My HP went to zero from the damage this time, and drinking a potion let me sense life force.”


“So I controlled my life force to heal my wound.
Can't wait to test this out with other stuff.”
“Hikaru, hang on.”

She suddenly got a bit pushy.
Her face looks stern yet tearful.

“What do you mean by your HP went to zero.”

“E-err, like I told you, I got hit by that red beast's ramming attack.
That took my entire HP and knocked me out for good.”

“…Normally you die if your HP is all gone.”

“Ah, it's fine.
Didn't you hear that appraisal guy? I have another world system working on me.
I won't die from getting my HP in this world to zero.”

“…It's, not fine.
It's absolutely, not fine…!”

Alma is looking straight at me while shedding tears.

“Hikaru, please, don't act recklessly, on your own.
I don't, want you hurt, and if you were to die, I'd…! U, fu, eee…!”

She started weeping for real.

…My chest hurts from the overwhelming sense of guilt.
It makes my bruise trifling in comparison

“…I'm sorry, Alma.
I made you worry.”


“I should have asked for help before trying to take care of it on my own.
That thing was likely the strongest magic beast we had ever faced.
It's probably not an opponent we should fight yet.”


“But this village will keep suffering so long as that thing is around.
I'm sure it's gonna come back with the whole herd.
The villagers here have been so good with us these past few days, leaving them to their fate is a bit, y'know.”


During the past five days, the villagers in this village have been generously sharing their food despite the damage they're suffering from magic beasts.
They even readily agreed and openly welcomed us planting our own crops in excess fields when it's all over.
I want to help these warm people solve this issue once and for all.
I'm not going to turn tail and run away just because a powerful adversary showed up.

“I won't head off alone next time…
Alma, will you lend me your strength?”

“…Of course…
I'll lend you as much as I can.”

She gave a firm reply despite her reddened teary eyes.
…Yup, I mean we're a party after all, it's important to cooperate together.
It's been a bad habit of mine to try to solve everything by myself.
I should rely on others whenever I need them.
In turn, I'll give it back tenfold.

So that's good and all but what do we do.
That thing's got some stupid high status, especially its AGI.
It's so fast there's no way to avoid its charging attack over a short distance.
Its ATK is enough to reduce our HP to zero in one hit.
I shudder the thought of Alma taking that hit.
She's probably gonna die…
I absolutely can't let it hit her.
On top of that, its DEF affords it to ignore half-baked ranged attacks, and even close range Pile Bunker stands no chance.
I know it can power up its stats through skill, but that's just way crazy.
Though it seems that attack is still effective to a degree.
We're only gonna lose facing it head on.
We must ambush it if we hope to win.

Wonder if there's anything we have on hands that could help against that thing?

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